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Feminists aren't the closed minded jerks, WE are (apparently)

Monica EdwardsComment

So earlier today on tumblr, of course, some feminist approached me with the classic "NOT ALL FEMINISTS" argument. Once again for, I don't know, the 100th time, someone tried to explain to me that the violent feminists aren't real feminists. That they don't speak for her. That feminism is good and they are the bad ones. You know, the whole story which I completely debunked in a video and article I've already done. The whole reason I have done both a video and an article is so I can just go get it when I am bugged by these people because my stance on this is never going to change and I'm sick of repeating myself. Yes, it happens so often that I need these things for reference. It's just easier.

Eventually we get to a point where I ask her how women aren't equal to men and of course she brings up third world women in India. I counter it with the male rights movement in India and explain to her that it's not all peaches and cream for men there either. Which she quickly tried to sweep under the rug by exclaiming that women have it much worse. Doubt she knows crap about what goes on in India to be honest. Other than what tumblr tells her. As opposed to me, who actively talks to men living in India with these problems, and bothers to read the sources they send me. In any case, then this happens:

I repeat the question, how is she (a first world woman oppressed) and I tell her that she can't use wage gap, rape culture, and patriarchy as a reason. She asks me how these things aren't real (why she can't use them) and I tell her I have plenty of sources on why they aren't real and she claims she wants to see them. Okay, I send her my sources. The link I sent her is on my own website which lists seven different sources. If someone doesn't want to read all of that, there is an info-graph that easily explains it. You can look at it here if you want. That's when things get kind of predictable. 

What she tells me is that I am so certain that these things don't exist that I treat the issue the way I believe men in India are treated by women/feminists. Implying that I am CERTAIN that my beliefs (which of course HAVE to be wrong) are so incredibly right there's no way I could possibly believe I've made a mistake. She doesn't even bother to look at my sources, by the way, and I know because of how quickly she is responding to me. Not even a 10 second pause to click a link. Even if previously I did read two of her sources when she sent them. The third was a link to a book on amazon and I'm not sure how she expected me to read that. Anyway I got her point. She tells me that I am so certain about something that I am not at all open to new information. Really? Me? I'm the one not open to new information? The person who just read your incredibly biased fucking sources on oppressed third world women? I'm the close minded person? Cause I'd say the person who downright ignores my sources is the one closed to new information. Then this happens:

I tell her that I'm not "so sure" I'm right. This isn't a matter of egotistical certainty (AKA what feminists have) this is a matter of facts. Factual studies by government agencies more than prove wage gap doesn't exist. It's like knowing that 2+2=4. You can deny that's the correct answer all you want. You can pretend that "math doesn't real" and since your feelings hurt so much that the answer is factually 4, you can disprove this fact with your opinions. I mean I told her she's free to deny it, it's stupid, but she can deny it. However, it really doesn't change the fact that I'm right about this. It's about that point that she tells me she can provide me as many sources to prove I'm wrong that I can to prove that I'm right. Yes, biased sources. She doesn't seem to understand that anything a feminist writes is going to be biased. Or even get the concept of what being biased is. I offered to look at her sources, and read them, to explain why they were wrong. Something she didn't offer me at all (AKA Reading any of my sources) but then she says this is pointless. Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing. The problem is that it's only pointless because of her, not because of anything I'm doing. Which of course led to this about 5 seconds later:

Feminists, the ones that show up to try to educate you. The ones that want you to learn. This is how easy they give up? They give up because you showed them facts? They give up because you explained the difference between facts and opinions? These are the so called strong women fighting for alleged equality? What I did here was so awful and "ignorant" that she couldn't stand it any longer? 

You know, this is really bothersome. Yes I keep going back to tumblr, fine. I keep attempting and hoping maybe someone will listen to me. These aren't just idiots on the internet. As we've more than seen at this point, these types of people take it into the real world. Then they get online, on their free blogs and sit in an echo chamber. They seclude themselves to this ignorant way of thinking and go back into the real world and spread the stupid. Tumblr (as well as many other places of social media) is a breeding ground for things happening in the real world. Horrible things. Someone even compiled a list of shit that happened in real life because of what feminists and SJWs do on that website. (You can see that here).

Tumblr is no longer the place where lame 13-16 year olds who can't do anything hang out. They have grown up. They are in college. They are the ones getting ads pulled, taking schools hostage, demanding BLACK ONLY and SAFE SPACES. They are now becoming adults. They are changing the world and I guarantee you it's not for the better. It's a very grim look into our future because this IS our future. These people who refuse to accept facts, statistics, and logic over their own stupid feelings is what's taking over. People who punch random men at Trump rallies. People who shut down other people's rights to free speech. THIS is what the world is becoming. If you are going to ignore it just because it happens to be some mouth breather on tumblr, well that's part of the entire issue. We all ignored it in the first place and then they became adults. It's time to stop ignoring it. Though I have no fucking clue what solution there could possibly be offered, if more adults got on that website (as in parents of the children using it) maybe we would actually see a change. Beyond that (or shutting it down as it rightfully should be shut down) I shudder to think of what can and will happen from this point on.