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Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

I'm kind of, overly annoyed with this concept. Internalized misogyny, internalized sexism, internalized racism. I even recently saw the term "internalized lesbophobia" which is a whole new thing to me. These internalized problems and terms seem to be a code for "brainwashing". However it's a brainwashing without realizing you were ever brainwashed. It's something society did to you, and you are completely unaware of this, to a point where you just think it's normal behavior so you continue to do it. 

For instance, there are feminists out there who believe that all sex is rape because women have been brainwashed (secretly some how by society) into believing they want sex, but they actually don't want sex. As it has been explained to me by a feminist before, it's really the idea that women are taught that they are only good for sex/breeding so because of this societal belief they come to accept this. Then the mind tricks them into liking sex because they really have no choice otherwise so they think they like it. I remember a while back on tumblr reading a post about how lesbians only use toys because they were tricked into thinking that phallic objects and penetration gives them pleasure. 

That was most likely one of the dumbest things I've ever heard in regards to this topic. Why? Well lets examine that statement. Lesbians are tricked into believing phallic objects give them pleasure. That they are trained to think this and this is all mental stimulation. Well, hold the phone there. That's not even something that's possible. Well, maybe it is, because anything is possible but the probability of women being brainwashed into thinking they experience physical pleasure (when they don't) is very low. This idea that women as a whole could be brainwashed into this, just by how society thinks of women, is absolutely ludicrous. 

Brainwashing isn't as simple as that. Not even close. If you bother to do actual research you will see that to actually brainwash someone they need to be isolated and in a lot of cases desperate in some way or the other. The reason that brainwashing works in actual cults is that these people are separated from outside and harmful ideas for such a long time they forget what truth is. They are indoctrinated. Society as a whole, where people are free as they please to read any opinion on any topic they like, could never accomplish this. The entire premise of brainwashing is based on being put in a box and being fed the same information over and over again. There is no room for free thinking and you'd never hear an opposing position on the matter. 

In society, in this world right now, as a first world citizen you have access to any information you want. Well for the most part. Obviously there are going to be classified things but if you want to go get a book on how to build a model airplane you can. There also isn't just one book on how to do this. There are going to be hundreds. With just that example alone, you can prove how society isn't isolating anyone to anything, not in the first world. Perhaps in a place that is run by a dictatorship (like North Korea) this could work. Those people are entirely isolated from any information the leader doesn't wish to provide for them. This leaves them in a world where they only know one truth. Only have access to one truth. If our society was like that okay, yeah that would make sense.

However, you as an individual know when your body likes or doesn't like something. As such if you personally didn't like being penetrated by phallic objects your brain would be like "Hey this isn't something I like" and in turn you'd say, "Yeah I don't get off on that". You. As an individual. Society as a whole didn't train your body to like physical stimulation of any type. You figured it out yourself by trial and error. 

If you go through tumblr, because that's the easiest place to find this type of stupidity, you will see a lot of statements like this. It's scary to think that I was brainwashed into this that and the other. Right? However, if this were the case if you were actually this brainwashed you'd never really notice that you had been brainwashed. At least not on your own. In fact, if society as a whole all entirely believed these things, no one would see it as brainwashing. If someone came out and started yelling that it was brainwashing, do you know how quickly they'd be silenced?

Think about it as this scenario. The people in North Korea live under a heavily monitored dictatorship where the leader controls all flow of information. No one is getting freely on the internet, they aren't allowed to watch normal TV, and at all times in their house they have to run a radio station that broadcasts propaganda 24/7. Right? These people don't know any better. At least not the majority. Obviously some of them know this isn't right and escape but that's incredibly rare. Now, in the instance that someone figures it out, that what's being done to them isn't right, what do you think happens when they start to express these opinions? Do you think that they are well received and there is no backlash? Because that's not what happens.

Should a person in North Korea one day wake up and decide that they are going to vocalize their opinions they are going to get arrested. Most likely they will be killed if they don't go back to thinking the correct way. By the government and hell, even some of the people may turn on them, since they would see this as utter blaspheme to do. To speak against everything they are being taught. If society was brainwashing women, or people to this level, you couldn't freely discuss it. You couldn't get on the internet and tweet about it. You couldn't make videos about it. You also wouldn't be able to easily find people who agree with you that we've all been brainwashed and we are not allowed to think for ourselves. This is proof positive that absolutely no one has been brainwashed into anything. Especially not being tricked into liking sex when they actually don't like it. The only situation that is going to happen in is a cult. A very confined space where the person being raped has no other choice but to conform to liking the sex that is being unwillingly thrust upon them (no pun intended).

The thing that bugs me the most about this is that these feminists, they are the ones crying that women are strong. Empowered. All of that bull. At the same time, though, they want everyone to believe women are weak. It could even be seen as a situation where the feminists want it to look like the feminists are the strong/smart ones. Such as "LOOK AT US! WE CRACKED THE CODE! WE KNOW YOU HAVE ALL BEEN BRAINWASHED AND WE ARE THE SMART ONES!" 

While shouting that from the rooftops they fail to realize that simply claiming this "fact" of women being brainwashed is basically calling all women weak. It's insulting. It's also a really good way not to take responsibility for any actions. Not that feminists are really good at that in the first place. When women do something awful to other women it's internalized misogyny. Oh she couldn't help it because she was brainwashed into this terrible behavior. We should all rally around her and teach her that she was wrong, and why she was wrong, but not shun her. It's not HER fault she thinks this way. It's society. And so on and so fourth. It's like how when a man harms another man it's "patriarchy backfiring". When a woman gets passed over for a job for legitimate reasons it's sexism, it's men, it's society. It's not anything an individual did. There is no personal responsibility in the world of feminists. They don't believe that they ever do anything wrong it's always someone else's problem. Someone else's fault. 

Though feminism could quite obviously be called a cult all on it's own (as I've explained here) they also some how think they are the ones spreading the truth. The only truth is, well theirs. Their propaganda, their buzzwords, their way of thinking. It's laughable that fail to see what they are doing, is attempting to convince people they've been brainwashed, so they can go on and brainwash people. Let that sink in for a moment.