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Gender Pay Gap Exhaustion

Gender Pay GapMonica Edwards2 Comments

I am getting pretty sick and tired of wage gap and this whole myth that it exists. Here I intend to do a breakdown on everything wrong with this myth and why I'm done dealing with anyone who thinks it's real. First of all, if you don't believe me (and I think that if you are here reading this you probably already do) then you can check out my resource page. I have an entire page with sources and a nice info-graph on why wage gap is a myth. 

Secondly, I think one of the bigger problems that people get wage gap and gender pay gap confused. Wage gap isn't a thing. At least not on a huge systematic level that aims to keep women poor, suffering and oppressed. Though I cannot deny some companies may be practicing discrimination, it's still against the law. If you have proof this is being done then you can go ahead and sue the crap out of them. Also, you will win. Man or woman if you can prove this is happening you will win. Gender pay gap is a whole other thing and this is 100% on the shoulders of women, but they are intent on blaming it on society (especially men and patriarchy). Here I will explain everything wrong with this mentality. 

Gender pay gap has entirely to do with the jobs women are choosing to take. This choice they are making is what is leaving them with less pay. According to business insider, here are the female dominated professions (also what they call "pink collar jobs" you know instead of blue collar. Like the hard labor and very intense ones).

As you can see, the number one female dominated job is nurses. This is a job that women are choosing to take, by the way. Nothing is stopping them from becoming doctors. Now, lets look at the average salary of a nurse.

Here we see what the average salary is. As you can tell it's not listed by gender of the person doing the job. It varies but it seems the highest potential salary is close to 100 grand while the most common seemed to be 66 grand even though some made less. In no way does this indicate what gender anyone was. Now, let me explain the factors that go into deciding a person's salary. Male or female, as men can be nurses just as much as women can.

Hours worked
Company worked at
Years of experience

It's as simple as that. There, right there. Considering how many women are nurses and it also being a STEM profession you'd think feminists would be going nuts. They aren't. In fact, last I checked they were actively trying to scare women out of going into STEM by lying about all the sexism. Still, these women who become nurses can also choose to become doctors. Nothing is stopping that. Lets look at a doctor's average salary, shall we?

There you have it. Once again this isn't divided up by gender but by specialty. As you can easily tell, certain specialties make more money, which shouldn't surprise anyone. Remember the factors I listed earlier? Education is one of them, or specialization. Obviously to specialize in something you have to be highly educated in it. This means that not everyone can do this job and that demands a higher pay rate. What is stopping these women from going into being actual doctors? Nothing? Because there are plenty of female doctors even if the area isn't dominated by women. This is a choice people are making. Plain and simple.

In the mind of the feminist this is how it seems to work though:

Lady Doctor who works 40 hours a week and only cares for 100 patients should make the same amount as Man Doctor who works 60 Hours a week and cares for 250 patients. 

That's as far as I can gather from their demands. What's wrong with this picture? Other than the fact that they are both doctors, the work load on the man is far higher and longer and more stressful than that on the woman. Now, I promise you that if Lady Doctor is working the same hours as Man Doctor, with the same patient load, and doing the same specialty she's getting paid the same rate (especially if they are both at the same hospital). Yeah. True fact. If there ever happens to be a case where this is not happening, Lady Doctor gets to sue the hospital and she will win. As I said before, I'm not here to claim that some companies may try to get away with this, but it's not at all happening on a larger scale. Lets look at the next female dominated profession. Which seems to be kindergarten and grade school teachers. What is the average salary for that?

As you can see it's pretty low end. Now nothing is stopping them from going one level higher up to college professor and as you can see here, the potential to make far more money is greater than that of an ordinary school teacher:

There you have it. Once again, none of this is divided at all by gender just by what the specific profession is. Why aren't women going more into these jobs then? Is it because the work load of a school teacher is easier? That they get three months of the year off? Even with a college professor you'd have a ton of time off. Okay ladies, you go do that then if you want to get paid more. What's the problem? Why is this anyone's fault but your own that you aren't getting paid enough?

The more you go down the list, the more you see the problems that women are only creating for themselves by taking these jobs. Keep in mind, I am not shaming anyone here. If you want to be a nurse, teacher, or work in human resources you go and do that. Just don't complain that it's not earning you enough money, and also don't try to demand the same salary as someone who works harder. That's all I ask. They are some how, in some way, blind to the fact that anything that raises the pay has to do with personal effort of an individual and nothing to do with having a penis or a vagina. Even so it's kind of laughable what professions they dominate. Other than the nursing stuff, which to be fair would collapse a hospital if all nurses decided to quit one day, they don't do much of anything. Case in point, lets look at male dominated jobs.

If men, all of the sudden, decided to stop working what do you think would happen? Even the "share of women employees" in this job aren't doing the hard labor. At all. I will redirect you back to the female dominated professions chart. What are they doing in these industries? They are doing the human resource work, the associate work, the secretary and personal assistant jobs. Even accounting. Though there are women who actually do the hard labor stuff, and I know because I've worked factory/labor jobs myself. There are not many of them. This kind of stuff makes society actually run far more than being a grade school teacher or an accountant. Though those jobs are important, if you didn't have the rest of this stuff, you'd be up a creek. 

The feminists regularly and routinely ignore that part of it though. They ignore that men take more dangerous jobs, and then whine about how unfair it is. They ignore that men routinely take longer hours of work. Then they whine about how unfair it is. They ignore that women take off for maternity leave regularly. Which forces a company not only to hold a job position and lose an employee, but also not have a guarantee she's coming back. Not to mention the companies that offer paid maternity leave. A lot of those women take it, take the money, do no work for that time, then decide they aren't coming back anyway. This is a loss for the company who has to wait around a few months to see what she wants. They can't hire anyone except maybe a temp. Then when she ultimately decides she's not coming back they have to find a replacement and usually train them. These are all things that cost businesses money that feminists regularly neglect, do completely by their own choices, and then complain about later because they think it's unfair. (Plus, don't get me started on the paid sick leave for being on your period, which is just gross).

Listen up. No one is stopping a woman from working 80 hours a week. No one is stopping a woman from becoming a doctor, engineer, or construction worker. This just isn't happening. If you want equal pay for equal work, actually start doing equal work. Once that happens if you aren't being paid exactly as much as your male co-worker, file a damn lawsuit. Trust me, you will win, but I can guarantee you that's not what's going to happen.