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The Fem Zone (First Installment)

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The Fem Zone is a place where reality is changed. Things are not always as they seem. In fact, things are far more the way that tumblr actually wants it. Here in the Fem Zone the social justice mentality reigns supreme, feels are realz, and only women rule the earth....

Another folder placed on her desk. Another rape case to process. This should be easy she'd be home in less than an hour. All she really had to do was look at the name of the perpetrator and send the rape patrol squad out to get him. Life had become so much easier when the burden of proof requirement had been destroyed. Since it was common knowledge that women never lied about rape it became so much easier to streamline the entire process and send them all behind bars. No one really missed the male scum anyway and rape rates were on the decline according to the latest fem polling. Men were beginning to learn their place in society and it was about time. 

Amanda loved her job as a social justice enforcement officer. Police were a thing of the past, obviously. With how much brutality and corruption ruled the former profession it had just been best to get rid of them all together. Gender studies degree in hand, she was hired almost directly out of college. One hundred grand a year. There were no longer any physical requirements to enforce laws either, at least not for the women. That heavily implied that a strong minded body wasn't nearly as physically capable as a male's. There would be no more sexism like that. Equal pay for equal work in the fem zone. 

She processed the claim and wrote up an order via her fem-chart to go after the man who had recently raped a woman. The report stated that he had raped her when she refused to accept his drink at a bar. This wasn't uncommon, in fact it was just becoming more and more of a problem. The streets were getting safer and safer though, and that was the good thing. Sooner or later all the rapists would be behind bars and only the good, law abiding feminist men would be left. They would cleanse society of their impurities one by one and revive humanity with equality for all. Especially women. 

As she stepped out into the night, the streets nice and safe, rape free, a man being brought in by the patrol squad was resisting arrest. She failed to understand why they fought so hard. They had been reported for rape, ergo they had committed a rape. There was no use in behaving like such an animal. In fact, it really only helped prove the point that all men were rapist scum. Couldn't control their animal urges. She stepped over to help the officers attempting to handle the brute.

"Alright buddy you know how this works." She said. 

"I didn't touch her! I didn't do anything wrong! I barely even looked in her direction!" He spat back at her, lunging towards her until he was pulled back by one of the other women assisting with his arrest. 

"A woman says you raped her. Women do not lie about rape. That's what is going on. This has been in practice for over ten years now. Do you expect it to change? Because that seems utterly ridiculous. Now...go with the officers and behave. I might recommend leniency instead of really hard time."  She told him. He screamed in her face, enraged with his rapist instinct which was clearly telling him to target her next. The officers brought him inside and she smiled, mentally patting herself on the back for a job well done. 

"Officer Crandall?" A voice called after her. It was a woman, so as she was approached she didn't feel threatened. Women were non threatening and would never harm a soul. She stepped towards her car and pulled the door open. No need to lock doors around here. Never again would that need to be a practice. Society had changed. 


"Hi my name is Jennifer Stalworth that man you are bringing in he's my husband. He really didn't do anything to that woman. I was there with him at the time she says she was raped, I assure you..."

"The woman in question filed a rape report. After that point it's out of our hands. You know how it goes. Women don't lie about rape. You should know better than to question my authority." Amanda snapped at her. 

"Yes but you are wrong." Jennifer insisted. 

"I am not wrong. The system is not wrong. Unless you want to be written up for rape apology and thrown in there yourself, I suggest you back off. WOMEN. DON'T. LIE. ABOUT. RAPE!" She repeated and then got into her car, slamming the door quickly. She didn't pay the girl a second glance before speeding off into the night to get home to her domestic partner and 6 cats down in SoHo. 

It was 2 in the morning when she heard a loud crash downstairs. The door being kicked in. Something she was only familiar with because she knew what her squad did and how they apprehended rapists. Why were they here? Had a rapist gotten into her home? She got out of bed quickly, eager to help with the apprehension of the disgusting criminal. Her domestic partner, Judy, looked up as well.

"Don't worry honey, I'll take care of this." She said. "I obviously meaning honey as a term of endearment, and not in a way to demean your gender." 

"Yes of course." Judy said softly. "Be careful." 

Amanda nodded and walked out. Since teaching criminals not to commit crime had become the norm, Amanda wasn't armed. She didn't need to be armed. Obviously the criminal would be aware of the new laws and not attack her. She would bring him down and be the hero once again. Just as she was picturing where on the wall to hang her new accommodation, she was tacked down by the social justice enforcement squad. Her hands pinned rudely behind her back and shackled into cuffs. 

"Officer Crandall, you have been formally accused and convicted of rape. You will come with me now." The voice in her ear said. She knew this woman, it was one of the officers that she supervised back at the station. 

"What? No this isn't right! I didn't do anything!" She yelled starting to scream and kick a bit, attempting to fight for her life to get away from what was clearly some sort of mistake. "Check the file again! I didn't rape anyone! There has got to be some sort of mistake!"

"There is no mistake, Ma'am. I double checked the claim and conviction myself. It's real and I'm sorry to see you go down but I'm just doing my job. As you taught me." Her officer said.

"But I didn't RAPE anyone! You have to believe me!" She screamed.

"That's what they all say." The second officer in command of this squad told her. Judy ran after her, watching her as she was dragged kicking and screaming to the rape patrol van in order to be transported to her semi-permanent and new housing. Hopefully she could be rehabilitated but not everyone was. If not, they stayed in the centers until they could learn to be a productive member of society. 

In the back of the van there were two other men, sitting there in chains. They looked at her, almost as if they were amused to see her there but they didn't say anything. Went back to looking at the floor of the van. Completely helpless, just like she was, knowing that all of their fates were now sealed. 

She was yanked out of the back of the van and shoved into the line with the other men they had picked up along the way. None of them said anything. It seemed like they wanted to say stuff in front of her but didn't. Perhaps they had learned their place finally on how to talk to women and treat them. She knew it just had to be a mistake she was back there in the van with the rest of them. Everything would be sorted out. It was a practical joke. An offensive and triggering one but just a joke. 

The officers wouldn't listen to her as she went through processing even though she tried to clear up the matters. She was just shuffled and filed away, being shoved from one place to another. No trial. No chance to talk to people. Nothing. From the station she was transferred immediately to the penitentiary and reprogramming facility. Once taken inside she was lined up to get her hand stamped for ID purposes. All around her downtrodden men not saying much of anything. Just small whispers and conversations. In here she wouldn't be seeing her domestic partner and she'd have no freedoms of the outside world. She was now a convicted rapist. 

"NEXT!" The voice called ahead of her. She lifted her head and was suddenly shoved forward, nearly falling into the processing window as some of the men laughed from behind her before being ordered to stay silent. 

"Please you have to help me, I didn't do anything wrong I swear!" She pleaded. The woman from behind the counter grabbed her hand and roughly laid a stamp on it before squeezing her wrist tightly. She looked up, blinking a few times to clear her eyes of tired and oppressed tears. That's when she recognized her. It was Jennifer, the person who had tried to make a plea for her husband's case the very night she was accused of rape herself. 

"Remember, women don't lie about rape. That's just how it works, sweetie." She said with a grin and let go of Amanda's wrist. It was quite apparent in the moment what had happened and why she was there. Amanda began to scream, but that wouldn't save her this time. Maybe she should have considered the possibility that false accusations harm, and pretty severely, before taking her job as a social justice officer. As it stood, she'd have plenty of time to consider the situation while she was sitting behind bars, in the fem zone.