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Menstrual Leave Is An Insult To My Gender

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

I was pretty much floored when I saw that menstrual leave was a thing. That women actually get paid once a month to take time off work to have their periods. Not in a good way either. Do women not realize how insulting this is? At all? Now I understand that menstrual pain is something that varies in degrees of intensity for everyone. However, unless you have an actual condition that renders you completely bedridden for that period of time, you need to suck it up. There aren't many conditions that would do this to women, and the conditions that do this to women are rare. This isn't common. Most women don't suffer from such intense period pain that they need to be given time off each month.

For instance, I have ovarian cysts. They suck. Sometimes they are so bad I have to go to the ER for pain management because I can't handle it. Usually I try to just fight through it. There are many methods I use to combat the pain. Sometimes it's so bad I feel like I'm going to pass out. Even still, I can't tell you how many times I've worked a job while on my period and feeling like complete crap. That's what you do. You push through it. It sucks but it's also called being an adult. I've also worked jobs while I was sick. This is what you have to do. I guarantee you not every woman who gets their period needs this time off to "recover" or whatever. Then you have the fact that some how, women who want this, seem to completely miss how insulting it is. 

Now, feminists regularly complain that it's not fair that men/society or whatever stereotype them as weak/emotional creatures when on their period. You'll see stuff like this floating around the internet: 

There is no lack of feminists complaining that just because they are on their period doesn't mean they are any different. Any more emotional, any more weak, hysterical, whatever. Other than ignoring the fact that this right here is the actual symptom list for what happens to your body at that time of the month:

They actually do sound really whiny. This is something that happens to your body because of hormonal changes. It not only effects you physically but it effects you mentally and emotionally. Sorry ladies you do become different and more emotional on your period (or have the potential for this to happen) it's a thing. Stop denying it. Also stop demanding people ignore and deny it when it's a thing that happens. Okay? So then getting back to my point you see that girl holding that sign. That her opinions should be invalidated because she's on her period. But look at the fact that they now want paid leave to be on their periods. Well I thought that being on your period didn't invalidate you as a person. I thought that being on your period wasn't a big thing. That you are still a strong woman! Why do you want both?

If you are asking for paid leave for your period what you are saying is that it is so bad, these symptoms are so bad, then you cannot possibly work. You can't be held accountable for your behavior or actions while menstruating. This makes you look like a flighty, weak, bimbo. Do you not realize that? Yet you want it both ways. You want to be taken seriously while on your period but you also want people to think it's so harsh and devastating that you can't possibly drag your fat ass into work every day when you have it. Right? 

They also fail to realize that this isn't going to be mandatory. For instance, if you work at a company that offers this, the women will be able to choose to take it or not. That's right. So lets examine a specific scenario here. Woman A decides every month of the year to take the paid sick leave for their menstrual cycle. Woman B decides she doesn't need it and would rather work because that concept is incredibly stupid. Who do you think looks better on paper? Who do you think is going to be more likely to get a raise? Get a promotion? That's right. Woman B who didn't make a huge deal about how freakin awful her period is. The woman who gets the job done.

As I said, there are some conditions that would render a woman really messed up on her period. It's not that way for the vast majority of you ladies. To be fair, the most girls I see whining about this are just that. Girls. They are teenagers who probably just got their periods for the first time and have to deal with cramps and bloating and haven't learned to suck it up yet. The thing is, you cannot have it both ways, feminists. You cannot claim that you are completely fine while on your period but then also claim that you need paid sick leave because it's only fair. You get one or the other. Also pushing this narrative makes companies less likely to want to hire women because for about a week out of every month they are going to have to pay an employee to take time off.

Though this doesn't seem like a huge thing right now, and I believe it's mostly only happening in the UK, it shouldn't become a thing. Ever. This is not something I want companies to think about when I apply for a job or while I am on a job. Having your period doesn't make you special, it doesn't harm you, and it's not so bad you can't work. I've worked even with having cysts. You just deal with it. You need to make up your minds about what you actually want here. You don't get to complain but also demand respect at the same time. Don't speak for me and my gender. I am not some weak little waif who can't function while on her period, neither are most women. Stop acting like self entitled little brats.