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It's Official: Everything Is Now Racist

Monica Edwards1 Comment

A while back I wrote this article about how Chris Pratt was apparently "doing brownface" and mocking POC people in the new Jurassic Park movie. This year it's Mads Mikkelsen who is "doing brownface" for his role in Dr. Strange. The POC community on tumblr seems to have a huge problem with white people getting tan. Ignoring the fact that both of these men, for a lot of movies, work outside and that's just a thing that happens when you go outside. Not surprising as I'm pretty sure most of them don't see the light of days with how far their heads are up their own asses. They sit at home and write lists like this:

A list of utterly ridiculous "micro-aggressions" that attribute the behavior of maybe a few white people to white people as a whole. Yet, god forbid people point out that black people like chicken or asian people like rice. That's just racist and wrong. You really think it can't get any worse than that, but you'd be so completely wrong.

This, right here isn't doing black face, at all. Not even close. For one, it's not like she's a white person who's attempting to play a black person. For two, by this logic, any actor of any color who's ever darkened their skin, worn makeup, gotten tan, or added a prosthetic to alter their appearance is doing something racist. This is no more different than a white person putting on a fake nose to make it look bigger/wider. Which does happen. Noses really change the shape of the face and how someone looks so it's not uncommon to add that into a costume. I mean we could accuse the late Leonard Nimoy of doing something racist because of Spock ears. Oh wait, he's white, so I guess it doesn't count. 

The point here is, that now the SJWs are turning on their own. They don't seem to understand there is nothing wrong with this. They even have Zoe (as stated above) saying that she may not be best for the part and obviously she's being attacked on twitter. No one is ever surprised about that. 

The problem here is that, these people (by which I mean SJWs) feel entirely too entitled to get their way on anything. The other problem is that the rules they set are so incredibly arbitrary and random. Even knowing this, as a society, people are bending over backwards to please them hoping to God they won't be the next person attacked or label as a racist for doing something utterly non racist. Kind of like how JK Rowling decided it was fine for Hermione to be black in a stage play. Now we have kids on tumblr passing around a post about how Harry is "obviously black" as well and he should totally be played by a black guy. It seems JK Rowling has become a victim to over pandering. I personally believe she started when she outed Dumblrdore as gay, but I can tolerate that far above making Hermione black and trying to justify it later. I believe she said something along the lines of, "I never described her as having white skin just frizzy hair". Which if you look at it, should really piss off SJWs because that could imply "Nappy afro". Or at least you'd think that's the conclusion they'd jump to. 

With movies like Ghostbusters an whatever the hell they think they are doing with Star Wars: Rogue's painfully obvious these people don't know what they want. That, and they are the wrong audience to cater to. The like/dislike ratio on the Ghostbusters trailer is hilarious and there seems to be a 50/50 split over Star Wars Rogue One looking like a feminist bag of crap and the best thing in the universe. Though there is already evidence that this formula doesn't work to bring in the big bucks at the cinema, people still keep trying to follow it. I seriously long for the days where no one cared what the loud and ignorant minority thought and made good movies regardless of some sort of race quota. 

Don't hear me wrong, I am all about diversity and inclusion, but if you can't do that and also write a good story don't bother. I know I certainly wouldn't be happy if a movie was made to pander specifically to my group. It's insulting. How do these people not see it as condescending and even mocking in a way? Everything is racist now. Everything is sexist now. I've been saying it for a while, that it'll get worse before it gets better. How bad does it have to get before we slam the breaks to a full stop and tell these assholes that enough is enough?