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Mainstream Female Comedians Just Aren't Funny

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I can think of maybe three that I find laugh out loud hilarious but I'm not even sure they are considered mainstream except maybe one of them. Wanda Sykes comes to mind but I don't know if she does much stand up any more. Then of course there's Lisa Lampenelli (the queen of mean) but it's probably obvious as to why I think she's funny if you are familiar with her insult style of comedy. The last one that I've always liked who never gained celebrity status and I honestly don't know what her material is like these days is Sabrina Matthews. Two of these women I mentioned are lesbians as well so I'm wondering if that makes a difference in their level of comedy. However that's really all I can think of and I know at least the last one is an obscure name to most people. Had I not randomly seen a comedy special of Sabrina in the 90's I would have no idea who she was right now cause she doesn't get comedy specials any more. 

If you want to talk about female comedians who don't do standup who I find funny, Anna Ferris is actually really good. I think she's amazing in every movie I've seen her in. This is where the list basically ends for me. Now I'm not saying I'm correct at all but I am saying at least in my own comedy viewing habits I am much more likely to find a man funny, especially at stand up. For instance if someone asks me who my favorite comedians are my instant non-hesitation answer to that question will be a very long list of male names. 

  1. Bill Burr
  2. Louis Black
  3. Louis CK
  4. Bo Burnham
  5. Daniel Tosh
  6. George Carlin
  7. Richard Prior
  8. Dane Cook (yes sorry I like him I don't care his early stuff and late stuff is amazing people really hate on him for no reason)
  9. Seth MacFarland (If he even counts)
  10. Brian Regan
  11. Dana Carvy 
  12. Kevin Hart
  13. Russell Peters

I'm not trying to say there are NO funny women out there but it seems that the celebrity status stand up comedians who are also female just are not funny. They are cringe worthy. They are more like, so awkward and horrible, that people laugh at them for being so awkward and horrible. Either that or it's a nervous laughter because "OMG THAT WHITE GIRL SAID SOMETHING OFFENSIVE! SHE CAN'T SAY THAT!" 

Take Amy Schumar and Sarah Silverman for instance. Their typical "joke formula" if you want to call it that is basically saying something really offensive and then waiting for the audience to be shocked into laughter. I'll give you an example of an actual "joke" I heard Amy tell in the only stand up special I ever saw her in. It won't be word for word but it went something like this:

"Of course I was unpopular as a kid I had braces........on my legs." 

That's it. That's the joke. I heard her tell the same joke on some comedian reality show. I forget what it was called but it was the one where they would have a bunch of stand up comedians compete against each other. I believe it was called "Make Me Laugh" but I'm too lazy to look it up. Anyway she told that joke a lot on there, it was like her go to joke. Meanwhile the other male comedians were telling fresh and original jokes every time. Yet, some how Amy was getting a laugh at this really lame cripple joke which honestly with how feminists are now they shouldn't even like Amy's humor. She also has a joke about black people being stereotyped as criminals that ends with "White people STOLE black people". Ha ha ha ha good laugh. 

Then we come to Sarah Silverman who is miles worse. I suppose if I had to choose one of them as the better one, it would be Amy. Sarah is so incredibly unfunny I'm amazed she got a show and is even still famous now. The only reason I know anything about her is my sister was super into her and made me watch one of her specials "Jesus is magic". Other than not finding any jokes funny I wondered how my sister could. I get that humor is subjective, that's not my point, but my sister is a radfem and an SJW that thinks everything is racist and white people are the most racist. Sarah's "humor" really hangs tightly on saying offensive words like "nigger" and waiting for people to get so shocked that they laugh because "OMG did a white girl just say the word nigger?" Sarah also relies heavily on poop and fart jokes. Once again not even against poop and fart jokes if they are funny. Her versions of it are just...awkward and gross some how. Not done right or timed well. 

Right now for some reason these women are really super hot in the comedy world when they aren't even funny. As I mentioned I at least can name three women (in my opinion) who are funny but they aren't to the celebrity level of these women who aren't. I don't even know how these women get portrayed as "the funniest women in hollywood" when they just fucking suck. I didn't mind Kristen Schaal until she turned down the feminist road and never came back. She was fine until that point. I think Tina Fey is hilarious but she pretty much doesn't do anything any more or hadn't for a while until her new movie Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (which I intend to see) but I'm still not sure she'd be included in the "stand up". SNL was sketch comedy and where she was doing acting not stand up. 

The point is, when someone asks me to name female comedians who I also find entertaining I'm always struggling to name them. It's hard to pick one very specifically from standup. Don't get me wrong I know women can be funny and I have seen a ton of women I think are hilarious. I mention a lot that I'm a fan of Krista Allen and she's been in a ton of comedies and she's really funny. She doesn't do stand up and because she started her career in porn she's pretty much typecast as the brain dead bimbo all the time but she's definitely funny. The women I can find with good comedic timing or good material aren't even close to being at the front of the list when it comes to celebrity status anyway. Was Tina Fey ever A list? Or anyone else I mentioned? Not that I can recall. 

What I think it's time for is, well, not paying attention to utterly unfunny women and calling them funny.  I think one of the big problems with Amy Schumar, Sarah Silverman, and even Amy Pohler is that they are all feminists and because of this no matter what the fuck they say feminists think they are funny which elevates them to celebrity status even though none of them are actually funny. Feminists are starting to in some way dictate humor because there are so many of them that when they all get together to promote something it happens very fast.

It's like a few years ago when a feminist lied about a rape joke Daniel Tosh allegedly told at a stand up show. The story wasn't even true, for one, but the moment she tweeted her outrage a whole shit ton of people jumped on his ass for telling a rape joke. As if they weren't aware Tosh tells a shit ton of rape jokes all the time (and in my opinion they are funny as hell). That's all it took. A few tweets and feminists attempted to end his career. Luckily it totally didn't work and even more ironically Comedy Central doubled Tosh's time slot on their network to give him MORE publicity. Oh and Tosh never apologized for doing anything wrong other than a really sarcastic tweet which was clearly not an apology.

We need to stop listening to what these radfems find funny. Their "jokes" basically look like this (and I shit you not this is what they consider a joke):

"Women are stupid"
Said the man who doesn't know what "No" Means

This is considered humor to them which I found out when I tried to point out how stupid it was on tumblr. Yeah that's a joke. It's not much better than that honestly. I mean look up female comedians that feminists also think are funny. There's not even one joke to be found in the new Ghostbusters movie trailer:

All you have to do is look at the like/dislike ratio bar to see people's response to this movie and how funny they think it looks:

I couldn't even find one great comment in the comment section except someone saying "these women are funny AF" but I also can't tell if it's a troll or not. Most of the comments are about how awful the movie looks. Not even in a mean and trolling way but in a way explaining exactly why this movie is no funny. Someone even said "The jokes would be hilarious if they were timed right" and they aren't wrong about that either. These women were shoved in this movie and it's going to be terrible, but this is seemingly what happens when you grab a shit ton of white feminists and write a movie. There was no need for this movie to be remade in the first place, especially with an all female cast, but god this is their humor. This is what they think is funny. This is what Sony thinks was funny enough to make into a fucking movie. Why? WHY are we allowing this to happen? I understand the reviews and box office scores with probably condemn this movie to hell, but the fact that it even got made in the FIRST place is infuriating enough. 

It's really time to end this whole notion that women are funny just because they are women. I don't mind sexist jokes, or ableist jokes, or rape jokes, or racist jokes IF THEY ARE ACTUALLY FUNNY. I was, just now, able to list more females I DON'T find funny than the ones I do and WAY more male comedians than female comedians I do find funny. Obviously the opinion will differ from person to person but I'd bet money that most people would have a longer list of male comedian favorites than females.