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"Feminists Don't Help Men, Because They Don't HAVE to!"

Monica Edwards1 Comment

I was having a chat on tumblr with a feminist who abruptly stopped responding after I sent her sources to back up what I was saying. It was a long conversation and more or less she dodged every question that I asked, but here are some key points. 

She initially started to explain to me things about women's issues, brought up catcalling and abuse of women, rape culture. That typical sort of thing. You know the argument, it's the same one they always use so I asked my follow up question and then had my follow up statement. Response?

I'm pretty sure there are cases of men being raped for what they were wearing or how they were dressed. Either by other men or other women. This isn't an argument that you need to be making. In fact this whole statement implies that rape is a woman's only issue. As if men don't get raped or couldn't ever possibly be raped for how they dress/look. 

The next thing (Highlighted) is the admission that feminists aren't doing anything for men because they don't have to. That you can make an abuse shelter for women without trying to help men. She wants to know what anti-feminists are doing to help men. She didn't even answer anything I initially say. If I recall right, some MRAs selling "Male Tears" mugs donated the profits to male charities already. Still looking for my source on this. Even though this isn't helping MEN, the Amazing Atheist right now is raising money to help women. Something feminists rarely do (unless it's a kickstarter to help themselves). 

I can't be checking into every anti-feminist charity campaign ever, but I am well aware there have been anti-feminist charity campaigns that HAVE raised a lot of money to help people in need. Thing is, anti-feminists aren't focused SPECIFICALLY on men (as with the Amazing Atheist) they are about PEOPLE. Meanwhile, feminists are focused solely on women (mainly their own personal bank accounts) while also claiming equality. 

She also wants to know if "mens abuse is such a big issue, where are all the male shelters". The way that's phrased is exceedingly sarcastic. It's very condescending as if to say that men couldn't POSSIBLY be abused or, it couldn't possibly be such a big issue that it would need too much attention. 

Here are some sources for why men would need abuse shelters to go to. However, it's nearly unheard of to open abuse shelters specifically for men. Erin Pizzey knows all to much about that. There was a man who killed himself when he couldn't get enough funding for his shelter. What does she think about that? 

She was pretty much a master at avoiding answering any of my questions even though I answered hers. My answers here aren't any different from the ones I was giving her over there before she stopped responding. Though I am omitting quite a bit of this conversation it's really only because of all the repetition. "Why should I care? Why should FEMINISTS Care? Feminism is about women. We don't HAVE to care about men. Where are the MRAs?" and so on and so fourth. She's not providing any substance to anything. 

The first one up there is her answer to asking why feminists keep blocking funding for male shelters and actively get them shut down. Well why do other criminals commit other crimes? That's not an answer. That's filibustering. That's nothing. At very least I could theorize on why feminists don't help men. I mean it's quite obvious their whole aim in this, is to completely dominate society while calling it equality. Yet she can't even bullshit up an actual answer, all she can bullshit up is deflection. 

Then, not surprisingly, she pulls out the "not all feminists are like this" argument. Well, I don't think this is proof of anything. The fact that I have to tell feminists this. A lot of them already know (and deny it). Even if a lot of them don't know, a lot MORE of them do know. Do you know how many people it takes to pass laws? How many people it takes to raise 150 thousand dollars to fund a crappy kickstarter about propaganda? How many people it takes to get a shitty all female remake of a movie made? There are a lot more of the radical feminists out there than the ones who scream "not all feminists". Even if they are a "minority" which I heavily doubt, they are still getting their way. They are still getting shit done. Which brings back the question once more of, WHY ARE YOU NOT DOING ANYTHING TO STOP THEM? 


As much as this girl claims to "not know" about this "kind of crappiness", she also heavily avoids the subject, has no answers, and blatantly declares feminism isn't about helping men because it doesn't have to. Yet, this movement is allegedly all about equality of men and women, is it not? 

I know what people will say, "Yeah but this is tumblr...blah blah blah" and I never have any clue as to why that's a counter argument. Tumblr isn't a robot. Tumblr isn't a computer program. Tumblr is made up of real people who really think this shit and then take it into the real world. We've already seen it happen at multiple colleges across the US. If anything, tumblr as a site breeds these people, indoctrinates them, and incubates this mentality. All of this is very scary, especially now that it's starting to transfer over into real life. Though I shouldn't ALWAYS be shocked when I get responses like this, I some how still am. It's disgusting to me real people would actually think this and be serious about it. The world is headed to a very dark place if we keep letting these people control it.