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I was bored (and sick) over the past few days and I decided to get the app "Whisper" for my phone. I browsed through it a bit before posting a few of my own whispers to see what kind of response I would get. From just browsing it seems that it's more balanced on there (as in less social justice warriors and more normal people) so I put up my first few whispers and waited for a response. 

If you don't know what Whisper is, it's some pointless app where you can anonymously post secrets in meme form for some reason with your own pictures, or hipster douche pictures behind the words. I guess most of the time the pictures are supposed to match the words you use and there must be some kind of search index. As in if I typed something about Hillary Clinton then the app would give me some Hillary pictures to choose from to use (or just random hipster/scene kid pics instead). Though it does seem the majority of people using it, use it to post secrets like "I'm gay but I can't tell anyone" there is a political side to the app as well so of course I tested it. Here are some of the results. 

This was one of the first whispers that I made. Short, sweet, and to the point. This picture came up as one of theirs to use when I made the whisper so I grabbed it figuring it was ironic. Here are some of the responses I got:

As you can see the first one tells me they hope one day I see the error in my reasoning but they also hope someone puts dog shit in my coat pockets. The third one just seems confused not sure if trolling or not. You can also see how the second one and last one talk about how I can just give up my rights and whatever because feminism got them for me. The fourth one implies I must be a guy because I couldn't possibly be saying this if I knew what discrimination was. The fifth one mentions meninism so it can instantly be discounted as being written by someone moronic. To be fair I did get quite a few people who were in favor of what I said, so it does seem more balanced than other social media applications. Maybe because it is very anonymous on there as opposed to a site like Twitter where it's easier to get information on a user if one desires. Here's the next one I put up:

Once again, short, sweet and to the point. The responses to this one were interesting as well and here they are:

Two of them say I'm a man and one of them just says "well that's a lie". I guess one of the bigger issues on here is you in no way can source anyone unless someone sends you a private message, but the conversations via that system aren't much more enlightened as can be seen here with someone responding to another whisper I made about being offended:

Though I did reply to them they never answered and I'm presumed blocked, so I'm guessing I'm never going to truly figure out how this "works" right? Ah, SJW logic is always so...logical right? I put up one about liberals and racism. Such as racism against white people is fine, racism against anyone else, not fine. The whole "Black lives matter" vs "All lives matter" debate. These days it seems you can say anything you want about white people and it's not racism. I drew attention to that and of course got the result you'd expect:

Used the old and tired cliche of "go educate yourself" this same person seemed to be following me around. Though it is relatively anonymous on there you can still see user names that people chose so I could see the same person replied with this:

I have a total of 20 whispers up. That's right TWENTY and only 18 of them are "political" the other two have nothing to do with anything really. They are just personal things I wanted to get off my chest. However SJW types are so extremely offended I guess 18 things they don't want to hear equate to 20 million right? I don't know, you do the math. Feels over realz right? Then we get to the wage gap one I put up:

This feminist just straight up admits that she at least doesn't want to do the work, but in typical fashion she writes "WE" because I guess all feminists speak for all other feminists. It's a good thing she didn't BS me though because I've had enough of that. I'm just surprised that someone actually gave a truthful response. I guess that is the benefit of being on such an app for a smart phone. 

There was a lot of support for Trump on there and a lot of Trump bashing. Just for fun I put out one to bait people into a response. One of the most odd responses I got for defending Trump was this:

Apparently people who defend Trump don't deserve to be pet owners? Was there something new Trump said about coming into people's houses and killing their pets? Or ordering his supporters to do such? I don't know, he's an obnoxious asshole, so he may have said something like this but it's doubtful. 

The most positive response I got was putting up that I don't think that Christian bakeries should be forced into making cakes for gay weddings. That one got 12 likes and four responses agreeing with me. I was amazed considering how much I was attacked for the anti-feminist things I said. One of the last ones I'm going to present is this one about meninism:

So she wanted me to go look up the twitter account for meninism as if that was going to prove anything. I responded with the parody remark, she admitted she never went to read the twitter account because she deleted her twitter already. I'm wondering exactly how this argument would work on someone who doesn't know it's a parody account? Because, if they don't, they would just go look it up and see that it was a parody account, at least hopefully. It clearly says that but feminists don't seem to notice that anyway:

In any case what was this supposed to prove? That she was right? That I was right? I said meninism wasn't real and she directs me to a parody account to prove it's real? Which is what I don't get. I spent a few replies arguing with her about this but she never admitted to being wrong in any way or the fact that she really didn't know what she was talking about. I guess she's "right" in the fact that the account exists but a parody account existing doesn't make the ideology behind meninism real. 

In any case, why did I do this? Well as I said, mostly out of boredom, there was some curiosity involved as well. Mainly to see how far the SJW community has spread. I'm not too surprised by the results, other than I thought people would be far more hateful. I thought that it might be 75% angry SJWs and whatever on there but it turned out to be more about 50/50 with rational people and SJWs split down the middle. My point is, that this kind of mindset is pretty much taking over everywhere and it's just something to be aware of. Social media has been corrupted with these types of people because if you add the anonymity of the internet you will get a bunch of hate and stupidity. If anyone was wondering what this app was or why it exists I'm still not entirely sure but, it's certainly not worth my time so I'll be deleting it from my phone. You go and have fun though if you dare.