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Free Speech (Is anything that doesn't offend people)

Monica EdwardsComment

Recently I got back in touch with a friend from High School but as of late he started posting anti-Trump bullshit all over facebook. So I pointed out to him that if you like Trump or not he has a right to run for president and speak freely. I also pointed out that Trump supporters aren't showing up at Sanders rallies to shut them down, throw things at Trump supporters, or prevent the man from talking. When he denied that anyone was violent towards Trump I showed him the video of the guy rushing the stage which apparently he thought was funny.

Though I doubt he would have the same reaction to the attempted assault of Bernie Sanders who he keeps supporting. I didn't want to deal with him any more so I blocked him and left. I'm not a huge fan of blocking on social media but my facebook is personal and I would really rather not deal with politics on there. The majority of my friends on FB are agree to disagree type people or will allow me to have their opinions. I don't mind if people bash Trump on occasion or post jokes but there's a difference between that and extreme hatred which was what this friend was doing (As in comparing Trump to Hitler which is overly extreme in my idea and calling every Trump supporter "old racists" which is also far from the truth). 

As soon as I block him he sends me some texts which I'm really not interested in hearing but what he said to me really sums what what is wrong with people right now. 

He doesn't seem to understand what I'm saying is that Trump has the right to speak. He even asked me if I'd support the KKK speaking. Yes? I would? If all they are doing is speaking and doing it peacefully. Yes they are allowed to speak. People are also allowed to PEACEFULLY PROTEST THIS. What Sanders supporters are doing isn't peaceful which I also pointed out. In some cases what they are doing is illegal which is why some of them are being arrested, which he conveniently keeps ignoring because it doesn't support his narrative I guess. Then he says this to me:

So here he is overly supporting the left, as you can see. He also supports Sanders who is left as well. He seems to think it's funny people hate Trump so much and he's pretty much advocating that his rallies be shut down. He in no way thinks Trump has the right to speak because he's "racist". Which I don't know, I still think it's debatable because he really is just playing to a set group of voters. Pandering as they'd call it. Just as Hillary panders to women with her "Blah blah wage gap and sexism" stuff and Bernie panders to idiots who don't want to work hard to get anything or pay for college. They are all pandering to a specific group of people to get votes but I guess when Trump does it, it should be outlawed and banned. So anyway stay with me here. He praises the left for "getting us a lot of things" and offers for me to "rejoin them" which obviously I'm not going to.

He also says, as you can see, he'll explain to me what FREE SPEECH REALLY what? I think the person here who doesn't have a grasp on what free speech really means is him. Does it not seem that way? He wants Trump shut down, he thinks it's funny that he's being shut down, he doesn't support the man's right to speak. So what exactly is his definition of Free Speech then? Because it's certainly not the definition that is written. It's the extreme left definition of "you can only say what we approve of". 

Then this happens.

He claims he's not left, he's indie. But he praises the left, he supports Sanders, he wants to shut down Trump and not allow him to speak. Not left? Really? Because the last I checked this is how the left is behaving. This is exactly what I'm fighting against. As I've said over and over again, Trump has the right to speak. Trump has the right to run for president. Trump has the right to say whatever the fuck he wants to say no matter how stupid, ignorant, or racist it is. People have the right to agree with him. People have the right to support him. People have the right to vote for him. On the other hand, people have a right to disagree with him. People have the right to think he's racist. People have a right to not support or vote for him. What do people not have the right to do?

People do not have the right to shut down his rallies, censor him, attack his supporters, or bum rush the stage to attempt to assault him. That's what people don't have the right to do. Yet the left is completely advocating this, while at the same time claiming what they are for is free speech. They seemingly want free speech but they don't want to allow Trump to have the ability to speak freely. As for this friend, I don't know what side he's actually on because he's gone out of his way to defend the extreme left while having the nerve to claim that he's independent? No. I'm independent, you are a left wing asshole who is claiming the name of independent so you can't be seen as an extremist when you actually are one. 

What it comes down to is this. I don't support Trump, but I HATE his supporters. I also hate Bernie and there's no way in hell I'm voting for Hillary. This leaves me with basically one candidate and unfortunately it's Trump. The more these Bernie people get in my face trying to explain to me how what they do is right, and watching them justify disgusting behavior because apparently I don't UNDERSTAND what Free speech is, makes me want to vote for Trump even more. God forbid we have a president with supporters who think this behavior is okay. At very least Trump people aren't going to advocate political correctness, the black lives matter movement, white apology, and radical feminism. I don't know how much I like Trump, I don't even think he's overly qualified to be president but considering the other options and how the supporters of the other options behave, what choice do I even have?