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Do You Even KNOW What Egalitarian Is?

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The other day on tumblr, some bitch I'd never heard of, made a call out post on me. They were trashing me for being on social media while also hating social media and then claiming they were HAPPY I had them blocked, which I didn't. I didn't even know who they were until that moment. Anyway, of course I confront them because this isn't new to me. Back in my Hannibal blog days this happened all the time. Tumblr bitches making up stories about how I did this or that when I'd never even talked to them. 

Then she messages me and start rambling about her boyfriend or girlfriend I'm not even sure because she interchanged pronouns a lot. Claiming that I had him/her blocked and I was some kind of pathetic asshole or something. At this point I'm not being nice to her because well she's a complete stranger who approached me and treated me like shit. Right? So after repeating myself several different times and not being nice about it, telling her I didn't know who the fuck her boyfriend/girlfriend was she yelled at me saying "DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT EGALITARIAN IS?" then tried to claim she was better at it than me. 

Um what? Well the way I see it is egalitarian is treating people based on behavior, right? What's the first introduction to this girl I had? Well it was a post of her insulting me for being a dumb bitch who is on social media while also hating social media and her being glad I hated her. A story she completely made up in order to trash me or get attention or something. Of course if this is my introduction to you, you being an utterly rude asshole, why do I need to be nice to you at all?

Yes, I understand, you catch more flies with honey blah blah. However, she as a perfect stranger had every option to come to my blog and be like "Hey why do you have me blocked" which I didn't. If she had just attempted to message me via the messenger system she would have seen I didn't have her blocked because that's how I messaged her initially. There were ways for her to actually check this before making the post. Then she wants to get into some pissing contest about who is better at being egalitarian. What? 

At first, on tumblr, the anti-SJWs were pretty cool people. A lot of them still are, don't get me wrong, but then you have people like her. A LOT OF THEM. For example, I got in an argument with a trans woman on there because she was quite literally being misandrist. Bashing men and blah blah. When I confronted her on this because I had thought she was egalitarian she claimed it was NOT misandry (which it clearly was) and that it was fine to do because blah blah cishet oppression. Yet at the same time she's taking on the egalitarian label. Even the ones who claim to be moderate or whatever they still live in this giant tumblr hug box. It's basically like feminism over there now. If you aren't THEIR type of egalitarian then you are CLEARLY not egalitarian. 

The more time I spend on that site, which to be honest isn't much, it's really only to go in there and find stupid posts to share with people, the more I see egalitarians becoming like SJWs. You aren't allowed to defend yourself, you cannot be mean to anyone (even if they are insulting you) and if you show any sign of being upset you get 8 messages about "Are you okay? maybe you should get some help". On twitter, at least for now, the Egalitarians, MRAs, MGTWOS, and others aren't NEARLY like this. If someone uses a flippant insult or cuss word or whatever they don't get a "gentle reminder" not to be ableist or something. On tumblr, the egalitarians are just as "feels over realz" as the feminists the only difference is they source their arguments. 

To be honest, tumblr is making EVERYONE horrible. The egalitarians are now having pissing contests to see who is better at it. The Anti-SJWs now have fights over "HOW ANTI-SJW CAN YOU BE WITHOUT BEING AWFUL". It's the most retarded website I've been on. The Anti-SJW movement actually was good people and very well thought out when it first started. Now they are just as "Safe space" as the SJWs. It's astounding how stupid that website can make people so at this point I pretty much vow to stay away from it as much as possible unless I'm getting material for my other sites. JFC, I hope this place gets shut down soon.