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The Double Standards Of Consent

Monica Edwards3 Comments

There is a high double standard of consent in our society, especially in the mind of feminists. One of the things that ticks me off the most is the fact that two drunk people can have sex and only one of them could potentially be charged with rape when in actuality (and by legal definition) neither of them could actually consent. The problem with a lot of women these days (and usually feminists) is that they think if they were drunk, had sex, and regret it then they were raped. Trust me, usually the guy regretted it to cause you are about to accuse him of rape. 

This seems to be the most prevalent on college campuses. Where false rate accusations are climbing higher and higher or in some cases just being completely made up (like the Duke Lacrosse team story). Not to mention the high level of propaganda that went into making the CNN Documentary and Film Festival Flop, The Hunting Ground. Yet for some reason people believe this shit, sight unseen, because "OMG WOMEN WOULD NEVER LIE ABOUT RAPE" even though in the past few years, they have. In fact there are countless examples of women who have lied about rape and on college campuses! 

We already know the famous mattress girl story, but there are more than just that. You'd think stories like this would get far more attention than just the small news outlets that broke them. Yet apparently no one actually cares about that, what they care about is the "poor women" who totally are not taken seriously when they accuse someone of rape. Then they question why anyone would ever not believe a woman's story. Which also makes no damn sense. Among some of these stories are a girl who hired a man from Craigslist to beat her up and have sex with her then later cried rape. Really? They found out this is what she did, specifically for attention, and nothing? No major news coverage? No breaking story? We are going to ignore that? Not to mention the kid that killed himself after being accused of rape. Seventeen years old. 

I know I've already covered this but I am just setting precedent. In any case, as The Hunting Ground proved there are a lot of girls getting drunk, having sex, and then regretting it. That's not to say every case is like that, I'm sure bad things happen to girls when they get drunk (and men as well) but it seems the higher rate of accusation is a girl who regretted the sex or was talked into believing she was raped because she was also drunk. If we are going to be talking women into thinking they couldn't consent because they were drunk why are we not saying the same thing to men? Yet, right now if a man went to a police station and said last night he got drunk and was raped by a woman he'd be laughed right out of there regardless of if it was true or not. 

When you are intoxicated you legally can't consent to anything. That's why they tell you after surgery or any sort of sedation not to sign contracts or make important decisions for 12-24 hours. The idea that some how a MAN is capable of consenting while intoxicating while a WOMAN is not doesn't sit right with me. Not only is it stupid, but it's really sexist. It's saying that even though a man has been drinking and is intoxicated he's still 100% in control of his mind and actions while a woman is way too weak to ever be able to make a choice. This is actually something feminists should really hate. The thing is that the number one "drug" used in rape is completely legal, alcohol. Something people are CHOOSING to consume. Feminists will spread a shit ton of propaganda on "date rape drugs" but those are insanely rare, and if they are going to be used it's not random. If a person is drugged (man or woman) 99% of the time they knew the person who did it. It's not a thing that some stranger dropped a roofie in drink at a bar and then followed some girl out. Just doesn't happen

Even if it did, feminists still don't want to teach women to protect themselves from it. When some completely useless nail polish was invented in order to help detect GHB in drinks (useless because it's such a rare occurrence that there is no need for it) feminists protested it saying that it was wrong to sell it. TEACH MEN NOT TO RAPE they cried, not teach women how to be smart and defend themselves against a potential sexual assault. 

The long and short of it is this, if we are going to say that women aren't responsible for their sexual activity while drunk then men aren't either. If we hold this standard everywhere else (Signing contracts or other decisions) then we should hold it to sex as well. This is a situation where neither could legally consent so they were both raped. If feminists really want equality then that's what they would choose. The thing is they don't want equality, they want to never be held responsible for anything leaving one to think that they must pretty much be drunk all the damn time if that's the case.