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Positivity Vs Realism Vs Negativity

Monica EdwardsComment

People don't quite seem to get the difference between realism and negativity. Like everything else they see things only in black and white where there is a very big shade of grey in that area. Here I would like to explain why I am not negative I am realistic and people need to stop saying I'm negative because they don't understand what realism is.

Someone who is optimistic believes the best things will happen in all the situations. They see the best outcome and look for the best in people. On the darkest day they will find the sunshine. They are happy and always have a reason to be happy. There is nothing wrong with this.

Pessimists are people who think everything will fail. Who think only bad can come of anything. They can win the lottery and instantly tell you 100 reasons why it's a horrible thing and they hate it. They only see the bad in people and they don't ever see the shining sun.

Realistic people are a mixture of both of these things but for some reason are always perceived as being negative even though more than likely they are being logical and realistic and I fall into this category unfortunately leaving everyone to think I'm a huge bitch because they skip over the fact that there is a middle ground between optimism and pessimism. 

Lets give some situations here and show how realistically (there's that word again) each of these personality types would react to these situations:


Optimist: Well at least he's in a better place and he's not suffering any more
Pessimist: There is no God, there is no heaven, life is pointless, I can't wait to die.
Realist: It's good that he's not suffering and though there is very little probability of life after death there's also no definitive proof so there's really no telling where he is now or what he's doing. 

Some how the realistic answer sounds really negative when the actual negative answer would be far worse than that. Lets try something else.


Optimist: I like cats. They are clean and cuddly and independent. You can leave the house for a while with nothing but food and they don't need to be watched. They all have so many different personalities.
Pessimist: They shit in your house, they smell, they claw, scratch and bite. Their hair gets everywhere and they will just die anyway so what's the point.
Realist: Cats CAN be good companions but they can also be really aggressive. Though the hair is a problem on occasion and can ruin outfits it's worth putting up with because it can be rewarding to own a pet. 

See this is what I mean. Right here. The pessimist or negative person will find every reason in the universe not to own a cat. The optimist will find every reason in the universe to own a cat. The realist is going to look at the situation, weigh the pros and cons and then decide what's worth it and what isn't. 

However for some reason, at some point, the realist in society became the pessimist instead of just the realist. These days with how logic is seen as "crazy talk" (AKA: "Here are statistics that prove me wrong but since they hurt my feelings I can just disregard them" that sort of thing) the realist becomes the pessimist just by simply pointing out that not every cloud has a silver lining. 

If I was actually negative all the time I would find no good in anything. I would not like anything. I would never be able to find a way to praise things that I hate. I would have no ability to name redeeming qualities in things I find absolutely shitty. Though it is easier for me to be negative and it is easier for me to point out things I do hate I can still find the positive if I want to or if I approach the situation in a certain manner. Examples:

Hannibal season 1 was amazing but the show was shitty and got really bad. Instead of lumping in all three seasons like they were all shit, I can still see the good in Hannibal. The script was crap but the acting was amazing. Some of the characters were poorly written some of them weren't. Overall the show was complete tripe but there were redeeming qualities to it.

Even just recently I said with as shit as I believe Twilight to be as a book, I pointed out that it's completely original, it wasn't stolen from anyone or originally fan fiction, and there was a reason it was written the way it was written. The positive aspects of this book I fucking hate is that it got young people to read again which is good and it was creative in the way that it wasn't stolen or regurgitated bullshit like most other things are these days. 

It is completely okay to point out positives and negatives. The problem is, people now want everything to be beyond criticism or beyond redemption. People only see the world in shades of black and white when there is a grey area. A realist isn't being optimistic or pessimistic they are being realistic and if you are calling me "Too negative" or a pessimist maybe you need to evaluate what it is I actually am.