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I know what you are thinking, it's a matter of opinion what books are shitty and what aren't when actually no it really isn't. I'm not even talking about Twilight or something like that. To be fair I fucking hate Twilight for various reasons but not because I truly think that it's absolute garbage. I have defended it or found ways to defend it in the past. For instance, as "bad" as it is (cliche and stupid) it also is entirely original and wasn't born of fan fiction. Yes the main girl, Bella, is meant to be an almost non-character because well that's how a lot of popular young adult books are. They are supposed to engage the reader and make him or her feel they are a part of the story by being able to also relate. Meyer isn't a "hack" because she didn't steal her ideas. It's arguable how well executed that story was (I've had friends tell me that if she weren't Mormon the story would have probably been better but it wasn't awful) things like that. 

No I'm talking about things like 50 Shades of Grey and a book I just recently found out started as fan fiction called "The Mortal Instruments". See, I had a feeling that was the case when I saw the movie trailer a very long time ago and was like "seriously how is this Harry Potter, Twilight, and a bunch of other crap combined?" That's because it actually is all those things. It started off as something called The Draco Trilogy on also the place where E.L James started. Also this author Cassandra Clare is from the UK. Then there was that someone who sold their first manuscript, 50 Shades of Grey fan fiction (Gabriel's Inferno) for seven figures banking off of E.L James who already wrote fan fiction for the original story of Twilight. A book that was promoted as being like 50 Shades of Grey but apparently according to the reviews on Amazon has absolutely no sex in the first book? I could be remembering a lot of this wrong but I know all three of these things were based on some sort of fan fiction of something and are in no way entirely original or mostly original. 

So then you yell at me, "Yeah well Sherlock books are technically fan fiction and what about people who write Star Trek and Star Wars books?" 

For one, shut up. Those authors actually go through a screening process. For two, Twilight hasn't been around nearly as long, and for three all that shit is authorized. Basically anyone could write a book like that but before it gets published it has to be cleared by well whoever owns it. You can't just take your Sherlock fan fiction and start selling it. There is a process. It's kind of like how anyone (back in the day) could write an episode for, well, basically any show. Then they'd get an agent or whatever and submit it to the producers. If the producers liked it then they would put it on the air. If they thought it totally sucked they'd say "ha ha no". That's the difference. I believe people are still allowed to do this if the show is a long running series and allows it. 

The problem with 50 Shades, Mortal Instruments, Gabriel's Inferno, and I'm sure 1700 other shitty young adult, or adult novels is that they are all stealing content. In a lot of cases they aren't proof read, edited, or even greatly written. E.L James wrote her book on a damn smart phone and then later in an interview said she doesn't believe in the editing process. Then people applauded her for being super brilliant and inovative when...all she did was admit to being a lazy ass cow who didn't want to answer to the fact that her book contained lines like this:

"I flush. My inner goddess is down on bended knee with her hands clasped in supplication begging me."

"My inner goddess is beside herself, hopping from foot to foot."

"My inner goddess fist pumps the air above her chaise lounge"

"My inner goddess stirs from her five-day sulk."

"My inner goddess is doing the merengue with some salsa moves."

“My inner goddess is doing a triple axel dismount off the uneven bars, and abruptly my mouth is dry.”

Then I know what you are going to say next, I'm jealous or something. No...not really. For one I write way better than E.L James at least. Trust me. I don't even need to bet money on this. The only people who are going to say my writing sucks already like E.L James. Even if it's only slightly, mildly better it's still better. It's also far more accurate than any BDSM she ever wrote (which is just drunken abuse pretending to be BDSM). Secondly everyone forgets that James already had connections to a publication company. That's one of the biggest reasons she was published in the first place. Not due to actual talent. Not to mention her fake reviews on Amazon, her promises to her "fans" on if she got famous, the fact that she was already rich to begin with, had connections, people knew her. This bitch by all rights should have never been published with how damn awful and phony she is right? I would prefer to be me right now than be EL James with the reputation she has in the literary community thank you very much. Same goes with whoever this Cassandra Clare woman is who apparently was E.L James before that whole thing happened. Weirder still they are both very overweight and not at all good looking older women:

I could maybe understand the "attraction" if they were actual good writers but review after review (other than paid ones or ones from fans) state these people are awful, shitty, terrible writers and plagiarizers as well. So what the hell is the attraction? Fan fiction. Now now one is trying to shame anyone for writing fan fiction, least of all me, but to write it, then try to pretend it's totally not fan fiction and then make millions (and in the case of James BILLIONS) off it it, how the fuck is that cool? Not to mention James suing people for ripping HER off (or attempting to) when she stole an entire book in the first place. Who are these self entitled, 40 year old, gross bullies? 

Of course you'll bring up something along the lines of "If you were that good you'd be published too". Bitch no, not even true. For one I don't even claim to be the best writer ever. Am I better than these two? You bet your ass I am. Mostly because of the fact that my content (outside of fan fiction) is COMPLETELY ORIGINAL. So right there, right off the bat I have these women beat.

Secondly, I haven't even truly finished my first original manuscript, or tried.

For three I actually DO have an opportunity to get something original made it just hasn't been written yet. Opportunity, mind you. Not promise, not guarantee, just through social networking I have gotten a chance that may or may not make my work more visible to the public but because I'm not already famous nor do I have some huge stupid following I have to do this on my own and at that point it isn't easy. In fact it's very hard. I have friends who I'd say are way better writers than me and they've never been published and have been trying for years. This isn't a case of me thinking I'm some awesome genius who isn't getting noticed but this is a case of HOW THE FUCK ARE PEOPLE BUYING THIS SHIT WHEN IT IS LITERAL SHIT?

It enrages me, mostly because, there is SO MUCH already out there that is GOOD anyway. Really good. Authors people have barely ever heard of that no one is reading because corporations pimp out these cows like they are the best thing since sliced bread. There is ass loads of original content for sale, and even for cheap now that ePublishing is a thing. People are ignoring original artists, content, and stories because they think that anything corporations SAY is good HAS to be good and anyone who decries it is "just a hater". The same exact shit is happening with music right now, which is why you really haven't heard a good song since the late 90's that is also popular and trendy (except for a few rare instances). 

This needs to stop. People need to think for themselves. Not just in this horrible aspect that digs at me because I'm an aspiring author (I'm still younger than both of these women so I still have a chance and I know that) but in the aspect of basically everything. Politics, social justice, whatever the hell. It seems that whatever is being shoved in the faces of young people because multi-billion dollar corporations know it will turn a profit, is something they will buy. Something they will think is cool. Like how Beyonce uses feminism an the Black Lives Matter shit to sell her own crap. I don't know if she actually believes this shit nor do I care, but it's working in any case. We are turning into a world of CORPORATIONS. A world of FADS. We are such mindless fucking sheep that because "OMG 50 SHADES OF GREY WAS THE FIRST BOOK EVER ABOUT BDSM" it MUST be good (Which BTW it wasn't people just fucking SAID that and other people were too stupid to Google something like The Story Of O or watch the movie Secretary which existed WAY before that shit and is WAY better). 

How long is "sheep" mentality going to go on. How long are we going to allow cooperations to decide what is good and what is bad for us? When will we realize that there is all this undiscovered material basically a GOLD MINE of it out there, already, where we don't need to listen to manufactured crap and pop songs sung by one person when it was original written by seven. How are people not pissed off that basically everything they like or buy is created via a formula just to get money? The ability to tell good from bad with one's own brain has been severely compromised and living in a world like that pisses me off to no end. The problem is, if the past 10 years of history are any indication it's not going to get better. It'll just get worse.