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If You Think Feminists are bad, Try Fandoms:

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Talking to feminists is usually like pulling teeth. However I met this woman who is just...well...100% insane and in the Hannibal fandom. There is no better way to describe her other than insane. At the beginning of January she sent me a tweet on my role play twitter, me having never talked to her before in my life. She continued to harass me until February when I blocked her on my accounts. She kept trying to incite a riot against me and I even mentioned her in a video I did about how I'm fascinated by the level of mental illness in her brain (as well as another woman named Katie). They've both been "trying to kick me out of the fandom" for a long time actually. Which obviously isn't going to work because a lot of people have been trying to do that and for years but I'm still here because I'm a stubborn bitch and don't know when to give up. Nor am I going to cave to some 40 year old bored housewives who are obsessed with Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy. 

The woman I am about to talk about, her screen name is FannibalMonica and because I hate she has the same name as me I'm just going to refer to her as FM for short. 

After stealing a ton of my pictures, adding dumb words to them like a 5 year old, then proceeding to dox me on twitter (which apparently twitter doesn't think is harassment and now suspiciously I cannot find the tweets) one would think this FM woman is literally 5 or at very most 15. She's actually in her 40's. Oh and from Portugal. She looks like a man in a wig, is constantly on my ass about me looking like a man (which I'd understand as an insult if she didn't look MORE like a man than me) and threatening me to "leave the fandom" which basically doesn't exist any more other than a couple hundred people because the show was cancelled. The people who are left spend their days obsessively tweeting Bryan Fuller, Hulu, and Netflix trying to get the show renewed. I mean obsessively and they've been at it about 6-8 months now. You can read more about it at this link. 

In any case, she thinks literally everyone who defends me is also me. She's attacked several of my followers demanding they prove they aren't me (after they defended me on twitter) she's attacked several of my friends on tumblr as well. She is a higher level of delusional than her friend Katie who also does this with her though at this point they are the only two who seem to give a shit even if initially there were maybe like 3-4 other people "helping" her. The common tactic is for someone I've never met to claim they were "BFFs" with me "in real life" and then make up some total bullshit and pretend it's true. As with feminists no one in this fandom really bothers to even fact check and just assumes that any story they hear about me is true. Mostly thanks to a girl named Laura Spencer who is just as awful at these girls. You can read about her at this link. 

As many people know I run a website about an awful, crazy, and criminal woman in the Hannibal fandom. She had a website called and actually believed (probably still does) that she's a fictional character from the TV show Hannibal named Freddie Lounds. The same character I cosplay and role play as for a hobby. Many of them claim I'm "just jealous" of this woman because she got attention from Bryan Fuller but I've already made it painfully obvious I really despise Bryan Fuller so why would I be in any way jealous that he liked her? If anything I'm amazed and disgusted how well she scammed the fandom, how incredibly dangerous and delusional she is, and the fact that she is clearly not a healthy person but managed to get promoted by the creator of the show (as well as the cast and crew) even with how obvious her mental delusions stem and in public from her own accounts. You can read more about that here

But this isn't about any of them, this is about the "FannibalMonica" girl. She uses the handle on Twitter and on Tumblr. So let me explain how incredibly delusional FM is which isn't surprising since she's clearly in Tattle-Crime's cult. Donated money to her and seems to think she's the "Real Freddie" with as much as she's claimed that and hates me for cosplaying as Freddie because apparently I'm not allowed to do it if I'm not REALLY Freddie Lounds (I don't know I don't understand it either). 

A friend of mine who I'm just going to call Dave, decided to try to talk to FM to see what she wanted from me. Since she had doxed me and went out of her way to harass me, he wanted to see if she could be reasoned with. The simple fact of the matter is no, not even close. In fact, talking to her one on one for about a week more than proved she's even worse than we once initially thought. 

In the conversation (if one could call it that) FM claimed that I was banned from several conventions that I wasn't banned from, claimed that Tattle-Crime had no staff (even though there is sufficient proof she had staff) thought Dave was me at first, then my little brother, then me again (even after sending her a picture holding a sign that was dated next to his face that showed it clearly wasn't me). Any time a question was asked it had to be asked multiple times to get any sort of answer out of her. She constantly deflected, avoided any solid answers, and when she was caught in a lie (which happened repeatedly) she loved to claim Dave was the crazy one. 

I know what you are thinking. Surely I am making this up. No, not even close, as I have the screenshots of the conversation to show everyone exactly what it's like to have a conversation with a very mentally ill woman who thinks the other very sane person she's talking to is the mentally ill one. 

Here she is accusing Dave of being my little brother after he sent her a picture of himself:

She phrased it this way because she, from the start, was convinced my friend Dave was me. Which makes no sense because he was talking to her on a blog that is years old, has very little to do with Hannibal, and has about 80 thousand posts on it. In her mind, I for some reason set up a blog before Hannibal started, ran it for 4 years, on the off chance that one day I might want to harass her over a TV show that the blog has very little to do with. 

Here she is insisting I have bulimia and also do heroine:

Though I've never had an eating disorder or done heroine she later goes on to insist that she's seen posts/videos where I talk about having an eating disorder and doing drugs. Two things which I've never posted about. I have mentioned that 10 years ago I was an addict but have been sober for 10 years. Something I've never hidden, I've also said specifically what drugs I was on and it was never heroine so it's not even something I attempted to hide nor is it that hard to research, nor am I ashamed of. She's obsessed with the fact that I go by the name Monica as a pen name and even insisted Monica Edwards was an EX I had that I'm obsessed with when no it's just a pen name:

The actual story behind my name is that in high school I was in an X-Files fan club and I really liked Monica Reyes (the character) I also role played her a ton and since no one else wanted to role play as her (as everyone wanted to be main like Mulder or Scully) i became known as Monica. I liked it better than my real name (Eve) and started to go by Monica. Edwards was because I'm not Hispanic (like the character) and also it's so common that it's hard to really google search that name and come up with me specifically unless you know what you are looking for. She also claimed at one point she owns the name Monica because it's on her ID.

She claimed a few times she "knows everything" because she also knows people that were personal friends of mine when personal friends of mine wouldn't be talking to someone like her or giving them information. All the information she actually has about me is stuff that she found online in the fandom that is also incorrect and also rumors:

There are no posts you will ever find about me and an eating disorder because I don't have one. If she means the video I made explaining why I'm so skinny it never mentions an eating disorder. She also failed to show any actual sources to these "Posts" and any of my friends who actually know me wouldn't report me as having a drug problem. Not to mention the fact that to get any of these answers from her, Dave had to ask her the same question multiple times. She regularly interrupted the conversation to pretend to not know who he was talking about:

She thinks everyone who does help me with my fandom site is me, which also isn't true so she mentions several of my friends here saying they are me, just as she claimed Dave was me. See a pattern here? She seems to think everyone is me. Also, she would regularly interrupt the conversation to give grammar lessons even though she was perfectly aware in the context of the conversation what was being asked despite a typo. She was a master of deflection because she knew she didn't have any actual correct information:

This happened after Dave confronted her with the proof that people didn't like her harassing me and said apart instead of a part. Even though he showed her proof of the fandom calling her out on her behavior instead of answering she went on a long lecture about why the incorrect word was used instead of answering. When he finally did kind of get an answer she was suddenly sleepy and had to go never actually giving an answer. 

She kept making more and more demands of proof that Dave was not me which Dave ignored telling her that the picture with the hand written sign was more than enough proof but she kept insisting it was me anyway and would sometimes address him as if he actually were me. One of her biggest claims was that I was banned from a convention. Though I was never banned from anything she claimed she knew.

Before she'd tell us though this was what she said:

Which indicates of course she has no actual idea what she's talking about. The fannibals wanted to ban me from a convention but never were able to since the only thing they thought was harassment absolutely wasn't. In fact they were the ones threatening me not to attend not the other way around. You can read about that here. Anyway so in the entire conversation Dave had to ask her 9 times (I counted) what convention I was banned from before getting that cryptic answer. She couldn't even seem to name a convention I attended and even when she gave the answer "Fan Expo" from which I was not banned (and she was shown proof of it) she claimed that Dave was "in denial". 

This was Dave's response to her claiming I was banned from Fan Expo:

Added in there somewhere was a link to a video I took of Mads where he clearly addresses the camera. To which she responded:

She was never actually able to answer how I attended a convention I was also banned from and ended up just saying she didn't have time to deal with us and once again left. At one point she claimed it was impossible to stalk someone who also wasn't famous:

For someone so fond of interrupting conversations to tell people what words actually mean she doesn't seem to know the definition of stalker which in no way involves celebrities. Despite never talking to me before she went out of her way to find my legal name, address, and information to post it online. That kind of qualifies her as some level of stalker even if she hasn't shown up here. She also seems unusually upset that I use a fake name on the internet and I also make youtube videos:

I suppose I'd look suspicious if I didn't 100% openly admit to the fact that I have a role play website. If I tried to pretend I was different people on each account, but I never have. In fact from this website right here you can be linked to my TattleCrime website and my cosplay website. I'm not trying to hide anything. The entire fandom does hate me, in fact as she's saying that no one hates me, well she's the one stalking and harassing me for over a month her and her friend Katie and some of their friends jumped in as well to call me a "Hillbilly" You can see all of it in this video I made. Also what's wrong with making YouTube videos again? I really honestly don't know. I'm not trying to "show" anyone anything by making videos? And what videos is she referring to? the 10 about Hannibal or the 170 or so about Anti-Feminism which actually have actual facts? I don't know. 

The last straw of this seems to be when FM kept trying to convince Dave that there was no staff that worked for Other than her having an actual public list of her staff on her twitter (before she protected her account) there are also plenty of tweets of other people referring to Tattle-Crime's friends as "staff" and the woman who ran that site referred to them as that as well. She repeatedly claimed that Tattle-Crime had no staff. No idea why because I was on that staff and I know it's not true. I also attended a convention with the staff. Tattle-Crime knows I attended. It's why she gets so pissed off that I know how she got the picture of Mads Mikkelsen (something she doesn't want anyone to know). 

If anyone doesn't know the difference between reality and fantasy it's this woman, Tattle-Crime, and the other girl Katie who keeps telling me I'm not the "Real Freddie". In any case Tattle-Crime sent people to conventions with badges that looked like this:

If you search on twitter you can find plenty of tweets that mention finding Tattle-Crime "Staff" at Conventions like this one:

When she was linked to this information she responded like this:

For some reason she was on a mission to convince both me and Dave that there was no staff and there never has been staff. Now to be fair Tattle-Crime doesn't pay anyone on her staff and never has. However, she damn well called them staff. You can check out this link for a twitter search that shows you how many people refer to them as her staff. Maybe it was "role play" I don't know but she also got upset when she thought people were "harassing" her staff and if her staff didn't do their "jobs" she would actually fire them from her staff. So regardless of how she was using the term she did have staff (probably still does) and to try to convince me or literally anyone who KNOWS that woman that she didn't is really stupid because it's just not going to work. 

To be fair I found out that a lot of these accounts were run by the same people. For instance a girl on her staff named Roxy ran three accounts. Lauren ran at least two maybe three, Tattle-Crime herself ran two or three (I think she had access to all of them). Her girlfriend who was "Hannibal" was also two other people. The only person who didn't seem to have a dual role was Cleolinda who quite honestly seems to be just as big of a scam artist as Tattle-Crime. It seems they are either related or she's being mentored in the art of scamming people via Cleolinda. 

Right now I still have more questions than answers. Like, who is the woman who runs I can tell you that she does exhibit all the behavior of a cult leader if you read into something called The BITE Method. Having had her attempt this stuff on me and several other people I know what she did was form a small cult. FM and Katie are in that cult. They are also severely mentally ill as can be seen by how they talk to people. At this point Bryan Fuller straight up ignores them. Almost never mentions Hannibal and is doing two more shows. This has prompted FM and her little group to spam tweet him 100 times a day about "DON'T FORGET YOU PROMISED US HANNIBAL SEASON 4".

Bryan Fuller wanted a cult, and he damn well got one, the problem is his show was such utter crap that he doesn't know what to do with them since he never finished it. Instead of addressing the heavy bullying and insanity that goes on in his fandom or making very clear statements on why the show isn't going to have a season 4, he leaves them clinging to his dick with very tiny bits of hope there might be a season 4 (in 2-3 years). These people, this fandom, is steeped in psychosis and mental illness. It doesn't help the show glamorizes psychotic behavior and makes it trendy. This show was a mistake, this fandom is still a mistake, and one can only hope that if Fuller ignores them long enough they will just give up. As for FM and Katie I REALLY hope they get mental help they seem to be in desperate need of it, as do any of their friends who willingly joined in this harassment of me and sadly there is more than a handful of them. Might need to write an actual book on all of this because it's nuts.