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The Anti-Sex Tumblr "Sex Workers"

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On tumblr there seems to be this trend of sex workers who are also radical feminists and SJWs which begs the question, are they actually sex workers? If so, how are they possibly good at their jobs? I've noticed this for quite a while but then tonight I came across a post that it's really awful. The post is archived here

End violence against sex workers. Except if they are white because as we all know white women who work in that industry are instantly taken seriously when they are assaulted. Oh wait no that's not at all true. Also MUSLIM sex workers? Since when? From what I understand that's not allowed. Not to mention if she's as Jewish as she claims, her religion doesn't condone that either. Jewish people have huge things about their bodies to a point where you cannot be buried in a Jewish cemetery if you have a tattoo. Reform Jewish? Sure. Not Jewish to the level she claims to be. A lot of her blog is about everything is antisemitic and how much she hates white people despite being half white herself. 

She's anti-kink. A sex worker who is against kink and she doesn't want to see that bullshit. Which makes no sense. If you follow her that doesn't mean she'll see anything you post, she'd have to follow you back. Which I guess means that if you follow her, then she's going to look at your blog and see if you are following her rules. She's also against the police, but wants victims of violence to be helped? Well how? Because if you are anti-police but against violence towards sex workers, wouldn't you also want the police involved somehow in helping women who are assaulted in the line of sex work? Or am I missing something? She also tags a lot of stuff as FEMINISM or FEMINIST so we know where she stands on that. 

This is far from the only person who acts this way on that website who also claims to be in sex work. 

Screen shot 2016-12-31 at 12.30.52 AM.png

Okay so last time I checked when people pay for a service they want to choose what they want to choose right? This post is much longer (and gets more stupid) but basically it's saying you need to call out men who don't want to pay black women to sleep with them. You need to call out men who "fetishize" black women to sleep with them (when they are hookers by the way). You know, for one, there are plenty of women (non-white) who capitalize on the fetishizing men do of them and are proud of it. They are glad to do it. When I had my interview with Mercedes, she talked about loving to play up the hispanic stereotypes in the porn movies that she does. But now, apparently, it's a problem if a man either doesn't want to pay for a black prostitute and/or wants to pay them for the "wrong reasons". What? Why are these people even in sex work? Do they understand that they are offering a service people have to pay for and thus will choose the thing they want to pay for or...?

This girl is in sex work but she hates having her nipples sucked on and apparently it causes her extreme anxiety because she feels that she won't be able to bond with her future children due to this. Well maybe sex work isn't the right occupation for you if this is such a problem. Also, as someone who has done certain things in sex work (dominatrix) from what I remember you can tell the client what you like and don't like. Legit just straight up tell him "don't suck my nipples" apparently whatever money she's making is good enough that the anxiety just isn't that bad? Also if she hates it this much, how great of a sex worker can she be, because then she's not going to be that great at pretending to be "into it" with her client. 

Non Gender Conforming Sex Workers. That's a new one. How the hell does this even work? You like what you do as whatever gender you were assigned, but you don't identify as female so you also hate it? Why did you choose this work then? How can you love it if you also don't love it because you also don't feel like a woman? There were no notes on this post so apparently, this is really just her problem but...I don't get these people. They have so many weird and specific complaints and they make it sound like the end of the world but they are just going to keep doing sex work I guess even with as bad as these problems allegedly are. 

Ironically if you go to this girl's blog, a lot of it is her reblogging pictures of other girls from other blogs who post nudes except for the fact that for one, this is tumblr so her blog is hosted for free and it's a free site. For two, she wants to be paid for her content but provides other people's content entirely for free. For three, her blog is a painful nightmare about how mentally ill and depressed she is, and it seems like this is the case for a lot of sex workers on there. They hate their clients, they hate men, they think men are gross, they don't like the work but it's "the only way they can make money". On the flip side they complain that people don't think it's "real work" and then go on to describe how hard it is to "run a porn empire" and "take good pictures". Which one is it? Do you hate being a sex worker or do you love it? How are you even getting clients with how much you HATE men? How? Really how? I don't get it. 

I was a dominatrix for a long while. I made good money at it. I didn't service men I found gross and also hated. I was very picky and strict about my clients. Now I admit,that job isn't the same as being a straight up hooker, but still, the point is the same. You can turn people down, really, what it comes down to is these girls want the money more than they are actually disgusted by men. However, here's the kicker. Since I worked as a dominatrix you better believe I knew other women in the industry in various forms. I knew call girls, escorts, and strippers who slept with SOME of their clients (not all of them). I have yet to meet one girl who complained to the level these tumblr feminist sex workers complain. Not ONE of them. I did hear complaints, yes, but they were more legitimate (Example: A stripper once complained that a guy came on her in a VIP room which is completely inappropriate to do). See that's a gross thing that happened that's a valid complaint. She didn't complain about the men she chose to sleep with, ever. Because ultimately it's a choice these people are making. I think either they are straight up lying about being sex workers the majority of the time, or despite their bitching and moaning they still (at the end of the day) love the money too much to actually find most of this a real problem.

Now, not ALL the sex workers on tumblr complain. A lot of them are very personable and make good points. It's really only the radical feminist/SJW ones that complain to this level. They complain so much it makes you wonder how they even get clients. The ones who complain the most are also seriously overweight and not even close to attractive. Imagine someone who looks like Big Red or Jigglypuff some making a ton of money (allegedly) on men by being a sex worker. Do you really think that's happening? Or do they mean that occasionally they find a man who wants a whale to suck their dick for 5 dollars and they classify themselves as sex workers because of this? 

I don't deny work in that particular industry is hard (or is work) however, when you get into it it has to be something you really actually want to be doing. Everyone I've known who has worked in this area had very little complaints and they certainly weren't to this level. There are ENTIRE BLOGS that only talk about how gross men are, they hate sleeping with men, they find men disgusting, they don't want to touch men, and yet they are also sex workers. Well they also must be VERY good actresses because they are apparently still making money despite this. I'm very irritated and intrigued by this sub-section of anti-sex sex workers on tumblr because what the FUCK is going on here?