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If you don't want to read all of this, this is a conversation between me and the non-passing transgender woman who claims to be stalking me but also doesn't know anything about me. Why am I still doing this? Honestly it amuses me, also she threatened to hack my facebook and dox me so I wanted it as evidence. The summary of this conversation with this lunatic (known as Monica Morais) are as follows:

  • I'm not human I'm some kind of humanoid Alien
  • He hopes Bowie asks God to kill me next (but isn't a fan of Bowie so he really has no reason to pretend to be offended that I mentioned Bowie? He's only a fan because Bryan Fuller is a fan)
  • Keeps insisting my name is Eve  (it isn't)
  • Tells me he knows where I work and that Celine (information on that twat over here) will tell him when I get fired 
  • Tells me he has my birth certificate and whatever and will post it on twitter
  • Repeatedly asks me for my passport to see my real name (as if I'm dumb enough to tell him)
  • Insists my name is Eve even though it's not, says he's going to call me EVE FULLER because I guess he thinks it'll annoy me
  • Claims that he's going to "go after my facebook page" and has already destroyed a Famous YouTuber but never says who he is
  • Switches his usual meth insult to calling me a heroin addict (Note: This is after I previously in a video told said that calling me a heroin addicted made more sense)
  • Something about posting my information on Craigslist 
  • Insinuates this inane conversation gave him "All the information he needed" to do...something? 

And there you have it. This is what it's like to talk to a typical Bryan Fuller cult member because they are this disconnected from reality and usually 45 year old unemployed trans people from Europe (that or gay people cause Celine is a lesbian and it seems the Nickie woman who writes essays about me is also a lesbo but for some reason is super into Hannigram erotica and wets her panties over Mads Mikkelsen)