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Bryan Fuller Is STILL LYING about Hannibal Season 4

Bryan Fuller, NBCHannibalMonica EdwardsComment

Alright where do I start with this, because honestly at this point it should be painfully obvious but to a lot of people it's not. Just recently the fannibal cult of Bryan Fuller collectively shat it's pants when Fuller said he "wants the show to return as an irregular miniseries" in 2017. First of all, that's all he said. That he wants that to happen. Not that there is a script. Not that Mads and Hugh or anyone else is interested. Not that filming is planned. Not that anyone has actually been hired. That he WANTS to do that. He wants to make a season four. This is no different from him saying last year he wanted that. Or right after the show ended, or whatever. The point is that no shit he WANTS it to happen but he has no plans on ever making it happen. Lets break down why, logically, it won't happen since his cult just doesn't seem to understand it. 

1. DWINDLING INTEREST TO THE SHOW: First and foremost Amazon refused to pick up the show immediately after it was cancelled because they cited the low ratings as the reason it was cancelled. So, what does this mean? This means that there is no profit in making the show an exclusive to because there aren't a lot of people who would buy it. Hence, Amazon has no reason to invest in it as the show's high production budget would never see them a return investment. Now this was RIGHT AFTER the show was cancelled. Over time (almost 2 years now) interest in the show has waned down to a few crazy ass morons. Okay by a few I mean a couple thousand. If that. 500 really huge fanatics at most who do nothing but lick Bryan Fuller's nuts via twitter. This isn't enough for anyone to pick up the show.

2. A GREAT MAJORITY OF FANS ARE NOT IN THE US: Bryan would have to pick either a company or streaming service or network in order to air this show. This irregular miniseries (a genre he literally made up to lie about continuing the show). You can see very obviously on twitter that the fans who harass Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon the most (and I mean the American based versions of these companies) are not in the US. The most popular tumblr blogs are run by people not in the US. This means that Fuller would really be pitching to companies here for them to run a show that everyone would just torrent because they'd have no actual way to view this material other than illegally.

3. FULLER ALREADY KNOWS IT'S A HEAVILY PIRATED SHOW: With that, it means no profit. There was an article with Martha De Laurentiis complaining that the failure of the show was based on the fact that it was heavily illegally torrented. This is something they aren't unaware of. In season 3, Fuller live tweeted during the show as he was overly aware American audiences were livestreaming it instead of watching it as it aired. He knows that it's stolen he knows there is no profit in it, and if this is the case, other companies know that as well. 

4. MADS AND HUGH HAVE NO OBLIGATION TO COME BACK: Mads and Hugh may politely say they want to still do the show, and they may. The thing is, Mads also stated he didn't like filming a TV series because of how it was scheduled and he had to be away from his family so much. Both of them as of now are busy with other projects. Fuller would have to pay them way more than he was paying them initially to be on the show which would cut into their overall budget. The financial ramifications of doing another season or completely fake irregular miniseries is sky high. 

5. FULLER HASN'T EVEN WRITTEN A SCRIPT: Here's the main heart of the issue. Fuller has no script. Not even one. At all. For a man who brags about how BADLY he wants to do a season 4 he's certainly putting no real effort into it. None beyond saying he wants to do a season 4. In fact Fuller, is so fucking busy with other things, he was fired from running Star Trek because of how long he delayed production and casting. You really think he has time to do this show? 

The Bottom Line: Bryan Fuller has 100% no intent to ever complete this show or follow up on it completely. The best anyone MIGHT get is some sort of shitty movie or ONE installment of a miniseries. Maybe. That is if he can get the funding, find someone to produce and distribute it (or do it himself). The thing is once he does all that, well, him and any company stupid enough to back him will see how little interest anyone has in the show, how much money they wasted, and no one will fund his ass ever again. The only possible way for him to do this is to find the money himself and pay everyone himself, which he won't do. 

What this boils down to is Bryan Fuller is a narcissistic ego maniac with a God complex who is infatuated with the psychotic morons who lick his ass ALL GODDAMN DAY on twitter over a TV show he NEVER intends to finish. If he tells them that he really isn't serious then they stop stroking his ego, ergo, he intends to keep lying to them. I guess he's super lucky that the fan cult he managed to create via this show is full of legitimately mentally ill woman who have nothing better to do than tweet at him all day and tell him how great he is. This fandom needs to die, along with Bryan Fuller. 2016 Should be the end of it, and in all honesty it should have ended in 2015.