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10 More Reasons Tumblr Should Be Destroyed

TumblrMonica EdwardsComment

Here is a collection of real posts found on Tumblr blaming white, or cis, or straight people (mostly men) for the dumbest of problems. By problems I mean things these people invented to pretend are "problematic".

Considering that transgender people make up .03% of the population this is a lot of people who they want to kill themselves.

I think the response to the original post covers how dumb this post is. As much as I hate Beiber myself (or basically any current band) I think wanting to kill yourself over it is rather dramatic and unjustified but the number one solution to any problem on that website seems to be suicide so....

Anyone remember "Flappy Bird" and how people crapped their pants over that when it came out? Well apparently you can't play it now because the bird is retarded or something and playing the game means that you are some kid of bigot because it is mocking people with autism. Or you know, it's just a fucking game. By this logic Angry Birds is about launching retards at houses to kill cops. 

Apparently, being white is "okay" but if you are white and you aren't transgender then it's too much and clearly by fitting in with the majority of society by NOT being transgender you are trying a little to hard to get attention. Keep in mind these are the people who turned being transgender into a fucking fashion statement and a choice. 

Yes doesn't mean yes and if you are a white guy you are just always a rapist because something something oppression/racism/who gives a shit. You need to understand that something something slavery is why she thinks this way (and the 306 people who reblogged/liked this post) so if you are white well...kill yourself I  guess? 

One of the deadliest shootings in schools was a Native American. But see Tumblr would say this is fine because of the fact that White People stole his land or whatever (even though it wasn't really about anything other than a girl). Oh look another mixed race shooter at a college. Here's a 13 year old white girl from tumblr who stabbed the shit out of people at her school, most likely cause it's Canada and she couldn't get a gun. Need I continue with this? No but it's all white boys. 

Here's yet another post about how gender is some sort of magical invention meant to oppress people or something and it's not real. Or...there's actually more than 2 genders or...well who the fuck knows with these people?

Why do you need gender neutral language when there are only 2 genders? Look between your legs. Biologically you are one or the other. End of story. Also, it's not transphobic considering there are only 2 genders and the actual transgender people you pretend to fight for are trying to either be a male or female not mgaical dragonkin. 

Here's a tweet in favor of eugenics to get rid of white people. Though I think it it's a little bit of "cheating" to throw in a tweet in a post about tumblr, it seems as if this screenshot was posted on tumblr for people to reblog so it still counts. In any case if you made this argument about any other race, what do you think would happen?

This sounds like one of the people who would have gotten upset before the prince was born because they "gave him a gender" before birth and when he was born. Seriously though how many times must it be explained to them that trans isn't a fashion statement, personality type, or choice? I'd bet money this person isn't even trans but thinks they are some how entitled to say this because "Gender is a social construct". 

Honestly, the fact that this website still exists is just as scary as the fact that these are real people who really believe these things. It's so easy for people to pass this off as "oh that's just assholes on the internet" but I think it's clear with how things are getting in many countries (especially the USA) that these people have left Tumblr and are now trying to enforce their shit opinions on everyone else.