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I support Candace Cameron Bure, Here's Why.

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I think most of my followers would find it weird that I actually not only watched Full House but when Fuller House became a thing I decided to watch it. Mostly for the nostalgia value. Now, I don't think it's the best show ever but it's certainly a good way to kill some time and good for a few laughs. For some reason I decided to look up the cast and what they were doing between the end of Full House and the start of Fuller House. There were a lot of rumors and truths about each of them so I wanted to set the record straight. Then I got around to Candace Cameron (which is now Candace Cameron Bure). 

What I had heard, probably years ago, was that she was some crazy Jesus freak. The thing was, I figured that was probably an exaggeration because I'd never heard anything concrete only other people say it. Turns out it's relatively true. She's very Christian. Why am I writing about her then? Well, here's the thing. I can't say that I agree with everything she says because I think some of it is over the top. However, the thing about her is she really stands by it. How is that a good thing? It is. It really is. I mean think about it. 

This day and age what do we have most of? Feminist celebrities. Especially white feminist celebrities. Then, the moment they make a mistake and offend some group of people (large or small) they basically crap their pants to apologize. Candace, doesn't seem to give a crap. That's what I like. She just goes on and does what she does and is more or less like "oh well people are just going to get upset but I'm gonna be me". I think one of the best things she said was that she's Christian so she's going to honor and respect her husband. 

Woah there, yeah that sounds like a weird thing for me to pick out. Let me explain. I like that she's said that and hasn't backed down from it. Especially, well because we ALL know how feminists are. Now, I'm not sure what kind of backlash she got for saying that, but I'm sure it wasn't nice. In an article I found about her and her religion from earlier this year it stated there was some backlash, I'm sure it was far more than just some. The thing is, her beliefs weren't shaken and she stuck by her comment. Ultimately, it is her choice how she is with her husband and her religion and I'm overwhelmed that she doesn't care that people hate her in favor of her beliefs. Whether I agree with her statements or not, isn't the point. The point is actually that she's a strong person for standing up for what she believes and the social media and other crap harassment she gets hasn't shaken her. 

In the past few years I've watched at least three female celebrities I have admired turn into radical, self-righteous feminists. Apologetic, whiny, stupid victims. Women who if they happen to offend someone the immediately fall down with apology after apology. These were not the women I initially admired. These are women who aren't strong. They fall to an ideology that is incorrect but worse than that, they will also do a 360 on everything they said in order to not offend anyone. They cater and pander and beg for donations and help and they paint women as weak little sniveling children by doing all of this. 

I am Catholic, but very lapsed. I will never be any level of Christian that Candace is. I also do think that to fall to another ideology is equally as stupid. So I'm not exactly being a hypocrite. The difference between Candace and the other female celebrities is that she's not out there saying what she's saying specifically for praise. She keeps saying it despite knowing it pisses people off. That's what I like. That she's strong. When someone attacks a feminist for being this, that, or the other, other people rally around the feminist to tell the accuser that THEY are wrong. When someone shoots hate at Candace for her beliefs they are immediately surrounded by supporters and Candace becomes the target of tons of hate with little people to defend her. 

Having been on the receiving end of targeted hate from an entire fandom for years now (just for having a mild opinion and refusing to back down) I know how annoying it can be and I know Candace gets it far worse because she has far more of a following. I can't endorse or agree with most of what she says (though I do agree that Christian bakeries shouldn't be forced to make gay wedding cakes so me and her are on the same page with that) but I can support her behavior. I can support her strength. I can support that she is hated by liberals (no shit) and a lot of Christians because of the messages she sends out about her Christianity and then she just doesn't change. I don't know if it's "smart" to admire that type of quality in a person, because ultimately it's questionable what ideology she's choosing to praise (in my opinion) but I like someone with a backbone. Someone who stands up for their self. I can support Candace's attitude even if I can't fully support what she believes. Just something I thought people should consider.