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The Insane Fannibals (AKA The Show Was Cancelled MOVE ON)

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I guess I love how the Hannibal fandom is with their bullying logic:

For example:

There are at least 5 of them who sit on tumblr or twitter talking about how much of a loser I am. At least two of them write essays on me. One of them (a college professor) wrote an essay about how I have NPD or something because you know, why not just make shit up while we’re at it. I’m sure her sociology/gender studies degree makes her smart enough to diagnose people. What’s even worse is that they just believe that shit, with no actual evidence other than “DOCTOR NICKIE MICHAUD WILD” said it. They don’t even ask HOW she’s a doctor but she’s not a medical doctor and her PHD has nothing to do with psychology. She’s basically got a PHD in bullshit, literally a throw away SJW/Feminist nonsense degree that I could get over a summer if I really wanted to. But because she throws “Doctor” in front of everything yeah she’s an “expert” now I guess. 

Anyway so we have that going on right? Then we have the moron who keeps telling people I was banned from conventions. As in PLURAL, conventions that I have multiple pictures of me attending and videos and such but I was banned from them. Once again, the Hannibal fandom just believes that even with mounds of evidence to the contrary. It’s kind of like how Nickie, the woman I mentioned up there, literally knows I was at a convention WITH HER the same GODDAMN ONE and I saw her AT that convention and she will deny I even went to the convention because I dunno I guess pictures and witnesses to me attending that convention don’t count because they don’t want them to count? Which I really don’t get because if you are going to lie to make someone look bad don’t you at least lie in a way that it’s not easily verified as a lie? Like how the second girl tells people my cats are all starving and abused when people have seen them multiple times on video laying on top of me and they are definitely not starving. 

Now while all this is going on, three of them have mentioned making a hate blog about me multiple times because it’s totally not okay to bully so in order to teach me a lesson about bullying they are going to bully me while also saying it’s not bullying. Right. Putting someone’s phone number on Craigslist and calling their place of work trying to get them fired (as well as attempting to harass their family over a TV show) that’s not at all above and beyond bullying. That’s just what decent human beings do huh? I mean one of them put my name, address, and location on her facebook to tell people where I live because hahahahaha she’s not a bully she’s a WARRIOR. Then Facebook fucking BANNED her and she’s all on tumblr like “I don’t even know what I did wrong”. Zero self awareness in any one of these people. 

 The convention where I saw "Doctor Nickie" Monster Mania 2014

The convention where I saw "Doctor Nickie" Monster Mania 2014

Doctor Nickie (who is allegedly SOOOOO much smarter than me) literally puts her full legal name FUCKING EVERYWHERE. Like every goddamn place you can think of. I guess she’s proud of her part time job as a teacher at Yale teaching….Social studies? I dunno it’s some bullshit feminist degree that is meaningless in the real world. She thinks cause she read the Hannibal books she’s now an expert or whatever. So she’s like fat, I mean REALLY fat (remember I saw her wetting her panties over Mads Mikkelsen in person) has a sadder youtube channel than I do about playing with her cats, and on her free time writes essays about me, my “mental illnesses”, and why I shouldn’t be allowed to attend conventions with my OWN MONEY because that shit is just unfair. Meanwhile she’s spending THOUSANDS per year to stalk Mads to EVERY convention he goes to (but yeah I’m the loser) and the same goes with the rest of these people.

There’s a LONG ass list of them too. They have this hate club about how much of a loser I am. Yet they spend thousands upon thousands of dollars year after year to go to a convention in Europe that has yet to have anyone but Mads attend and that was only ONCE. Their Twitter accounts are nothing but Hannibal, Hannigram, licking Bryan Fuller’s ass, and begging for a season four. In fact, they now go into other fandoms and harass those fandoms. Doctor Strange and Star Wars. They have this idea that they can convince those fans to watch Hannibal and if they do that they can get MORE people to tweet about Hannibal so netflix or someone will save Hannibal when Fuller, couldn’t make it MORE clear he’s not doing a season four. 

So in all of this, after all of this, I got 2 women in their forties (though one might possibly be a man claiming she’s a woman) attacking me, writing essays on me, and constantly trying to harass me, my family, and my place of work to get me fired over a TV show that has a total of 36 episodes and isn’t coming back because they are SOOOOO much more mature than me….or something? I guess the over all point of this rant is, I’ve never been more confused by a fandom. Like. At all. I know there are crazy fandoms too. I know people are like “Well Superwholock blah blah blah”. No you really do not understand. Netflix fucking CHANGED THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE SYSTEM BECAUSE THE FANNIBALS WERE HARASSING THEM SO MUCH! I’m not even JOKING! Now you aren’t allowed to “Recommend a show” for them to pick up because the Hannibal fans would go on there repeatedly to talk to representatives and BEG for them to pick up the show. Yeah. This is the level of annoying they’ve gotten to. That companies change their policies to avoid these nuthouses.

Then you have Bryan Fuller who will only encourage them. He just NEVER shuts up about it. You have fans going to Star Wars and Dr. Strange events ONLY to talk to Mads about Hannibal. That’s it. Same with Fuller. Every panel ANY of them do, it’s filled with Fannibals asking about how Gay Hannibal is for Will. When the show is coming back. If Hugh REALLY LOVES Mads. Like, I honestly cannot think of one fandom that has ever gone this insane over the cancellation of a show. The good news, in all of this is that it’s not coming back. The bad news is that these people are so mentally ill that it’s been nearly TWO YEARS and they STILL think that the show is relevant to a point that they need to make my life a living hell. I’d honestly feel sorry for them if I didn’t wish so hard that they’d just die already.