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You Have a Right To Vote, Not To Gloat

Election 2016, Social Media, Social JusticeMonica EdwardsComment

A lot of the left wing extremists are using this election to be horrible assholes. Apparently, they think that them being on the losing side gives them carte blanch to be assholes to anyone who doesn't agree with them (or tries to point out facts). Which obviously isn't surprising but then I ran into one of the worst bitches yet. The type of bitch that has this as a profile picture:

So you can imagine that I didn't have anywhere near an intelligent conversation with her. It started out with her demanding that I prove that minorities were being the biggest bullies after the election. 

Screen shot 2016-11-09 at 8.25.23 PM.png

As you can see she asks me "How do You figure" So I gave her some examples. Then she goes "When did I say that" and blah blah blah "not getting into this" and "agree to disagree" which is literally code for "I don't have any answer and don't want to admit you're right". So then of course it goes even further.

Screen shot 2016-11-09 at 8.28.56 PM.png

You'd think it would have ended there. It did not. She started to attack me via private messenger claiming this that and the other. Even after I sent her at least 4 videos of Trump supporters being attacked which she claimed were all "fake" and "staged" because of some second hand information liberal youtube opinion channels she watches. Right? This part was the best part:

People like me were saying Obama was going to force us into Islam and take our guns? No. Actually I told her that I voted for Obama, I don't think anyone is going to take our guns, and I am not of the opinion that Obama is Muslim. I told her this is part of the problem and why Trump won. She labeled me as a racist before even attempting to talk to me because I told her shit that was the truth and she didn't like it. Which of course led to this response:

Oh okay so now that I told her I voted for Obama I'm not a racist anymore but I'm still an idiot. Also, Trump who has literally done nothing yet has "set us back" 50 years. Trump who hasn't made any campaign promises about making slavery legal, or taking away women's rights, Trump who has said some questionable things but hasn't done anything yet, yeah he's literally Hitler and I'm stupid. 

Can I agree Trump has said racist things? Sure I can. So did Hillary. Can I agree Trump has promised some stupid things? Yeah, of course. Hillary did too. I mean does this bitch even know what a political campaign is? What politics are? I mean seriously? Both candidates weren't the best choice but seeing as how Trump hasn't done anything yet maybe we can wait and see? Besides the fact that she is attacking me for....proving her right? And by attacking me she's just proving me MORE right about how the left are being the bigger bullies here. 

I don't care if you voted for's fine. I do care if you voted for Harambe and are being an asshole because he didn't win. Vote for whoever you want, Hillary, Trump, Sweet Meteor Of Death, WHATEVER. You have that right. You do not have a right to be a huge fucking cunt rag to people because your candidate didn't win. End of Goddamn story.