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The True Bigots Have Shown Their Colors (and they AREN'T Red)

Election 2016, Social Media, Social JusticeMonica EdwardsComment

Let me preface by saying that I know that not all liberal voters (as in all people who voted Hillary) are being jackasses. I know people who voted Hillary who are very "whatever" about what just happened. That being said, the amount of "straight white man" hating going on by the left side is fucking retarded. Not to mention the libtards "too scared to leave their house" because they are so convinced that Trump is the next Hitler when at most he's a moderate who leans right who ran on a republican ticket and isn't going to do jack shit to "oppress woman" or POC or anything else. 

Through all of this, the left has repeatedly shown how sexist they are by claiming that no women could have ever voted for TRUMP or if a woman DID vote for Trump she must be stupid/racist/something else. There is no consideration that there are female voters who are perfectly intelligent who could have voted for Trump. Grouping women into "Stupid and racist" as a group to justify a Trump win is very sexist, congratulations. 

Through all of this the left has repeatedly bashed and trashed white men as stupid and uneducated. Considering the majority vote in this country is WOMEN there is no way that Trump won completely on the white male vote. The left has repeatedly discounted groups for Trump that exist like the Hispanics for Trump group or the Black people for Trump group. The left wants to blame this all on one type of person. The straight white male. Discounting the LGBT votes he got. This, all of this is racist and homophobic. 

The left fails to realize that this is what they created. The left pushed Trump into the Whitehouse with this behavior. To the liberals who repeatedly and violently attacked Trump supporters. Thank you. You did this. To the liberals who ran nothing but fear mongering propaganda about how Trump is Hitler. Thank you. You did this. To the liberals who were abundantly clear on their "voting for Hillary only because she has a vagina policy"...thank you, you did this. For everyone who locked themselves in an echo hug chamber of ultimate intolerance and stupidity while real people did research, worked jobs, and paid attention to the truth...thank you. YOU did this. Liberals have no one to blame but their Goddamn selves. I say this as a non-straight female who voted for Trump. He's president and I no longer have to give a great donkey shit what you think of me.