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The "Imagined" Hate Of The Hannibal Fandom

Monica EdwardsComment

This isn't even half of it but I'm not going to go through all of it. The point is here that they do this all the time. Several conversations about how I was born a man, am actually on drugs, all that stuff. All of it led by FannibalMonica who is quite possibly the most delusional one of all of them and they just encourage her. As you can see by the dates here it's been happening since February (Top left picture). 

Monica recently admitted that I was a "bully" since BEFORE she was in the Hannibal fandom yet constantly tells me to get a life. Somehow, though, her willingness to go around researching me, trying to find rumors (which is all she found, by the way) somehow makes her have more of a life than I have or something? When she's not talking about me, or making fun of me, or trying to get people to harass me and being ignored, she talks about Hannibal. That's it. So basically she somehow has more of a life than me while spending all of her time doing this? She's doxed me ten times now. Twitter has allowed it to happen repeatedly and doesn't consider it targeted harassment.

When any of them are confronted with me pointing this out they usually just block me. They seem to think that they aren't at all doing anything wrong. That spreading rumors, calling me vicious names, encouraging a woman to dox and harass me (and post my phone number on Craigslist) is completely okay. Monica, up there, she apparently researched who I was then decided to cause drama with me and attack me for "fun" because reasons then when I defend myself called me a bully. Yes. This is legit what is going on. I cannot wrap my brain around the level of disconnect from reality these people have. 

Of course, as usual, Bryan Fuller is plenty aware of this going on but won't say anything about it. No, he encourages her by retweeting stupid shit she said, making her think she's a "Good fan". Meanwhile, the king of the retards is leading even worse retards into "battle" against me. This is all because of a girl named Laura who started rumors in season one that I was...I dunno a transphobic/homophobic bully. People who never even talked to me will make up stories about how I harassed them because it's "trendy". The show has been canceled for over a year, it's obvious it's not coming back, and they are still harassing netflix, hulu, amazon, and CBS to "bring back" a show that no one is ever going to produce. 

I don't know what the fuck is going on here, to be honest. If they are also so truly delusional they cannot see that the very thing they accuse me of is what they are personally doing or not, but holy shit is this infuriating as all hell.