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Signs The Liberal Left Is Winning

Monica EdwardsComment

It's a constant argument I have with my friend who is far more liberal than I am. Though I wouldn't consider myself a conservative I a most definitely not a liberal. Or even close. It doesn't matter. Somehow that extremist PC almost cult-like mentality has taken over in this country. Even though it can be racist, homophobic, and all sorts of other things it also seems that the left side of bigotry is also the correct side of bigotry. 

First, it pretty much started with the media. Years ago, maybe 30 or 40, the nightly news would run stories of murders or crimes in big cities. They would run promos that included descriptions of suspects and a lot of times the suspect was a black male. Of course, as logic dictates, they would say "black male" on the news promo. The reason being that the suspect happened to be black. Then society got a bit too politically correct and it was suddenly racist to give the race of the criminal. Only if he was black. Or really any other race. Saying a white male suspect raped and murdered 18 people is completely fine. Apparently, facts slowly started to become racist and reports went from "Black male suspect" to "Tall male with dark skin, dark hair, and dark eyes" as if people didn't know they totally weren't describing a black man. 

I even noticed the change myself, I'm old enough to have noticed that. I've noticed more and more changes in the news media. So has everyone else. Some people (mostly the left) think it's good. To censor information and to demonize white people while downplaying anything to do with the race of anyone else as much as possible. For instance, there are plenty of police brutality crimes against white people. I mean legit ones. As in the white person really wasn't doing anything to end up justifying how they were treated (and then ended up dying). Since the news media has gone out of their way not to care about and in some cases demonize white people, these stories became no longer newsworthy. Stories like the one about the drunk driver shot in the neck who had to wait eleven minutes to get medical help. Stories like the man hogtied by police and thrown in the back of a truck where he ended up dying. That sort of thing. These things really happened and barely broke even local news stories. Even the story about the white kid being shot by a black officer right after Mike Brown was shot only made local news. It was probably only heard about because of the similarities to the Ferguson case (except for the fact that Mike Brown was actually a criminal and this kid wasn't). 

Since then CNN has been shown on a few occasions to go out of their way to censor unfavorable things. They censored a video of a black woman yelling to burn white neighborhoods down and they blurred out a man wearing a Donald Trump shirt because god forbid they show that. Which makes it even more understandable why people call them the "Clinton News Network". Not saying I agree with it but I can definitely see where they are coming from. The left news networks constantly downplay everything in relation to black crime and make sure if they do report black crime, they have 18 panelists on there to explain things. Things like "You have to understand the black man is angry because slavery existed" and of course this means they now have the right to burn down an entire city because...reasons. 

If you want to talk about other forms of media you could very easily go with social media which leans left now too. Hard left. Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and even parts of Reddit. The former  CEO of Reddit, Ellen Pao almost destroyed the site with her leftist bullshit. She even attempted to sue the company (and others) for discrimination. Each lawsuit failed but it goes to show the state of mind this woman had while running that website. The whole "I'm a victim because I'm a female minority" thing when in actuality it was proven multiple times she wasn't a victim at all. Social media sites like twitter and Tumblr are quickly losing value. In a lot of cases, they are losing traffic as well. Sites like and exist but do not currently have the massive traffic population of the other sites mentioned. With any hope they one day will, but it remains to be seen. 

The mentality seems to have started on tumblr. Not just the SJW takeover but the admins and own catering to them. The censorship and banning of blogs that contradicted feminism and the social justice movement. Giving the radical feminists and all the politically correct nazis ultimate control and the ability to stay in their safe spaces. Their echo-chambers. These children became "adults" and went to college and started to take them hostage. A thing that would never be allowed if we also weren't buckling under the idea that their mentality is correct. Everything is racist, white people are the devil, and we need trans awareness more than ever before. But not real trans awareness. We need awareness that if people want to act like a special snowflake and pretend they don't have a gender, that gets respected as well. 

Men's Rights Activists are quickly dismissed as "hate groups" or men who seek to take away the rights of women (even though MRAs are needed, so is a rights movement for men, and plenty of women take the MRA stance as well). Radical feminism gets far more credit than it should and the news is still doing stories on WAGE GAP even though it's been proved false multiple times by plenty of government studies. The term then changed to "gender pay gap" which is still the fault of women and isn't a society wide bias to discriminate against people due to their gender. In Oregon, you can now legally list your gender as Non-Binary (AKA not having a gender) which allowed one woman to claim discrimination and sue (and win) even though they couldn't find one shred of evidence she was being discriminated against. 

None of these situations from colleges, to Oregon, to even segregated college housing, would exist if the left wasn't winning. The left is just as bad as the right. Yet some how got slapped with the "progressive" label. They are the ones in control now. As much as it's not a great idea to give the conservative right all the power this isn't the solution either. Things are going to get far worse before they get better, I just wonder when the breaking point will be and how long it will take to swing back in the correct direction.