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The Bisexual Wage Gap Bullshit

LGBT, Wage GapMonica EdwardsComment

Bisexual wage a thing now. What the actual loving fuck? I shit you not this is a thing that is happening and people are taking it seriously. Seriously enough that it's been posted on Time and on NBC news, the websites at least. Usually it would be Huffington or Buzzfeed with this crap but really? REALLY? Let me break down all the shit wrong with this idea that bisexual wage gap is a real thing or possibly could be. 

American Sociological Review, found a 7% to 28% wage gap for bisexual women and an 11% to 19% wage gap for bisexual men. The study examined two data sets that accounted for 10,000 individuals. The study doesn’t definitively prove that discrimination causes the bisexual wage gap, but the study’s author says that the gap can’t be explained by other factors, such as career, education and age.

I am going to have to call bullshit on this for a lot of reasons. Namely because the data that this man took isn't indicative of really anything other than guessing. Here's the thing. Every job that I've ever worked, literally no one knew I was bisexual (actually I use the term pansexual but it doesn't matter). We'd have to assume that the data that he used also indicates that the employers 100% know that the people are bisexual or gay. Right? Now, I would bet you that many, many people aren't out at work. For many reasons. I wasn't ever afraid to come out to my co-workers but I also never saw a point. What's the point of telling anyone at a fast food place or retail store that you are gay or bi or whatever?

Obviously in some situations people do tell, in some situations it doesn't need to be said because the person shows up with their same sex partner and everyone just knows. However, I'm guessing there are a shit ton of people working at various jobs who just never disclose this information. This is also only 10 thousand people out of, how many people are working? You also have to consider if people lied on the survey as well. It seems the information was collected from this website here as well as a second set of data here. 

I haven't been able to find anywhere that was indicated that the employers were 100% aware of sexual orientation of the person that had been hired. Since the second survey has a lot to do with teens and young adults it's safe to assume a lot of these jobs that were looked at wre minimum wage jobs where I'm guessing the majority of people decided not to be "out" to their coworkers. 

Then of course you'd have to consider that the employers would have to know BEFORE hiring people that they were bisexual in order to adjust their salaries accordingly? Because I'm pretty damn sure when you are hired for a minimum wage job you just make minimum wage regardless of if you are gay/straight/trans/whatever. I'm still looking for the ACTUAL study/paper that this guy wrote and I still can't seem to find it. The best I can find is this link which doesn't go into too much detail about how data was collected other than those two basica surveys up there which only gives indication of income and blah blah blah. 

Mize was able to rule out many alternative explanations for the wage gap, such as age, education, and occupation. Also, bisexual men and women report unfair treatment from others, lending support to the idea that they face discrimination.

How though? And why do none of these articles that I can find link to the original paper that was written? Why is no one readily making available the actual thesis that this man wrote? Furthermore, people will literally say this same exact thing about genderpay gap. Like the EXACT same thing. They constantly go on and on about "There is no indication as to why women are paid less OTHER than the fact they are women" when if you actually look into it, you can find several hundred reasons women are paid less than men. 

The data on this isn't clear, none of the websites seem keen on providing the actual study they are looking at, and to search the two survey sites I provided would be a hell of a lot of work because it's data going back over the past 20 years. 

Similarly, there is evidence that lesbians earn more than similarly qualified heterosexual women. But that gap seems to reflect the fact that mothers earn less than non-mothers, and lesbians are less likely than heterosexual women to be mothers.

Well no shit and here's why, because lesbians usually do not take time off to have children or raise children. Obviously, there are lesbians who are parents, I'm not discounting that, but I'm guessing by a wide margin more lesbians (and gay men) do not go off to have children at the rate that heterosexual women do. This, right here, also proves that there isn't even a gap. It's admitting there isn't a discriminatory gap because it's also admitting there is a reason why straight women would be paid less. 

Also, bisexual men and women report unfair treatment from others, lending support to the idea that they face discrimination.

Okay? So? This would also be fully dependent on if they are "out" to people as well. It would also be fully dependent on how annoying they are about it. For example, if they are all sorts of tumblr and in your face BISEXUAL AWARENESS BITCHES well this could be a huge factor in WHY people hate them. Not BECAUSE they are bisexual but because they are a HUGE asshole about it. Kind of reminds me of this Key and Peele Sketch:

If you don't want to watch the sketch, basically it's a gay guy who is overly in your face gay, sharing a cubical with another man. All he does is accuse this other guy of being a homophobe and is a huge jerk about it. At the end of the sketch you find out the other man is gay he's just way more toned down and normal about it. The overly flamboyant man ends with saying "I'm not persecuted, I'm just an asshole". Did anyone ever consider that might be what's going on here? Because that's entirely possible as well. 

They also bring up in this paper that married people with kids make more money. There also may be a reason for that, that has little to do with discrimination. Maybe it's the fact that these people have children and as such the employer deems it necessary to pay them more because they are raising a family. It's not discrimination it's fucking logical. End of story. You don't have kids to pay for? To feed? To raise? Well, then why should we be giving you MORE money. It boils down way more to life being unfair than anyone being discriminatory against bisexual people. 

This whole thing is mind-blowingly stupid. Especially when the study admits that it's following the wages of young adults. Seriously? Because most of them will have minimum wage non-contractual jobs. MOST of them will. Because they are still in school. If you want me to believe they are all making less at McDonalds because they are gay or bi then you are a fucking liar. It's a flat wage that they all fucking get and I highly, HIGHLY doubt the manager of a McDonalds of all places says, "Oh Timmy? He's bisexual I'm gonna pay him 7 dollars instead of 8" because no it doesn't fucking work that way. 

The whole "Bisexual wage gap" thing is just another way for people to pretend to be victimized when at best the data is faulty, it's a very small selection of people that they even took from the surveys they found, and there is no indication of if these people are "out" at work or what their general behavior at work is (or if they are even telling the truth on their surveys). We need to stop going out and looking for problems that I'm sure DO NOT exist and then throwing them up onto news sites like they are a problem. It's not taking us forward it's setting us back and I say this as a person who would be considered bisexual by most people. I have never faced any sort of wage gap or backlash at work because I don't go into work moaning and crying about how fucking hard it is to be bisexual. I show up, do my damn job, and I go home as with MOST of the world regardless of sexual orientation. Just shut your mouth, don't be obnoxious about who you are fucking at work, and go the fuck home. Holy shit why is this even a PROBLEM right now?