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Open Questions For Lara Jean Chorostecki

Opinions/AdviceMonica EdwardsComment

I'm fairly sure she won't ever read this or answer my questions but I need to put them out there anyway because I'm highly annoyed with the behavior of this actor vs what her character actually does on screen in the show. I'm overly curious to how she says one thing about the character of Freddie Lounds while they show something entirely different on the screen. It would be less infuriating if the "fannibals" didn't then instantly believe that this stuff was now canon. However, the questions are mainly about if she even watched the same show I did or read the scripts correctly. So here goes. 

1. Lara Jean has stated that it was fun playing a sociopathic character because she never has before. Does she even know what a sociopath is? Because she also said Chilton didn't deserve to die because he was "innocent" meaning that she was able to feel empathy for him and that's not something a sociopath would do.

To Lara: So which is it Lara? Is Freddie a sociopath? Or is she not one? 

2. How can she claim to love the Fannibals SOOOOO much but only do one convention ever that most fans can't attend because it's in England. She's Canadian, housed in either Toronto (or Vancouver) but can't be half-assed bothered to make it to Fan Expo. Yet somehow can fly over an ocean twice to do Red Dragon con? 

To Lara: Why have you only done 2 specific cons overseas if you love the Fannibals so much?

3. Lara Jean continually makes claims that Freddie loved/genuinely cared for Abigail. What scene in the show at all denoted any of this? The way she talked to Abigail was always short toned and snippy. The only moment she changed her mind about writing the book was when Will asked her to. This shows that she was going to write the book ANYWAY and only listened to Will, meaning that she wasn't at all interested in Abigail's memories being "preserved". There is nothing in the actual contents of the show that denotes that Freddie liked Abigail, least of all her behavior in the show. 

To Lara: What specific scene do you think there was that showed Freddie gave a shit about Abigail? Freddie tried to use Abigail's good name (lying) to throw Will under the bus. How would a character who cares about her be seen by doing such a thing if she actually liked Abigail? 

4. Lara Jean talks about Sexism in the industry claiming: "Lara talked how you just grow numb to the sexism in the industry. There are many restrictions what she can and can’t do (like because she’s not that famous, she can’t just say whatever she wants to the producers)." (Taken from a fan's account of a panel she did)

To Lara: Do you not realize that everything you just mentioned is something a nonfamous male actor can't do as well? This isn't sexism this is a NOBODY PERSON being a NOBODY PERSON it has nothing to do with gender. 

5. At Red Dragon Con 2015 Lara Jean claimed she liked playing Freddie because Freddie can say anything she wants and doesn't give a fuck. At Red Dragon 2016 Lara Jean was upset that Freddie was such a bitch.

To Lara: Ignoring the fact that the entire character of Freddie Lounds is meant as an antagonist, which is it? Do you hate that Freddie is a bitch or do you like that Freddie is a bitch? 

6. What in the world makes you think Freddie Lound's character was a lesbian. Her sexuality was in no way stated in the show nor is it canon she's a lesbian because you said she was or Bryan said she was. In fact, in season one, Bryan wanted to give her a boyfriend named Wendell meaning he thought she was straight. This only actually changed when the fans begged him to make her a lesbian. Notably, the woman who ran who turned out to only be a scam artist and has since vanished.

To Lara: Are you aware of any of this? Or is it inconsequential to you?

Now, I like Freddie Lounds, the character. I like her a lot. Nothing that Lara Jean says is really going to change canon. Ever. Because what is shown on screen and written in the show is what's canon. In canon Freddie clearly isn't a sociopath (or a psychopath). She shows way too much empathy and thought beyond herself to be anything like that. More than likely Freddie is a fucked up narcissist to some level or forgetting that she is just very immoral. It's clear, though, that she can be just fine doing the right thing when she wants and even knows what the right thing is. Furthermore, it's obvious that she has feelings for those around her, just chooses to portray a different image to the world. 

The problem here is we have a super feminist actress, from a super feminist country, with a super feminist prime minister. She also is surrounded by a huge group of radical feminist social justice warriors. I would like to believe that she's smart like her character and is only saying these things to avoid getting her throat slit. The more time that passes and the more stupid shit she says the less I am inclined to believe that's the truth. The other problem is that since she only ever does conventions in one place, there's no way I can ever ask her these questions in person so this is my only option. Do I think she'll answer any of this? No. Would I like her to answer this? Yes. Hell yes. All of it. can't always get what you want, can you?