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What IF a feminist met an actual sexist?

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

I have a point to make just hear me out. Now, we all know that one of the main problems with feminists and feminism is completely inventing that things are sexist/misogynist when they aren't. Like 9 time out of 10 the problem is something they completely invented not actual sexism or misogyny. Then that one time out of 10 they MAY have a point, the sexism isn't actually harming anyone as in it's not to a level anyone is harmed by it or it's discriminating.

As usual I will not deny that there are probably men (and even women) out there, that are actually sexist. By which I mean they 100% truly believe things like, women are only good for having babies or on the kitchen. I'm sure there are men like this who exists. I say women as well because plenty of conservative Christian women agree with this ideology. That women shouldn't do anything by be housewives (and many of them, though they enjoy behaving this way) still actually believe there is a difference between "mans work" and "women's work". Of course you also have Muslim men (and women I'm sure) to some extent who believe it.

The thing is, the vast majority of men they are labeling these things aren't sexist. They told a joke, they have a preference, or maybe in some way they think "women are better at X activity" because there is some truth to that. If there is anything feminists hate, it's drawing attention to the FACT that men have more logical brains and women have more emotional ones, or tend to. Obviously not everyone fits in these molds BUT that's kind of the average of the situation. There is nothing wrong with this, at all, but feminists for some reason really hate hearing this fact repeated to them or pointed out. Repeating a fact, making a joke, or having some sort of preference for the type of mate you want to be with isn't sexism. Hooting/catcalling maybe be a bit sexist but for one, women do it too, and for two it's not actively being sexist. It also doesn't lead to rape like feminists will have you believe.

This got me wondering if any of these feminists have met anyone who is actually sexist. As in actively sexist. Like a very religious man who insists women are good for nothing but cooking and breeding. A man who insists women can only be secretaries or do kitchen work and is serious enough about it that he actively discriminates. As I said, I know men like this exist but I don't think it's common and I really doubt the majority of feminists have ever met a man who really believed these things. Why do I say this? Well mostly because if they really had an experience with an actual sexist man, they'd fucking know the difference between sexism and I mean REAL sexism and what they perceive as sexism.

It's kind of like how I'm always suggesting to these women to go to Saudi Arabia where women are oppressed. There is real sexism. Women can't leave the house without a man, even if it's their 8 year old son. Men are dominant, that's an actual patriarchy. They tend to think right now in the first world they are in a patriarchy, not because they are, but because of shitty things like "micro aggression" which are really only an excuse to give a horrible sounding name to petty and insignificant problems. A man telling you to smile isn't sexism. At all. Not in the slightest. It only actively becomes sexism where you can be punished for not smiling and it's legal to do so. Even here in the first world (America) if a man decides to beat the shit out of you for not making a sandwich when he commands it, he's going to jail. That is a huge telling sign that there is no patriarchy. It is illegal to assault a woman for not doing as a man commands. In a patriarchy or where men actually are sexist that would not only be fine, but if a man failed to enforce his commands he'd probably get in trouble for it. Places were two women are equal to one man. Places were rape is completely legal.

One wonders exactly how they would react should they be shipped over to the third world suddenly. I bet it would take only one minor act or defiance (and punishment) to get them to submit. Feminists are weak, cowardly, sniveling little victims. They talk a big game, will scream at everyone, but that's because they know they can get away with it. If they were suddenly in a patriarchy and could legally be hurt/punished for acting that way towards a man they would become subservient in a heartbeat because underneath all the bells and whistles they are just cowards. Part of me wishes that they could go away for a bit, experience actual patriarchy, and then watch them BEG to go back home once they realize how good they had it before. If these women actually were faced with real sexism they'd stop inventing that it exists because a video game had an option to beat a woman to death with a baseball bat, or barring that, the air conditioner was set too high.