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Opinion time: Who's Wrong, Who's Right?

Opinions/AdviceMonica Edwards2 Comments

Earlier tonight I was explaining something to my roommate about this fandom cult that I believe this woman I know was a part of. I talk about her a lot, she's whoever runs I was telling him that someone else in that cult, split off from it and sued some guy repeatedly for stupid shit in small claims court. Suddenly, out of nowhere my roommate starts yelling at me about "OMG WHAT IF THEY COME AFTER YOU AND THROW A MOLOTOV COCKTAIL THROUGH THE WINDOW". I'm like did you seriously go from "being sued in small claims court to BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE?" like who makes that leap of logic? No one? If this isn't bad enough this is what I'm looking at here.

For two years now, at least two, I've been getting death threats. A lot of them. Most of them I delete because whatever I don't feel they have any merit/intent behind them. I think people are just dicks on the internet. A lot of them are from the Hannibal fandom, some of them are from feminists. Okay, well at some point last year a girl (I've sense figured out who she is and where she is by the way) was sending me very specific death threats. She would send me my address, my legal information, and she would explain to me how she was sending people to come and get me. Of course this led me to believe I was in some kind of danger and I had to file a police report, actually I had to file two of them because on two occasions she was so vile and specific that it was pretty terrifying. That was the only time I ever believed it could actually happen. Earlier this year I caught her because after following the police advice of "just ignore her" and it worked she got so pissed off she had to come and tell me who she was because she needed so much attention. (Read about that here)

In any case, when it was happening, was I scared someone would come here? Yeah I was because the threats were really specific. All about a TV show. There was reason to believe there was intent to harm me. When I went to the police about this, my roommate laughed about it and told me I was being silly. That no one was going to do anything to me and I would be fine. Which I more or less agreed (and still do) but I told him you never actually know, especially not if they have my address cause you don't know. Since that point I've been doxed by that fandom (and several other tumblr assholes) about 6-7 times. My information is out there, which he also already knows.

Unless he some how forgot how I freaked out about that too. It's something I constantly have to worry about but considering I'm kind of lower level antagonist I don't worry TOO much, as there are a lot of other people WAY more popular they could be going after. In any case, as I said, you never know. My point is that he's been aware that people have my address for at least a year now. I mean AT LEAST. This can't be any actual surprise to him. With how he acts when I mention being a bit anxious about maybe being attacked or someone tracking me down, and how he calls me stupid and silly you'd think he didn't give a shit right? Or that he doesn't believe these threats have any merit. They probably don't but God fandom people and feminists are fucking insane. So there's no way I can 100% predict what any of them will do but I'm like 98% sure nothing's going to happen to me. I don't live my life in fear, I haven't stopped doing what I do, I really don't give a shit enough to stop.

Yet suddenly when he believes that HE HIMSELF is in danger this is suddenly the biggest problem in the fucking universe. When he just believed it was me, I was being stupid and silly and overreacting. Now that he sees it as a slight possibility for himself, it's a REALLY BAD THING. He told me that I needed to "stop antagonizing people". I'm like "what do you even mean by that? Feminists consider antagonizing disagreeing with them on twitter. The Hannibal fandom considers antagonizing having an unpopular opinion. What you are asking me to do is to...well..stop doing anything. No more youtube, no more websites, no more twitter. Just vanish. That's what you are asking." He claims that's NOT what he's asking. He told me I should just change/hide my identity. I reminded him for the millionth time (and not just tonight) that I've already been doxed there isn't ANYTHING I can change about this. So I told him "then you are saying I should move out" he followed it up with "No that's not what I'm saying" and I was like "What do you even want me to do here? Tell me what you want me to do". He insisted that I guarantee him that NOTHING is going to happen to HIM PERSONALLY or the house. I told him there is no way I can predict what crazy ass morons are going to do because someone told them to do it on the internet. Just as I cannot predict some random stranger won't burn down the house I cannot predict that some Hannibal fandom weirdo or some angry feminist won't. I cannot 100% guarantee anyone won't do anything to me, him, the dog, that is not something I can promise which I told him.

I explained, you know, he didn't seem at all concerned for ANY reason when it was JUST ME. If these people want to harm anyone it's JUST ME. He didn't give a shit until it entered his mind that HE might be attacked. I've talked about this, and I mean a lot. I've talked about the possibility of someone breaking in here to get me, he laughed it off. I've talked about people maybe hunting me down after I left the house. He laughed it off. Now, suddenly, for the first time ever after two years of all this shit he's concerned. Not for me, but for himself. I can't deny that I'm a bitch, nor can I deny that I probably brought this on myself because I'm a pretty high level bitch, but the fact that he didn't care until the moment he thought that it could effect him personally, doesn't that make him the asshole?