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How Feminists View Society Vs Reality

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

I've noticed something, and I think a lot of other people have to, but I'm going to point it out anyway just for the hell of it. There seems to be this massive issue of feminists/SJWs and whoever else trying to convince the normal, logically thinking people, that society has taught something to someone one way or another and we have to escape that sort of thing. For example:

Take this post here. This is an over generalization of how society raises boys/males. Now, where is this happening? Where are boys being taught, "Hey son, see that human over there? She's a female. She is only used for sex. You cannot be friends with her or enjoy her in any other capacity. You must dehumanize her and fuck her and that's all she's good for, okay? Also pretty girls are better than ugly ones". Where is this happening? When is this happening? Now, I can't doubt that okay, maybe, in some backwards hick town someone is doing this. Fine. But the majority of society is not doing this or teaching this message to young men about women. Here's another one:

Who is teaching this? Where? I mean I think people in general are taught no to go out alone. As a child and with other children in my class (and I mean of various gender and races) we were all taught not to go with strangers. Don't get in a strangers car. Don't take candy from them. Things like that. The term used was always "stranger" or in a pinch "person you don't know". It was never a gendered term, male or female, man or woman. I don't remember (as many women don't) being pulled aside for a specific class just for girls about how we should all fear men. Never happened. If this didn't happen to me then it didn't happen to any other girl I was with because well, there was no class on this. I guess mothers could have been telling girls this, but that wouldn't really account for the high level of girls who routinely hung out with and slept with boys. Not shaming them, just pointing that out. So who is teaching this? Who is saying this? My parents were pretty clear on "stranger danger" but it was never MALE stranger danger.

What is my point? Well I could show you 100 of these but they are always the same. "Don't X people know that we were taught Y so it's totally okay for us to behave irrationally?" cause it's usually something like that in order to justify some sort of hatred to some other sort of party of people who are deemed the "oppressors" when usually they aren't oppressing anyone at all. It can even be applied to trans/cis people as seen here:

Even in this example right here, transgender stuff wasn't even known until very recently. I mean specifically transgender. Recently I mean about maybe 10-15 years and publicly at that. Even publicly it may have only been about 10? I don't know. Mainstream media, not people who were already in those groups or in LGBT things. So mainstream, transgender attention hasn't even been around for that long.

If that's the case how is it even possible for someone on tumblr to "grow up" thinking that trans people were a "gross fetish". If they are talking specifically about crossdressing (which isn't even related to being trans, at least not all the time or in most cases) then they are grossly misinformed on what transgenderism is, and since this is a tumblr post, I'm not that surprised. Grow up? Considering how little attention this issue has gotten as of very recently (except maybe the entire Mr/Mrs. Garrison thing on South Park, which was more to show he was a jerk and had little to do with hating trans people) how old are you? 10? 15? Where were you that you were just bombarded with hate for trans people in the mainstream media on a massive scale? Crossdressing is not the same thing, and yes that has gotten a lot of flack and stigma but it is not the same. Transgenderism hasn't gotten that much attention until very recently.

Alright, I promise I'm getting to my point. Which is this:

What I honestly believe happens is that little girls and hopeful SJWs who think they are going to change the world by being hateful bullies and professional victims, "grow up" and go to college. In college they meet their bitter, seriously underpaid gender studies/radfem idiot professors who use completely biased text books to convince them that all along they were oppressed and never realized it. They, being mindless idiot sheep minions, turn around and realize "Wow this is an excuse for me not only to be a victim but also means I can be a jerk too, and if anyone calls me on it I can claim they are some sort of bigot/asshole/sexist".

What we actually have going on here, are a bunch of weak minded children, who think they are adults, being taught by bitter adults who went into the wrong profession, who tell them that these things exist or they were raised a certain way but they didn't realize it because of patriarchy or something. These kinds of professors are the ones who coined terms like "Internalized misogyny" or decided cultural appropriation was a bad thing. After that they shoved it down the throats of their little idiot students who either wanted an easy degree because they don't take education seriously, or strive to be a professional YouTube victim like Anita Sarkeesian. As already proved, it's a very large profit margin if you can learn to say the right things and cry the right tears about sexism and victim hood that you entirely invented.

In summation, none of these girls (or at least almost none, because I don't doubt it's possible a small margin of girls were actually raised this way) have really ever experienced any of these things. What actually happened was they were told they experienced them. Through mounds of propaganda filled radical feminist and fear mongering literature they came to believe it.

Take the 1 in 5 women are raped fake statistic for instance, it seems realistic enough to someone too dumb to comprehend numbers and logic (which are most feminists). It's not too high that it would definitely effect someone you know, but not so low that they can't complain about it. That fake statistic is right in the sweet spot that it sounds real and it also sounds scary. Enough that most young girls won't question it if it's shoved in their face enough. Same with the wage gap. Not to mention, things like the wage gap give them an excuse "not to work" because they are "poor victims of the glass ceiling boo hoo" and then they can start blogs and kickstarters and beg people to donate to them. Otherwise they will only make 70 cents on the dollar for REAL work and that's just not fair.

We are raising a generation of spoiled, self entitled, morons and also doing nothing about it. Social media spreads this propaganda like the plague. Even on a place like tumblr where plenty of true sources are out there, what gets more attention? Faulty statistic posts like the ones I just showed you. The teenagers and young adults of today want to believe they are oppressed because they want an excuse to be violent, hateful, lazy, and handed money without any actual hard work. Social media is at the very core of the problem we have going on right now and if we don't do something to stop it, these people will be in charge at some point. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty damn sure I don't want to live in a world like that.