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Why I Don't Believe Gillian Anderson's WAGE GAP story

Anti-Feminism, SexismMonica Edwards1 Comment

Gillian Anderson in a few interviews claimed that she was offered half of what David was to return to X-files. 

For one it REALLY pisses me off that she's now using "Gender pay gap" instead of wage which is two different things. And for another, there has to be a reason this happened. I don't trust her because of well a whole host of reasons, most of which is her using her feminism to bash men which I've already talked about at length. 

Feminists overly praise her for getting equal pay as Duchovny when she was in the original run of the X-files. Acting as if OMG HOW DARE THEY PAY DAVID MORE FROM THE START! However there was a reason for that too. Really there was. At the time she was unknown. As far as I'm aware the only thing she did before X-Files was a shitty movie about some Neo-Nazi and she was only in it for about 5 minutes. She was a nobody. You don't pay her the same wage as a man (or even a woman) who is top billed and A-list. She wouldn't have gotten the same pay as Cynthia Nixon who they did want to hire as Scully, not her. She was no one. They didn't know how she'd perform against David. That is a reason to pay someone less. By season 3 or 4 yes it makes sense she should be paid the same but right out the gate? Come on. Lets not act like just because she shows up she deserves the same amount as the man who already proved he was GOOD at what he did and a top name celebrity. That's bullshit. That's like me asking to be paid the same amount as, I don't know, Meryl Streep for staring in a movie across from her. There's no reason for anyone to do that, because I'm a nobody and Meryl has a track record. Got it? Okay moving on.

So now she won't shut up about how AWESOME she is for defeating the "gender pay gap" again. Like I said, though, she's a moron. She's a radical feminist. She's also using the wrong term for what she means and probably on purpose to confuse people. Right? But do we really know the situation? Other than her saying this happened, we don't. Even if it did happen. Imagine this scenario:

Gillian's Agent: Hey wanna be in the X-files remake? They are offering X amount of dollars
Gillian: Okay sounds great I'd love that

*Somewhere across the world*

David's Agent: Hey, wanna be in the X-Files remake? They are offering X Amount (Same to Gillian) 
David: I'm going to need A LOT More to play Mulder again
Agent: Okay
*Negotiates contract WHICH GILLIAN ALSO COULD HAVE DONE and gets a better salary*
David: Alright I'm in

Now see that could have happened and beyond Gillian whining up and fucking down that OMG EVERYTHING IS UNFAIR AND I TOTALLY JUST STRUCK A BLOW FOR WOMEN'S RIGHTS there are no actual people confirming this other than her bleached blond bimbo head. I'm willing to admit this could potentially be true but when you are listening to a feminist fucking whine about WAGE GAP and shit and we ALL know how incredibly biased their studies and other shit is done, how can we trust that she's 100% correct and telling all sides of the story. How do we even know she KNOWS all sides of the story? The truth is out there but I don't think Gillian is telling it.