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I know how it is these days with people begging for money in fact it really even annoys me, which is why I don't do it that much myself. For the record I don't think I'm entitled to money, in most cases I don't even think I deserve it. I am very appreciative of it and I have been able to do so much more with your help. I am not lying the money goes to paying bills. As you can see here, this is currently what I'm dealing with in way of debt (not to mention the 2 grand I also owe my roommate for him covering the rest of the bill as it actually totaled 5700 dollars)

Now I suppose I could just be making this up. This could be a bill for literally anything right? Well I did post a while back what the bill for my dental work would cost. The actual itemized bill, and it looks something like this:

I mean I've even gone as far as to post pictures of my X-rays so people can see that I'm actually using the money to actually get implants in my jaw. This shit is for real. As I said one of the implants failed I have to get the surgery repeated. Luckily it seems I'll only be charged for the sedation and if you ask me he shouldn't even charge for that but it's better than having to pay thousands right?

I am going to argue with him and see if I can't get him to provide sedation for free as well. Mostly because it was HIS fault the thing failed. I remember being in the chair and I'm waking up from sedation and I kept spitting out a lot of blood because they weren't suctioning fast enough and I'm willing to bet that's why the second implant failed (that was the last one for them to work on and they had to graft bone into that, awesome) and most likely I was spitting out bone fragments and that's why it didn't heal. I'd asked him to give me more sedation but he kept saying he was almost done. In any case, is your money going to pay for this shit? Yes it is:

Usually I wait for batches of donations to come in and I jam them all up there at once. Do it about once a month take everything and put it in there. Some months it's less than others. Now here's the thing though, do I really think that other people should be paying for this, as in do I believe I'm entitled to this? The answer is no. In fact if I'm going to be perfectly honest I could do this without help I just really don't want to because it's really fucking hard to do without help. When you donate to me if the money doesn't go to that bill it goes to literally any other bill I have because sometimes I need to pay for phone/internet/food/rent. I am not going off and having a really slick/fun time with your money. I am covering bills. Which makes life easier for me so I can do more videos which I know all of you like. 

My expenses aren't TOO bad month to month but at the end of paying all my bills which I more or less immediately do at the beginning of the month I have 19 dollars. This has been the case for the past three months. I don't have a job any more, it was seasonal work and my last day was on the 26th of December. Well, why not get a new job you say. Good question because to be honest I'd LOVE to work. I actually would prefer it, mostly because it gives me something to do during the day. Here's the current problem. It would be pointless to go for a job right now.

Other than having recently been diagnosed with a bunch of sleeping disorders (fun) which I am being treated for and trying to fix, I have to get another surgery in February which will lay me out for at least a month recovery wise. The pain/antibiotics/lack of sleep just fuck me over. Though I could probably get at least a part time job right now if I really applied my ass, I know that in less than a month I have to get surgery again which would just get me fired from the job. My best bet is to get this done and get treated for my sleep problems then really try hard for a job come summer or spring, hopefully earlier. Though I do sporadically get payments from youtube they are paying out less and less because YouTube Red is a thing now and it's not making my life easy. 

The thing is, I would prefer to work. As I said. It's just not a thing I can possibly do right now. I'm not begging for money as of right now. What I'm saying is this is why you should donate to me. I think I've shown more than enough that I'm not using my money on stupid bullcrap I'm using it on what I say I'll be using it on. The thing is, I still get that people don't like to donate OR they don't have the money which is perfectly fine. If that's the case and you like my videos, share them. That's all it takes. Sharing videos, which can be done for free you know. 

If you hate the idea of donating and not getting shit in return well I can sell you stuff. Right now I have a redbubble store where you can get stickers I made for like $2.50 cents. Now obviously people will donate or they won't and I'm appreciative to all the people who have donated as of now, really I am. Even if I get no donations and I do go months without them, well I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing because I like doing it. I'm just saying that, it's for a good cause, I'm sure it's tax deductible, and I know that whenever possible (and if I can or could) I donate money or would donate money. I would like to get to a point where I'm not in so much massive debt. It would mean a new life for me. Moving out of here, getting my own place, having things for myself by myself. It's really not easy for me to even ask, I hate doing it and I won't really bring it up much. I guess there is no real reason you HAVE to or SHOULD donate to me which is also a really poor argument BUT I mean all I'm saying is, I'm going to be the most honest person to donate to because I'm using your money for exactly what I say I'm using it for. Most people out there with crowdfunding or whatever the hell can't even say that.