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False Accusations Follow You Like A Shadow

Anti-FeminismMonica Edwards2 Comments

I decided to write this since I'm very against false accusations and for obvious reasons. When you falsely accuse a man of rape it stays with him his entire life. There are plenty of instances of false accusations that have been ferreted out as false over the past few years, and have been pretty high profile. Sadly they are only high profile for about five minutes before some feminist or something points the attention away from that to something even more stupid, leaving society to forget how shitty feminists actually are.

This woman hired a man from Craigslist to have rough sex with her and beat her then filed a rape report. Now, with this sort of thing you'd think this is so horrific that well more people would know or it would be a national news story. You'd be wrong. This was something I randomly heard about because any time anything like this happens it's seemingly buried on purpose. God FORBID we even showcase women who lie about this shit. Even when it's obviously a lie the girl can still be praised for her heroism, like in the case of Mattress Girl. More attention goes to shit like The Hunting Ground (a "documentary" on campus assault which willingly slandered a man and was aired on CNN of all places) than women who do shit like this or even what happened to the woman who falsely accused Brian Banks, and profited from it, while he spent 5 years in prison.

Then the harmful backlash to such behavior is rarely ever shown as well. Here's another article I found out about second hand because it wasn't considered major news worthy even if something like Mattress Girl is and ONLY because "OMG SHE'S THE REAL VICTIM". A 17 year old boy killed himself after being falsely accused of rape and also being unable to handle the investigation process. Does anyone care about him? Not even slightly. If you check out this feminist website they go on and on about how rare it is for women to lie about rape, when it seems as of late with all the stories coming out and getting buried, that's not even the case. Some of the feminists even seem offended that anyone would DARE say that false accusation rate is 2% (when it's actually probably far higher because they track accusations not convictions and women are very likely to be believed and taken at face value). Rape stories even when proven fake get a shit ton of publicity like the Rolling Stone's latest bullshit and even after it was ferreted out to be completely fake people STILL think campus rape is a problem, despite several studies saying you are safer on a campus than in the real world.

Some feminists think it's "not a big deal" or "so what" they have some weird idea in their brain that no one cares. That rape is "so damn common place" that even if the man isn't convicted no one is going to care a year later. The fact of the matter is, false accusations like this follow a man his whole life even if he isn't a rapist and goes on to do amazing things. Such as what the feminists are currently doing to David Bowie. Before his body could even turn cold guess what they were doing? They were dragging up a "rape" from 40 years ago to scream that he was a useless sack of cishet white shit and NO one should care that he died when he never raped anyone in the damn first place. At least not in the sense of how they phrase it.

Over on my tumblr blog, someone sent me this for supporting Bowie after his death. Now what it says there is true. The allegations were false. Yet the MOMENT he died, they had to drag that right back up again even with as benign as the story is.

First of all they are severely discounting the time when this took place, the 70's. Secondly the "victim" herself says that she doesn't regret it, and didn't. Reports of her sending him love/thank you letters surfaced as well. Yes I GET that she was 15, but once again um 70's? Right? Yeah I know. Further more, I don't think anyone gave a shit about checking ID. Even now they don't. As recently as 2006, Buckcherry was in hot water for having an underage and topless girl in a music video (Crazy Bitch) because she lied about her age and they didn't bother to check first. You cannot tell me we are going to blame rockers for this right? Why? Also, I'm sorry but at 15-17 you are damn well aware of what you are doing and have to physically leave your house to go do this. You know what sex is. I understand in a legal sense it's not okay but this is a situation of drug fueled shit that happened in an era of such high sexual experimentation it seems basically everyone fucked everyone. Are we really going to be that upset and even after that, the girl doesn't regret it. Not even TODAY. Why the FUCK are we going to use this to label anyone as a rapist?

Even if the allegations had been more serious against Bowie, he'd have never been able to escape them. I'm surprised he got out of this, and he probably ONLY did because it was the 70's and social media wasn't around to hang him alive. I'm glad he escaped it, but people who fucking drag this up the second he dies or ANY one dies is fucking disgusting. Yet feminists they NEVER forget who was accused of what (falsely or legit) and they have no actual respect for ANYONE. They have an agenda. Even with someone like Bowie who...holy shit was he a huge innovator and his WORST criminal charge was for pot (and it wasn't even his) we are going to do this minutes after he dies? Try to remind people "Well he did have sex with that underage girl who also consented to it and I doubt a 15 year old didn't know what the fuck sex was". Really? In fact they had to go back to the 70's to find anything REMOTELY suspect but they still did it.

This isn't just going to be for Bowie, it's for literally every man they accuse. ALL the time. Even if everyone around the man knows it's fake, or the rest of society forgets, it's like feminists have a damn Rolodex of every man who was falsely accused (which they don't even think of as false because women never lie about rape) and they have to repeatedly drag up old news (that's not even real) to force this agenda that men are totally rapists and women NEVER EVER would lie about rape for ANY REASON. Look at this, look how much time has passed, look at how quick feminists AND ONLY FEMINISTS were to bring up a false rape claim from the fucking 70's to demonize a man who was by all accounts a FUCKING SAINT. If you want to tell me false rape isn't a problem and we don't need to do anything about it at this point, you probably need a good swift kick in the ass.