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Feminists Vs Nazi Germany

Anti-FeminismMonica Edwards2 Comments

I always say that if feminists don't want to be compared to Nazis they should stop behaving like Nazis. They claim that they are in no way acting like Nazis because blah blah blah murder and genocide. The thing is, the whole Nazi regime didn't spring up overnight it started very much like feminism is currently. The underhanded laws and restrictions towards a certain group of people. The propaganda and faulty statistics. The censorship. So I have decided to write an official article on how feminism (in the first world of course) is very similar to the Nazi regime, obviously before the actual war part started.

1. Censorship: Feminists have gone out of their way to get things that they don't like censored. In Australia at least for one company, GTA V was banned on the grounds of having violence towards women. Now this isn't a global censorship thing, but it was a feminist who managed to get it pulled from Target shelves. Then of course we have other video game censorship due to perceived violence towards women. Not to mention the book burning images that pretty much went viral when a feminist bought a book by another feminist called The War Against Boys and put up images of her burning it (I don't have a source for THIS but I did see the post on tumblr and it was at one point advocating other feminists to do the same). Censorship was pretty big in the Nazi regime back in WW2 Germany.

2. Faulty statistics passed around as truth: We have the wage gap claim which has more than been debunked and several times over. The whole women make 77 cents on the dollar myth. We have the 1 in 4 women will get raped thing going around. Originally (even though false) that was supposed to be for ONLY colleges then it became "universal" some how. When that's not even the true statistic. However feminists don't care about that. It sounds bad enough so they use it. They also only ever use WOMEN as the victims, never bring up men. They are actively trying to erase that men can even be victims of rape. On a college campus your chances of being raped are about 0.61%, you are actually safest there but if you look at the Mary Koss study (which has also been debunked especially since she lied about the women who said they were raped) you'll see feminists don't care about truth, only about fear mongering and alarming women in their campaign against men.

3. Stereotyping an entire group of people: Feminists do this to men for the most part and of course the women who do not align with feminism. The men get it the worst (obviously) because if they disagree with feminism they are automatically dangerous, sexist, rapists who want to kill all women and constantly struggle to contain some "rape instinct" Feminists claim they all have. They use dehumanizing terms to refer to men like "Dudebro" and "neckbeard" and constantly berate them or generalize them as all being fat/white/cis/het virgins who live with their mothers. The women against feminism don't get treated MUCH better because usually they are told they are either ABUSED by their boyfriends into thinking they don't need feminism (AKA they are battered women) or they are only being anti-feminist to get the attention of a man. If you are not a feminist you are one of these two things. They don't care otherwise what you have to say.

4. Buzzwords: This is a huge thing feminists utilize in order to get people to align with them. A bunch of buzzwords that either mean absolutely nothing or are completely fictional concepts. For example: RAPE CULTURE. A term they stole that was originally coined to describe rape activity in male prisons. They also love to throw around phrases like "Internalized misogyny" which can mean literally anything. Not to mention the overuse of the term "Patriarchy" which is basically some great unseen powerful force of men that they can blame everything on (even the harming of other men). They have gotten buzzwords down to a science, you can watch my video on it here to see how they translate these things to real life:

Feminists constantly complain that people use the word FEMINAZI too much and yet they are behaving exactly as such. With laws being passed like YES MEANS YES which can really only benefit women, and jail times being shortened for women, or funding going to more domestic violence shelters for women than men, this is a problem. Feminists actively protest meetings for men. Feminists call in death and bomb threats to people trying to speak out against things or for things. Feminists use scare tactics, propaganda, and sometimes even actual violence to get their messages across that THEY ARE RIGHT and EVERYONE ELSE is wrong. If you want to tell me how this isn't exactly like Nazi behavior feel free. Remember, I'm not claiming they are like the Nazis when the war started, what I'm saying is, these are the tactics of an oppressive group that intends to eventually take a dominant hold. This is very similar to Nazism but EVERYONE ignores it because somehow society has been brainwashed into believing that feminism is about equality. If they actually looked at the facts, maybe they'd finally see the wool being pulled over their eyes.