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This is my website and my whole persona thingy. My name is Miss Misanthropist and with that you expect some level of "bitchy". In fact, I've actually gotten comments (rude ones) when I wasn't bitchy enough to someone online. Whether it was when writing a response or doing a video. This is part of who and how I am but it's not the entirety of who I am. This is my online thing. As with most people who do a youtube channel or a blog or whatever, they have chosen a part of their personality to magnify and they do it online. It's their outlet for whatever they lack in life. It's a personification and usually an exaggeration. It's kind of like how you don't really know celebrities you know how they choose to present themselves. You know how they present themselves in interviews, or to the public, you don't know them privately. I am the same way just on a far lesser scale.

The other day when I was at Fan Expo in Toronto I met a WHOLE BUNCH Of real life SJWs. They weren't hard to spot because they look like you typically think they would look. Weird hair cut/colors/glasses the whole nine yards. They also cannot seem to shut up about social justice nonsense no matter what the situation. For instance, I was chatting with a group of women about Hannibal while we waited in line for the photo op that I got. I heard a bunch of SJW crap when I talked to them. So I had one of two options, be a total bitch to these people who were really just there for the same reason as me (to meet Mads and have a good time) or just have a good time and remain civil. I chose to have a good time. I'm not a confrontational person. I am extroverted, and trust me, I am a misanthropist, but I am not confrontational. I don't go around looking for a fight, I'm not dangerous or violent or even mean. I was polite to everyone, I was nice to everyone, I walked up to a lot of people to compliment them on their cosplay. A lot of people asked for my picture because they liked my cosplay. I let them take it. I am not an actual mean person. Opinionated, strong willed, bitchy? Yes I can be all these things. Am I rude? Uncivil? Violent? Demanding? No. Not unless I HAVE to be and I think to some extent we all are.

Now, I am more forward about what I want. I will push until I get what I want and yes, that can come across as bitchy, but at the end of the day I am not self centered or egotistical enough to think I can do or say or treat people however I want. That's not fair. You treat people how you'd like to be treated and that's what I do. I am curious as to how many of those girls had heard OF me but didn't know who I was. Had heard stories that Laura and Tattle-crime tell. The stories about me being a dangerous stalker who is an expert mastermind manipulator or addicted to meth and can barely function. How many people there had heard that?

The majority of the girls I talked to were on tumblr. The majority of the girls I talked to had blogs. The majority of the girls I talked to spoke of either feminism or other really stupid SJW issues that I will complain about up and down online. Would I complain about them in real life too? You damn well bet I would. I'm not afraid to speak my mind but I also know when to hold em and know when to fold em because I'm also not a flaming moron who is unaware of her situation and lacks common sense to what is best in the moment for me.

Yesterday I was tired, I had been on my feet for hours, I had to skip Gillian's panel in order to get Mads' autograph and video for my friend (and I'm VERY glad I did because I would have never gotten that chance had I gone to Gillian's panel). Things didn't go the way I planned, I was bummed out. I didn't feel like arguing, I felt like seeing Mads, getting my stuff, doing what I came there to do, hanging out with a few awesome cosplayers, and leaving. I wanted to have a good time so I had a good time. Now if you were to ask these other people around the internet (especially on tumblr) I was going to show up there and be threatening, start fights, was passing around a rumor to stay away from me because OMG I AM SO DANGEROUS. Don't think I'm unaware of these things, people talk, people send me messages, I'm not a fucking moron or oblivious to the fact that there seem to be a small group of girls with INSANELY popular blogs who talk shit about me, and because people on the internet are idiots they just believe the stories. I know how this works. So Laura and her dumb 15 thousand followers all pass around little rumors that I'm a dangerous psycho. TattleCrime and her far smaller follower count (at least on tumblr) does the same. So there are a couple thousand idiots on the internet who don't know me, but take Laura and TattleCrime's word as proof and then go around attacking me.

What TattleCrime and Laura NEVER tell people is THE OTHER side of the story. What they did, how they contributed, and why I hate them with every fiber of my damn being. Those two people are quite possibly the most mentally ill people I have ever encountered in fandoms or otherwise. These people have such high level delusions about themselves and HUGE martyr complexes that they literally must walk around with their heads up their own asses ALL the time never being able to see what the fuck they did to other people. Both of them will ALWAYS tell sob stories "I don't even know what I did, I'm always nice to EVERYONE". Yet if you ask enough people about Laura or about TattleCrime you are going to find many, MANY horror stories about both of them as well. The difference between me and them is that I'll tell you straight up what the fuck I did to them. 100% of the time what I did came after what they did. I'll give you an example.

Laura tells people the reason I'm totally psycho to her is because she didn't respond to me for two days because she was sick. She claims to have NO IDEA otherwise why I could possibly be mad at her. That's 1% of the story. The rest of the story has to do with her starting rumors about me, lying to me, being caught in the lie, confronted with proof, still attempting to lie even with the proof of the lie, and harassing me over and over and over and over (while also harassing my friends and telling other people they were me). Have I been mean to Laura? I sure as shit have. I don't deny that crap. Was I unjustly mean to her because she didn't respond to my messages for two days when we were "friends"? No. If that was the case then I wouldn't have ANY friends right now because I do talk to people who go days without communicating with me for various reasons. I get that people have real lives, I understand that people can't ALWAYS be talking to me. Honestly if I went psycho on everyone who stopped responding to me that would be an issue but that's not even realistic. People come and go all the time that's life. That's how things work.

Even with my mounds of proof against Laura or TattleCrime it doesn't matter. All they have to do is say "that's not true". It's kind of like the feminists with their whole "not all feminists" crap. Then people are like "Oh well she said it wasn't true so I'm going to ignore the proof and blindly follow this asshole without trying to research the story for myself." It's utterly frustrating to be in a position when you can more than provide proof, have on many occasions, and keep trying to prove it when all it takes from the opposition is "No that's false". They have no proof of this no "receipts" as they like to call it, nothing. I sit here holding a full house while they bluff and some how they still manage to win the pot every single fucking time. Obviously I realize it's futile. These women, whoever they are, are fucking worthless outside of their dumb ass fandoms. They act out of spite or jealousy or just plain delusion but I get to be the victim of it. No matter what I say or do, they are always there to foul me up. This happens at every corner of every place on the internet I go.

Yet I am still here. Maybe it's because I know I'm right. Maybe it's because I don't turn tail and run and pretend that some how I'm an innocent victim in all of this. I know I played a role in everything, I don't claim to have no understanding of why people were mean to me, it was because I was mean to them and as I said it was never random or unjustified I was mean to them AFTER they did something to me and the situation escalated to a very high point. Anyone you hear stories from about me, literally anyone (because there are a lot of people including people who plain just make shit up because I guess it's "cool" to be a victim of me now) consider the source.

Consider the fact that I showed up at a damn convention meeting people I'm sure at least HEARD of me once and there was no incident. Consider how many stupid feminists insisted I would attack Gillian Anderson. I stood literally a foot away from her and did nothing but think "Oh that's pretty cool". Honestly, this, what I do here is a persona. This is angry outrage via internet. Though I can be exactly like this in real life IF I CHOOSE it's not as if I have a lack of control or a lack of understanding on how to be a damn adult if the situation calls for it. As such, ALWAYS CONSIDER THE SOURCE. Read the evidence, review the pictures, and realize that the people claiming "I don't even know what I did" are usually the biggest liars of them all.