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Fear Mongering And Feminism Go Hand In Hand

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Just a few hours ago I put up an article about my opinions on Gillian Anderson's recent feminist statements. Then of course I did a youtube video cause I do that for a lot of my articles. I posted it on twitter and tumblr. It wasn't soon after that, that the shit started to fly. It caused me to realize how bizarrely feminists will misinterpret data in order to fear monger and convince people of things that aren't even real. For example. I got a threat from someone. Vaguely worded but she warned me she was going to be at the same event/panel and that I should watch for her or something:

This was my response to her:

The original post can be found here. However there is a point to showing how I responded. Now anyway I got a bunch of anon hate after this, from Gillian fans I'm assuming mostly because one of the fans found another post I made but instead of confronting me directly, she took a screen shot of it and commented hoping I wouldn't see it.

She ignored posting the rest of the post which explained that I think Gillian's a great actress and I admire her talent and work ethic and jumped right to the bad part to portray me out of context. Remember how I mentioned fear mongering? Well she wanted to make sure she only got what she needed not what I actually presented which was a full explanation. The full post actually said:

Now when I confronted this girl, the first girl to take the screenshot and reblog it, remember she's the one who called me a trashbag:

She claimed she "knew I'd find it anyway" so she didn't care. Yet instead of saying anything to me directly she hid it. She did it covertly. Which of course caused a lot of anon hate and I'm guessing most of it was her as she's attacked me before. Kept insisting I was a man because no woman could ever be anti-feminist. Of course some how, on the reblogs of this, some girl gets it in her head that I'm going to threaten Gillian Anderson. No seriously. No idea how it turned into this but it did:

Now remember what my original post said? The girl claimed she would be at the same con and the same panel and she'd see me there. I said that if someone wanted to confront me I'd be there with my roommate and if they had a problem with me, he'd have a problem with them. Considering I've been getting a decent amount of threats concerning me attending fan expo I have the right to have somewhat of a bodyguard. Yet this girl, reblogged, not the original post with the threat, but she put this on an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT POST where people have NO WAY to see what the hell is going on. So then a bunch of people reblog her, claiming that I'm going to go there to attack Gillian with my huge roommate when that's not even CLOSE to what happened.

This, right here, is how Tumblr and feminists fear monger. This right here is why Tumblr is an echo chamber of fear and stupid people. This, right here, is why I in no way take my tumblr blog seriously but I would like to thank them for providing such excellent proof that what I say about feminism and fandoms is right. All of these people are batshit insane and all over a celebrity who could give two shits that they are defending her. How do you like that?