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Tumblr Is Biased Against SJW Blogs

Anti-Feminism, TumblrMonica EdwardsComment

This is something I (and others) have noticed, been noticing for a while. Tumblr has a huge bias against Anti-SJW blogs. We all know this because of a little infamous blog called Misandry-Mermaid who doxxed a 13 year old boy and harassed him. After her blog was deleted (not even sure this was the exact reason) she was allowed to come back with the same name because her feminist minions complained up and down that it was unfair she was gone. This is not and has not been the same for anti-sjw blogs. Many of whom have been shadow banned (including me, this has happened to me more than once even if I hadn't interacted with anyone yet).

it seems that if a popular feminist blog targets another blog they can easily get shadow banned for little more than people reporting them (even if tumblr claims they don't shadow ban anyone). As of now they've been banning popular anti-feminist blogs for little to no reason while popular feminist blogs like the infamous Chanty Binx's blog gets to stay up and we all know how fucking vile that woman is:

I have also noticed something else as of late. That tumblr straight up won't respond to my complaints from my anti-feminist blog. You see I have a roleplay blog on there as well (obviously not in the business of telling people where it is) but I wanted to test this theory. From both blogs I sent the same exact complaint. The anti-feminist blog never got any sort of response. No confirmation email or anything of the sort. The moment I filed the same complaint from the RP blog I got an immediate response.

So I'm the same person, two different email addresses, but they won't respond to my complaint from the Anti-Feminist blog, yet they are more than happy to help with the same exact complaint from a completely different blog with a different e-mail? I've tested this theory out more than once and I would urge others to test it out too. I'm not sure if they some how have emails blocked according to blog content, or they see the blog content and decide never to respond but something weird is going on here I can tell you that much.