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The Feminist Rape Delusion

Anti-Feminism, RapeMonica EdwardsComment

There is a lot of problems with how rape is tossed around so easily these days, and really it's usually only used improperly by feminists. I have never seen such a serious crime trivialized so much to fit some kind of fear mongering agenda to further a pointless cause. Switch rape, stare rape, fart rape, the male gaze, catcalling, all things that are akin to the physical act of rape in the mind of a feminist. I'm unsure if this is an actual delusion they have (as in they really do think these things are exactly like rape) or it's an alarmist tactic to scare weak and stupider women into becoming feminists to avoid being raped (as they think only feminism can save them).

As a rape victim myself, I know that rape isn't the end of the world. It can feel like that but it's not ultimately a death sentence. You recover, you eventually find your true self again. It doesn't have to completely shatter your life or yourself. No one is trying to claim it's not horrible, absolutely not. After each one of my assaults it took me a very long time to recover emotionally. Depending on how it happens, when it happens, where it happens, and how brutal it is, the recovery time can vary and it can be extremely devastating. However, it's not worse than death and there is always hope after such an event. Over my life I've talked to many victims of rape with many different situations and motives. Every single one of them wanted to get back to normal. Every single one of them was happy they were still alive to recover. It's not fun, it makes you feel awful, and it is positively nothing to trivialize. Feminists do. Constantly.

As of late it seems that anything a feminist wants to be rape is rape. For example, if a man asks you two or three times if you want to go fuck and you eventually give into him, that's rape. No. That's is not the definition of rape. The problem is that feminists are teaching young women that this is the equivalent. What does this leave us with? A bunch of girls who haven't been raped filing police reports for rape. A bunch of men freaking out thinking they raped a girl but did not. Even goes as far as convictions in court because a woman can become so insistent that a situation like this was rape and only because feminists have defined it as such. The things that feminists define as rape seem to be everything but actual rape. In most cases when I hear a feminist talking about rape or rape culture the actual crime of actual rape comes up very rarely or not at all. They usually talk about things that are very far from the map when it comes to rape.

Then of course you have the feminists who think that only men can rape. That women should always be defended and absolved of such a crime. That it's only possible to rape if you have a penis and if you have a penis you can't possibly be raped. They make rape a women's only issue to the point where they get pissed off if someone tries to interject and remind them men can be victims of rape as well. You also have feminists who agree that men can be raped but it's more important to focus on women victims. That or they'll throw in the asshole buzzword phrase of "patriarchy harms men too so we need feminism to fix this" then quickly jump back to how horrible the rape of women is. Rape is never a gendered issue. Rape has to do with sexual contact and penetration without consent of either gender. There is no reason to think rape can't happen to anyone because it does happen to any gender out there and not always by men.

Even lesbian sexual assault goes ignored by these feminists, when lesbian sexual aggression and assault is pretty damn high. It's never anything you will hear them bring up. Or other women for that matter. Due to the idea that only men can rape, when a woman attacks another woman, usually the woman is left to believe they'd given the 'wrong' signals and just weren't clear enough that they weren't interested. They sometimes even feel bad because the 'led the woman on' and it got to the point where they were forced to perform sexually because they don't think women are capable of sexual assault which is a damn lie.

44 percent of lesbians and 61 percent of bisexual women experience rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner, compared to 35 percent of heterosexual women (Source)

You have feminists who are actually against women learning self defense because they shouldn't have to learn how to protect themselves, the better solution seems to be 'teach men not to rape'. Even if that were a plausible solution that would really only end 50% of rape incidents as women rape quite often it just isn't as focused on. Even if we did managed to 'teach' all men not to rape then what? We continue to ignore the fact that women can and do rape? Getting all male rapists to never rape again wouldn't end rape at all. Not even close.

The problem is when you think things that aren't rape are, and you declare that things that aren't rape are, no one actually knows what rape is and what to take seriously. The false rape rate is far too high and not being taken seriously enough. Feminists don't even care that the 1 in 4 statistic they spout is completely wrong. They don't care that graphs and charts circulating depicting how many women get raped a year are skewed and biased. They don't care that study after study can disprove what they are saying is true as long as they get some stupid, delusional, pigheaded message out that basically everything a woman doesn't want is some sort of rape.

According To Feminists:

  • You are allowed to call it rape if the guy asked you a few times before you consented
  • You are allowed to call it rape during sex if the guy does something you don't like even after you consented
  • You are allowed to call it rape days after consenting if you just decide later you didn't want to consent
  • You are allowed to call it rape if a guy says something lewd to you on the street
  • You are allowed to call it rape if a guy fantasizes about you (or other women) to get off
  • You are allowed to call it rape if a man looks at you a way that you don't like
  • You are allowed to call it rape if a guy buys you a few drinks and you end up sleeping with him
  • You are allowed to call it rape if you get a few tweets saying that someone is going to rape you

The feminist idea of what rape is, is rarely actual rape. This list above, this is what I hear the most complaints about and they are always using the term rape to describe these events as if they were forcibly held down and penetrated against their will. This isn't okay to do. Ever. For any reason. Not only does it trivialize the actual rape problem that is going on, but it makes it hard for victims of actual rape to be taken seriously. Either feminists know that using the word rape is a "trigger" and will force people to listen, or they are literally so paranoid at this point of men that they actually think these things are rape. Even worse, most of these women haven't even been raped and try to speak for all rape victims all the time as if we want or need to be spoken for.

I know I complain about this trend quite a bit but it's by far one of the worse tactics that they use in order to indoctrinate women into feminism. Actual rape statistics are bad on their own. There isn't any need to shovel more shit onto the pile that already exists. What it comes down to is what I'm always saying. Feminists want women to be oppressed. Feminists want women to be be dehumanized. Feminists want women to be treated as weak, inferior, damsel in distress princesses while at the same time calling them empowered and strong. Yet strong women don't invent ways to cry rape on a man for shits and giggles or to further an agenda. If there was one thing I could stop them from doing, just one as of now, I would cut out this shit first. As a victim of rape myself, I find this behavior incredibly childish and I would hope that sooner or later someone puts an end to it before a woman is nominated for a damn award for falsely accusing a man of rape.

Oh wait, that already happened.