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BuzzFeed Gets Women Wrong (Yet Again)

#GamerGate, Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

So buzzfeed did this stupid ass video and yeah they do a lot of stupid ass videos but this one really bugged me. Struggles Only Geek Girls Understand. Some of it was meh, but then there were a few segments I had a problem with so lets get started:

They show this then they show a bunch of guys staring at a girl in presumably a comic book shop?

Where? Where does this happen? Like ever? And I speak from experience. With all the comic book, book stores, and gaming places I go into, never ONCE have I gotten a group of men staring at me like they'd never seen a woman before. This just follows the damn feminist trope of OMG COMIC BOOK GUYS ARE LAME VIRGINS WHO NEVER SEE GIRLS OUTSIDE OF VIDEO GAMES. Come on buzzfeed lets cut that shit out.

I can't speak for EVERY chick but personally here is my take on things. I like the sexy ass armor. Okay? I LIKE IT! I also know plenty of other women who like it. By the way, geniuses who are going to complain about "OMG UNREALISTIC" all video games are unrealistic. Really? You think that you can carry 500 pounds of shit in Skyrim and still run just fine? Or what about getting shot 700 times and your health doesn't completely drain? Guy or girl? Are we seriously going to complain armor is too sexy when like the rest of the game is 99% unrealistic as well? And of course you got the feminist looking poser type gamer girl looking upset about it:

She couldn't look more typical tumblr feminist she even has the BLOOD RED LIPSTICK TO SMASH THE PATRIARCHY. Really? Can we stop complaining about unrealistic armor yet when PLENTY of women enjoy the sexy chicks in video games as much as men?

Then they show a girl in I guess a comic book shop and of course she has the one weird streak of hair coloring to show she's totally not like other girls and is kind of goth? I dunno anyway some guy comes up to her and is like "Are you looking for a gift for your boyfriend?" When does this happen? Where? Because once again with ALL the game/comic/book stores I've been in never ONCE did a man assume I was there for my BOYFRIEND. The "worst" question I got was "can I help you find anything?" WOW HOW GODDAMN SEXIST! No seriously can someone tell me where this happens other than maybe the 1950's and in a car shop? Because I promise you this isn't a HUGE thing and if ONE guy did it once (which may have happened I don't deny that) it's not ALL men and it doesn't happen ALL the time. Holy shit and if it does, grow the fuck up it's not even THAT big of a deal.

Okay one: Lots of girls do this despite being geeks or not since when is this only a geek girl struggle? Further more, why is this a problem or embarrassing? The girl in the video doing it looks fucking humiliated. Why not just go buy some goddamn clothes and shut the fuck up about it? WHY IS THIS EVEN ON THIS LIST!? Also it's not like they don't sell plenty of unisex or female shirts for fandom can't buy it online if you don't have enough balls to walk into a men's department? WHY IS THIS A PROBLEM?

Here we have a girl in cosplay? I'm guessing I dunno what she's trying to cosplay, but she's in cosplay or just looks weird I dunno (same blood color lipstick) and another girl is staring at her and she looked humiliated.

Once again how is your low fucking self esteem a problem and also only something geek girls struggle with? Two, if you cosplay why aren't you proud of it? Especially if it's good? I went to fan expo dressed like this:

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 4.52.40 PM.png

I was out in a lot of public areas in that wig and that make up and I was fine. I felt fine. I didn't try to hide from anyone I was awesome. Like why are you so fucking considerate of what people think of you? The point of cosplay is to have fun and who gives a shit what some random ass person thinks of how you look? Holy Christ, she doesn't know you or where you are going or what you are doing? Also why are you taking a subway to get there? You didn't arrange better transportation? Hell I don't even give a shit, I'll go out dressed like this for no reason or to take my own cosplay pictures. Why do you even give that much of a fuck what a stranger thinks of you?

Why is this a geek girl struggle only? My sister is FAR from a geek girl and she gets confused for a minor all the time because she's very short, very petite, and looks VERY YOUNG. This is a problem for A LOT of women. My sister is 26 and people constantly think she's 16. Also arcades barely even fucking exist any more, and the bouncer tells her "this isn't an arcade this is a barcave" okay so you are using outdated as fuck references for a cheap laugh? Or is buzzfeed just that out of touch?

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 2.45.11 AM.png

Also apparently this girl is totally humiliated on a subway with her...I guess cosplay...but she goes out looking like this and doesn't care what people think of her? Cause I think this is the same girl right? So you look like a dork in BOTH situations but in one you are confident enough to go to a bar and in the other you are humiliated? Really? Does that even make sense?

Are you people even geek girls? Also where was your chubby ass friend on the subway? Did she ditch you cause you looked too weird? Why were you alone if you are clearly dancing with her here? And you sure have a shit ton of complaints for girls who wouldn't change for the world? Who is the demo for these videos? My guess is poser gamer girls who really don't know shit about gaming or play one or two games and think they are gamers. The video starts with a guy being too stupid to know what Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw is and somewhere clearly at a convention setting. I don't even watch or like Harry Potter and I know what that shit is. I doubt someone would confuse that with Pokemon.

Some of the stuff in this video was 'meh who cares' but this stuff it doesn't even make sense. Either it's situations that straight up don't happen (but feminists lie and say does happen OR they blow way out of proportion because one guy once did one of these things) or it's a bunch of stereotypes against men. That or it's dumb ass complaints about non existent sexism or things that don't ONLY apply to geek girls. Then you go to this video and it has like 30K thumbs up. Who's thumbing this up? My guess are poser idiots who have no actual clue what the fuck the real world is like with gaming/geeks.

Let me tell you. I've been to TONS of conventions. I have been in many comic book stores, tech stores, video game stores, at movie premieres, contests, arcades (when they were a thing) and so fourth. Now you'd think with ALL these things I've done, AT LEAST ONCE I'd have come across a situation where some guy was sexist to me. NEVER LITERALLY EVER HAPPENED. Seriously. Like I said, I do not deny that maybe sometimes some guys are jerks. However as a "geek" girl (I guess) I don't understand the so called "problems" in 90% of this video. A lot of these problems apply to non geek girls and some of them even apply to MALE GEEKS. This is the crap we need to stop producing/paying attention to if we ever want so called "geek girls" to be taken seriously...oh wait...they already ARE taken seriously. It's almost as if feminists DON'T want them to be taken seriously and to continually perpetuate stereotypes of how HARD it is to be a female nerd because that's really ALL this video does.