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Gillian Anderson Lost To Feminism

Anti-Feminism, Fandoms, MisandryMonica Edwards4 Comments

I used to greatly admire Gillian Anderson and though I knew in some way she was always a feminist, she was never a huge bitch about it until recently. Take this recent interview of hers for example. In it they state that SHE goes on to bring up feminism (not that they really brought it up) and she says several disgusting things that really should be alarming considering how important her male fan base should be to her. One of the comments that struck me the hardest was her whole "I don't smile" comment: 


She talks about how she's totally like Kristen Stewart who never smiled and wished someone would have told her her didn't have to smile as if someone asking her to smile in a picture is a crime. People really rag on Kristen for not smiling when there are quite a few pictures out there of her smiling, then feminists lose their minds like OMG A WOMAN DIDN'T SMILE WHEN ASKED! WHAT A FEMINIST HERO! This whole concept of asking AN ACTRESS OF ALL PEOPLE TO SMILE BEING SEXIST is dumb. Gillian was a NOBODY when she started X-Files. As far as I'm aware Chris Carter was cautioned against hiring her because no one would watch a show with Duchovny and some unknown woman. Yet Chris, a man, took a chance on her anyway right? Oh no but men? She doesn't care about men yet she also says something really interesting: 


Apparrently she only cares about men, specifically gentlemen, and only when they help her. Then like a typical feminist she brings up the third world women. It's not to be denied she's actually gone there and done things but at the same time she doesn't care about "Modern men" unless they decide to help her. Yet the feminists hate the whole "damsel in distress" thing then complain when no one actually helps them when they need it. Not to mention this whole comment about how the mother's of these men are to blame for not teaching them anything but it's because they are SILENCED (but only in third world countries I guess?). Then she makes another comment about how men haven't caught up to women yet right? 


Men haven't caught up with US. Isn't feminism the other way around? That allegedly women haven't caught up with men? You know the men that allowed you an equal salary to David Duchovny when you demanded it? The male fan base who helped prop you up to where you were? Yet these men you don't care about them unless they choose to help you, but you are a feminist and a strong woman who doesn't need a man, and you won't smile because FUCK being nice to ANYONE especially as an actress who has an image to portray. Yeah sexism is just everywhere and your milions upon millions of dollars is SOOOOO oppressing. Glass ceiling and penises and patriarchy OH MY! These comments just in this one interview are so contradictory.  

  1.  Won't smile
  2.  Men haven't caught up with women
  3.  I get riled over feminist topics
  4.  I don't care about men unless they are gentlemen (Doesn't define what that is) 
  5. .Women are being silenced in third worlds so they can't teach men to behave right (As if women know and also as if this has anything to do with modern men) 

I don't even think Gillian herself has ever claimed to  be a smart person. I've seen dozens of interviews with her where she says she's not that smart and she's nothing like the characters she plays on TV. I never had this concept of her as some amazing, intelligent, genius woman but I did think she was smarter than to start subscribing to radfem ideology and blasting men as if they played no role in where she is today. She would be a nobody if Carter didn't think to take a chance on a literal unknown for his show. She is where she is because men like her (as well as women) and yet who gives a shit about the men? Right? Don't tell her to smile, she clearly has NOTHING to be thankful for in a world full of disgusting men. I used to have respect for her, a ton of respect, but now she's no better than any other feminist hack conning people out of money, except she gets it via movie and TV contracts because her stupid feminist fanbase will flock in to see anything she does. Congratulations Gillian, you let A LOT of people down. I hope you're happy.