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Lowering Standards Because Biology Is Sexist!

Anti-Feminism, SexismMonica EdwardsComment

Over the past few years I have been seeing more and more instances of feminists complaining that there aren't enough women in one profession or another. Despite the fact that all these feminists decide to go into gender studies instead of into STEM where they claim women are most needed, one of the more infuriating complaints is about professions that actually NEED high requirements. I mean beyond intelligence. I am talking about the women complaining that standards to become police officers or firefighters or even marines are too high. Well there is a damn reason for that. To be a firefighter it takes a lot of physical strength because the job is very demanding and requires a lot of physical activity. Yet because feminists are complaining so much some cities are actually LOWERING STANDARDS to let more women in.

According to this recent article New York has decided to let this woman become a firefighter despite not passing the physical exam test. Now I can already hear people screaming that "OMG THE TEST IS SO HARD! LOOK AT THE PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS!" which no shit they are because this is firefighting. This is not only a life saving job but it's also dangerous for the people performing the job. This is what the physical part of the exam looks like:

In the FST exam, probies must breathe through a mask attached to an air tank while carrying up to 50 pounds of gear.

They must climb six flights of stairs, stretch hose lines, raise ladders, perform tasks that simulate breaking doors and pulling down ceilings, and drag dummies through tunnels with no visibility.

They must complete the course in 17 minutes, 50 seconds or less.

This all seems very reasonable to me and not impossible for someone if they are in good enough physical condition, man or woman. In fact, there are other women in that class that did just fine. The articles mentions that they were doing very well and also complaining that this woman is some how allowed to pass despite not being able to finish the examine in time.

Despite many attempts over the Fire Academy’s 18-week training course, Wax completed the test just once — but it took her more than 22 minutes, the source said.

She's good but she's not good enough. The article says she's in great physical condition she's just not hitting the time frame or score that she needs in order to pass. Now seeing as how there are other women in that class and they are doing it fine, this shouldn't even be considered unfair. I say kick her out. Yet because of "feminism" lets lower some standards and assume that, I don't know, maybe the test is some sort of fluke and when it really comes down to the wire she'll actually be able to perform correctly right? Do you think they'd do the same for a man? I think not. I've known female firefighters, even one who was part of the first response team on 9/11 because of where she was located in New Jersey.  It's not even as if there is a severe lack of female firefighters and there are many races of them as well across the US. There is a reason that there are standards for these jobs. It's because they have to do with saving lives and preventing further problems.

Think about it? If your house was on fire would you want some lame ass weakling that they allowed into the profession cause they complained, who may or may not be able to save you? Or would you want a person who passed the test and continues to pass the tests and has more than shown that they can actually save a life and put out a damn fire? These standards aren't sexist and they clearly aren't too high for women to actually pass, they are the way they are because it's important. Yet feminists are of this weird mindset that biology is sexist. Men are just always going to be better physically able to do manual work and tasks like this. They are built differently, have different chemistry, hormones, and biology. That's just how things work. To feminists, this is one of the BIGGEST sexist issues though. Just look at manspreading and that whole piece of crap if you don't believe me.

There has also been recent (and apparently completely serious) debate on how sexist air-conditioning is because women are naturally colder than men so the way temperatures are set in public buildings is sexist. If that's not bad enough they now want to lower standards for female marines because OMG BEING A MARINE IS SO HARD. No shit it's hard it's the FUCKING MARINES. There is a reason you need to be able to meet physical standards in order to be a marine and there are already female marines as well. It's not as if only men are marines. All of these professions it's more than possible for a woman to physically do the job but feminists don't want to WORK at anything what they want is to be handed free shit or to cheat because OMG LIFE IS SO HARD. They also want women to just be given jobs because they are women or to fit a quota not because the women can actually do the jobs.

Feminists have some weird idea that if a certain profession has 50% male workers it also needs to have 50% female workers. The thing is that women just aren't interested in a lot of these things. I mean on their own. Not because society is preventing it, not because people are actively chasing them away from it, but because it's just how women are. Maths and sciences are more logic and fact based and that kind of stuff is more interesting to men. Women are more likely to be interested in emotional and opinion based areas of study, and there's nothing wrong with that either. Obviously there are men who don't like math and science and women who do. But I promise you this isn't anything society is actively conditioning anyone to think. In fact I knew more females that had gone into Pre-Med than males (at least when I was in college). There is really nothing stopping women from pursuing STEM job if they should choose.

The biggest problem here is lowering standards just to accommodate women. When it comes to important jobs that are life saving or impact the health and well-being of society we shouldn't even stop to consider lowering standards just because there isn't enough of one gender in any given profession. In a case where we lower standards or create a different, more easy test, for women to become doctors or firefighters or engineers we are creating a situation that puts lives at risk. At this point, educational fields are open to all genders and races. The fact that women are choosing NOT to do these things isn't sexism, misogyny, or patriarchy. Feminists claim they are always fighting for the right for women to CHOOSE stuff but when women don't choose to do what they want they get upset. When women can't cut it for the physical jobs they demand the standards be lowered. This isn't equality in any sense of the word. This is a get out of jail free card, a hand out, a reward for not doing anything noteworthy. Feminists need to either come right out and say they want special treatment for being women OR they need to accept the fact that equal opportunity isn't the same as equal outcome and risking lives of other people just to fill quotas is just going to fuck everything up in the long run.