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Free The Nipple! But only when feminists say...

Anti-Feminism, SexismMonica EdwardsComment

Feminists seem to have this huge issue with topless women and dirty magazines, porn, strippers, all of that. Yet they also seem to want to walk around topless and scream about how it's their right to do that, or something about how it's unfair for men to go shirtless but women can't cause it's illegal and that's misogyny or something. Obviously I can't speak on policies for other countries, well I guess I could if I researched it enough, but I do know in the US it's not illegal for women to go topless in most places.

According to (a website that is fighting for toplessness equality in the states) this is a map of the US and according to this map:

  • The green colored states are those where top freedom is in effect.
  • The orange colored ones have ambiguous state laws on the matter.
  • The red colored ones are the ones where the mere showing of the female breast in public is illegal according to state law.

So as you can see the majority of states allow topless women to walk around free as a bird and it's not illegal. A lot of feminists think being stopped by police or being detained means they are doing something that is illegal, but many people are detained and never charged with anything. No one is here to claim that society isn't prudish but the bottom line is that for the most part you can go around topless almost anywhere which would explain why a lot of feminists aren't getting arrested at slut walks for being half naked to completely naked.

Other than the fact that I'm not sure why this is something people need to fight SO HARD for (especially when in other countries there are actual problems and real oppression women face), at least it's not something as pointless as trying to fight the "manspreading plague" of 2015. In any case women are going to be just fine in most states. Yet even though this information is easy to obtain and feminists complain A LOT about not being able to go topless, you don't see many of them walking around topless anyway. Unless these protests are being held in the states marked in red (and possible the states in orange) what's the point? But a lot of things are going on in states that are green. Whatever. You see my main issue is that they seem to want to be able to walk around naked but they also want to censor women who choose to go nude for magazines or do sex work (such as exotic dancing or pornography).

You have campaigns such as "FREE THE NIPPLE" while at the same time you have campaigns to ban topless women in magazines. Such as the "No more page three" thing that happened not too long ago. So while feminists claim they want to have women running around topless and for it to be legal for all women to do just that, they also don't want porn magazines or ads featuring topless women. What I really think they want is the right to complain about nonsensical issues and contradict themselves while not being called on it since feminism seems to be all about not taking responsibility for anything and blaming all problems on a fictional first world patriarchy.

So what is it with these chicks? What do they want? They seem to want everything and nothing. Or they seem to not want the topless content when they can't control it. They seem to think that any nudity of women presented to the public for whatever type of consumption is promoting rape culture....except when they do it? Which one is it ladies? Because if topless women in Playboy and porn promote rape culture then doesn't this promote it as well?

Or does walking around topless with a message written on your body implying only women get raped and to ignore male victims some how erasing rape culture? Do you want only feminists to be able to go topless because they do it for the "right" reasons and equality? Also have you ever noticed that usually it's the really only the attractive women featured in magazines for the "male gaze" that they hate the most? One would think this whole "Anti-Tits" campaign has far more to do with jealousy than actually stopping any sort of rape culture.

Yet you will have just as many women against female nudity as you have for it. Then you need to look at the fact that if a man whips his dick out for literally ANY reason he's going to get arrested and in many cases put on a sex offender's list for life. For instance, male public urination can land a man on a sex offender's list. Yeah. Something like that can force a man to have to announce to everyone he's a sex offender. Now I'm not some huge fucking advocate for peeing anywhere you want, but is that exactly fair? Public indecency I get that even some sort of vandalization but SEX OFFENDER? Why? Because someone MIGHT have seen a penis while a man was taking a piss? Yes this is actually something that happens and it ruins people's lives.

Peeing in public. At least 13 states require sex offender registration for public urination, according to Human Rights Watch's comprehensive review of sex offender laws in 2007. Two of those states specify that the urination must happen in front of a minor.

At the end of the day, feminism has become a parody of itself. They want the same things as a lot of them don't want. All sex is rape or women should be able to use sex to empower themselves. Women can't go topless in magazines (even if they choose but in some cases they aren't really choosing because society brainwashed them into thinking they HAD to go topless) it's all just a confusing mess of garbage. Now, I agree, nudity doesn't have to be sexual nor is it always sexual. I also agree that women should be able to legally go topless if they want in the US as our sexualization of breasts is over the top stupid. Yet when you have just as many feminists who want to cage the nipple as who want to free it, what part of the movement is anyone supposed to take seriously and ultimately who has the right answer? What is comes down to is what I already said. The current state of feminism really is only:

"I'm a woman, I don't know what I want but I'll damn well complain about it until I get it, and you can't call me on it because then you are some kind of sexist bigot"