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Just When You Think Feminism Can't Get Dumber...

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Honestly there sometimes comes a point where I start thinking, this is it, feminism cannot possibly get more stupid than it currently is, of course the moment I start thinking that I see even more stupid things about feminism that just absolutely astounds me. Why don't we start with this thing which I first saw today, not surprisingly I found it on tumblr, the day I decided to restart my blog there as well.

I didn't actually expect a response but I did get one and it gets even crazier from this point. No seriously:

No this actually happened and you can see all my responses if you'd like because she sent me more than this. Just check out this here and you can see everything she said to me and how I responded to her. If you don't want to read it, cause it's kind of long, basically she willingly admits she doesn't know much about migrant working conditions, she refuses to answer a few of my questions, she insists cows are more exploited than humans, and if we stop exploiting animals than exploiting humans will be next to follow when one literally has nothing to do with the other. Oh but it gets better, or worse, depending on how you look at it. For the past two days a feminist has been attacking me on twitter. I put up a comic making fun of feminism, ironically both characters in the cartoon are male, and a feminist asked me why I thought women were inferior to men which I literally never said once.

What do you think happened after this? Exactly what I just did a video on, she blocked me. Which was painfully ironic because I totally spoke on this for about 5-6 minutes just this week about how feminists have a painful love affair with blocking out any opinion that doesn't instantly agree with theirs. In only a few tweets she was done with me, then came back and told one of my followers she had sent "Legit non biased sources" which no, she didn't. Her sources were well, basically what she said here. Her own opinions. Of course I'm blocked now so I'm not worth her time but I'm also not surprised. Speaking of that video, the feminist love affair with the block button, this happened also:

I didn't even know really where to begin with this so here was my response, I wonder if they'll even come back or if they'll deem me a troll and just block me like basically every other feminist I ever have to deal with:

Then while also browsing my new tumblr blog I see dumb shit like this:

Since when did feminism go from getting equal rights to I dunno some weird campaign to stop period shaming. Periods are gross, they are blood coming out of your vagina. No one needs or wants to hear about it and for good reason. However feminism is now about spreading bacterial waste all over a city while claiming you are striking a blow for women's rights and also while claiming the blood is completely harmless, as if there aren't numerous disease that can be transmitted through blood. Feminism is about infecting people with gross period blood and of course she gets praise up and down for being nasty? How is this even helping women? As a woman I am completely grossed out by this, and even MORE grossed out knowing people think she's a hero for doing this. She's not. She's just obnoxious. The last thing I'll leave you with is this:

For one, if some men set up a booth saying "Free slaps for gay/trans lesbian women" what do you think would happen? But this is completely fine? Not only is it REALLY okay but it's okay enough that I bet you no one did anything about this. I bet you people found this funny. The exact opposite would cause riots and we'd be lucky if it didn't also cause violence. Feminism is on a very downhill slope and sadly, each day I manage to discover something more and more disturbing about it. Keep in mind that a lot of this stuff is not even FROM tumblr as in, the news article and the picture, these things happened in real life. The other comment was from youtube. Seriously, we have gotten to a level of complacency with these radicals that is absolutely disgusting and yet society seems to prefer just allowing it because being called a "sexist" for using logic is SO TERRIBLE we'd rather let them have complete control of everything. Disgusting.