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Tropes Of A Feminist Rebuttal

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

As people an imagine I get a lot of rants sent to me by feminists. They all usually contain several basic elements that I would consider tropes at this point since I have yet to be sent a rant that doesn't mention these certain subjects. I would like to address them now.

"You need to understand that tumblr/twitter/facebook/social media feminism isn't real feminism"

Yes, yes it is real feminism. For one, I have met plenty of real world feminists who have no concept of tumblr or who think social media is stupid who behave exactly like the feminists on social media. Even if, lets say this were true and none of that was "real" feminism, it was just some sort of I don't know, feminist role-play, okay well they are still using the feminist label and they are still misrepresenting feminists. Your problem would be with those fake feminists not with me. Other than the fact that I can provide many, many, many sources of feminists acting like spoiled and violent brats in real life...the level of denial these women are in astounds me. It's as if they are intent on burying their heads in the sand to make sure they don't have to experience anything in the real world.

"Real feminism is about equality, that's the feminism I stand for!"

First of all even the real actual definition of feminism doesn't stand for equality. Right in the definition it quite clearly states that it's a movement for women's rights on the GROUNDS for equality to men. Not that it's about equality for everyone right off the bat. Secondly, once again, can we drop this idea of "real feminism"? As far as I'm aware the majority of a group and how they behave is how the group is and always will be portrayed. It's like a Nazi saying they don't hate Jews or black people. Okay great, but ONE NAZI saying that doesn't make the rest of the Nazis look awesome. Works the exact same way with feminism. Sorry. That is what feminism is and has become and why people do not like it any more.

"Women all over the world are still oppressed so feminism isn't completely useless."

Yes, yes it is. If it wasn't then why do those women still need feminism? Let me break it down for you. We got a bunch of really rich and privilege women in first world countries who CLAIM to give a shit about third world women, yet those third world women STILL have problems. Now, it seems to me that if these first world feminists who constantly use third world women as poster children actually gave a great goddamn about these actually oppressed women they would have done more than blog/tweet/facebook complain about it.

I also very clearly remember having a debate with one feminist who kept bringing up women in India. I asked her why she didn't go over there and help them then. She told me, "The last thing they need is a white savior".  So these women recognize there are other women being oppressed but don't want to do anything for them because...? Keep in mind it's RARE a feminist will admit that they aren't oppressed. Even when they play this specific card they also have to bring up how first world women are still oppressed. Then they tell you oppression isn't a competition and no one will be equal until everyone is equal and blah blah blah blah you get the point.

"Men understand that they're coming from a place of privilege just because of their gender."

Really? Do they? Do they have THAT much more privilege over women in the first world? Lets check out the list and see what Male Privilege looks like in the first world, shall we?

Wow look at all that privilege. Men are more likely to die in combat, on the job, be victims of murder, involved in deadly accidents, commit suicide, and less likely to get custody of their own children. Oh not to mention they HAVE to sign up for the draft in America when the turn 18. That seems like so much awesome privilege. Those horrible, HORRIBLE, men how dare they die more than women and be victims of more crime? Wow I'm glad they are aware of this privilege so they can call you on their bullshit. Or are they really only aware of the privilege you TELL them they have? You know, the completely made up bullshit privilege. Now lets look at female privileges in the first world:

 (Source: )


It seems to me that what feminists are actually in the business of doing is denying their own privileges in favor of completely inventing privileges men have because they have life so damn easy they get bored if they don't have conflict. Trust me, men are not more privileged than you. If anything you need to check your privilege and stop believing the lies that you've been told. Usually by other feminists.

"You're wrong about a lot of things within the feminist movement."

I hear this one a lot too, which I really wouldn't have a problem with, if they followed it up with anything. Literally anything. I mean other than some diatribe about wage gap or rape culture. Like say a feminist said this to me and then actually offered a source to disprove what I said. For instance, I have a lot of stuff floating around about how wage gap is fake. I have sources as well. I have a whole page of links on this website devoted to disproving the wage gap. Valid ones. If you have a valid source, a valid study, a valid news article that disproves all these articles then PLEASE show it to me. The thing is, none of them do. They think their word is law and just by saying I'm wrong they win. I don't mind being proven wrong or sent sources to use to educate myself but none of them actually send me anything of merit. I usually either get that statement up there OR I get some link to a Daily Show segment or some website like, both of which aren't even real news sites because they are either satire, completely biased, or both. If you could link me to a government study or something from CNN or Wall Street Journal, yes I will TOTALLY believe you. But you can't, they can't, no one can. Just SAYING someone is wrong isn't enough to make you right. You have to PROVE it.

"Clearly you just don't know what feminism is."

Curiously enough this usually isn't followed by anything. It's just a statement of fact they have. If there is something after that, it's usually something like "Feminism is about equality" but that's about it. Or something about how feminists got women the right to vote or some other thing that happened decades ago that isn't at all relevant now and no feminists currently alive really helped accomplish. Especially not social media feminists. However, I can guarantee you and anyone else I know exactly what feminism is. The reason I know is because when they first started to attack me I looked into it. Then I looked into it more. Then some more. Over and over and over. I started to ask questions, I found other feminists to talk to. I read articles, books, saw documentaries. Unlike what feminists do, I actually DID get educated on feminism. Instead of blindly accepting what feminists told me, I questions facts and reality. I used logic. I used my brain. I know more about feminism than the majority of the feminists I talk to. Feminists only ever have these same tropes to fall back on. They all have the same copy/paste responses. They always tell you the same things. None of them have any different arguments. All of it is all one carbon copy debate technique after another.

From MRAs, to Egalitarians, to people who don't even take a label, we ALL have various styles of debate. Various sources we use to prove feminists wrong, and we don't repeat the same things over and over (unless we have to because someone isn't actually getting the point). It couldn't be more clear that feminism is a cult. What do Christians do when you question anything? They scream a bible verse at you that somewhat pertains to the issue at hand. What do feminists do when you question anything? They scream a buzzword/phrase/sentence at you and think they won. Feminism isn't about critical thinking or common sense. It's about memorization and blind servitude. If I can already predict what 99% of your complaints will be, before you send them, your movement is flawed and chances are you are a complete moron.