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Personal Attacks Override Logical Debate

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I've been doing this for years at this point and I've noticed one HUGE thing (especially on social media). When feminists don't like what you have to say their first tactic is usually to jump into personal insults instead of any sort of logical rebuttal as to why what you are saying is wrong. Though it's quite obvious to me (and the rest of the universe) that when someone starts attacking how you look before they tackle what you've actually said, it's clear you've won and they really don't have any sort of actual response to prove you wrong. Here I would like to share some of the attacks I've gotten as of late.

This one was sent to me on a video about the #KillAllMen hashtag. It was a video where I explain why killing all men would be a bad idea. Of course, there is now this trend on my YouTube channel of commenting without watching any part of the video and just randomly guessing what I may have said in it. Though my videos, blog, and twitter all say "Anti-Feminism, Pro-Equality" and "Egalitarian" people still some how miss that and jump to the conclusion that I'm a feminist and want to kill all men because of a video title without actually watching even 5 seconds of the video to decide that they are wrong.

This is another one from the same video. Though it could possibly be a random troll, feminists are not opposed to telling me to kill myself or drink bleach/poison for not being a feminist, as can be seen here from someone I know isn't a troll. Yes she was on anonymous but that day it was really only the same three people attacking me and I know exactly why and what I said:

The first one may be a troll the second one isn't. Feminists are quite irrational when you tell them that you aren't a feminist, especially if you are a female. That specific video (Watch it here) keeps getting comments from people I am SURE are not even watching it because if they were they'd know exactly what it was about.

Of course then we move into the personal appearance attacks. I even discuss this at length in one of my videos about feminism and body shaming. Oddly enough they all do it and seem to stay away from that one specifically BUT they will do it on all my other videos. Also recently this trend of calling me a meth addict started:

Other than the fact that I'm 100% sure I know who started the rumor that I'm a meth addict (which is stupid because she knows me personally and knows that I absolutely am not one) I keep seeing this one over and over again. The girl who is spreading this rumor never comments herself she just sends her minions to do it because she has no life. On occasion I do get a good laugh out of some of these attempted insults like this one from a jackass who clearly didn't bother to spell check what he was saying making him look stupider than he thinks he made me look:

Then you have the "You must be a man" arguments because apparently no woman in her right mind would ever speak out against feminism or else she's some sort of gender traitor right? I guess I didn't realize I had a penis, my bad everyone:

There is still more body shaming but this one takes on an interesting tone of "Fake concern". This person sent me several messages pretending to be concerned that I had some type of terminal disease. Though I have explained publicly several times that my weight is mostly due to genetics combined with chronic illness, people still seem to ignore that in favor of the crack/meth/gonna die soon narrative:

Some people jump straight into the most horrible insults imaginable when they don't like you. This one was completely uncalled for and actually not even about feminism but an opinion over a TV show that they didn't like:

As you can see, none of these responses have any substance or tact and really only take the brain of a retarded monkey to come up with. On occasion I get a creative and original enough insult to make me laugh but most of them are copy/paste or something someone else already said and they just run with it. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten the insult "skinny crack whore" or "anorexic bitch" or something along those lines. I mean it's seriously like people think I don't realize I'm skinny? I don't know.

I will never claim that I've never insulted someone's looks, because that would be dishonest and I think everyone has done that in their lives. However, my first tactic is to find a way to deconstruct whatever argument the person is making instead of jumping right into calling them fat/ugly/whatever. I do use the terms "stupid" and "retard" a lot but that's usually how the person is actually behaving. When you get a comment that full of slang/l33t speak (which I do a lot) it doesn't take a genius to see that the person is being a moron and I believe it's okay to call them a moron if they are talking to me in such a way. When you start attacking someone's personal appearance before you ever address what they actually said, it only reinforces that they completely won the debate, and yet this is still the most common tactic of feminists on social media. Not surprising at all, is it?