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Hate Crimes Have Become Colorblind (Not in a GOOD way)

Social Justice, Hate CrimesMonica EdwardsComment

The other day a reporter and her camera man were shot down in cold blood, all in the name of racism and an attempt to start a race war. Vester Lee Flanigan (On Air Name: Bryce Williams) decided he was going to shoot Alison Parker on live TV.  He then shot her camera man Adam Ward and a third victim was hit but she's now in the hospital, has been stabilized. Vester then went on to shoot himself in the head. This issue is being strangely ignored by the online community at large unless you count the people talking about gun control. Yet there is no more obvious hate crime than this, and yet people are not calling it that when they damn well should be. 

This act of violence couldn't have been any more obviously racial motivated. Even in the own words of the man himself. In the excerpts of the manifesto he released he clearly states: “As for Dylann Roof? You (deleted)! You want a race war (deleted)? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE …(deleted)!!!” 

Yet no one is really addressing the racial motivations of this crime. What the media has jumped to instead is gun control and gun violence and lets talk about guns. I can understand using an event like this to push a political agenda, fine, but it's as if everyone is completely blind to the motivation of this act due to the fact that Vester was a gay black man. In his manifesto (as you saw) he mentioned Dylan Roof. This was the young man who shot up a church killing nine African Americans and it was most definitely racially motivated. In just about everything you see or hear about this young man they include some sort of mention of race or racism. The most the media outlets are reporting on Vester is what he said specifically. They aren't calling it a hate crime or even referring to it as racism and if racism is brought up it's in the context that Vester believed he had experienced racism. No mention of him being a racist or this being a racist act, unless it's a direct quote from Vester himself.

No one is even trying to defend Dylan Roof here. Yes he was a racist, and it was a horrible hate crime, and he should rot in prison for the rest of his life which is going to be a long time considering his young age. That was terrible. Awful. That should have never happened. Yet why is it okay to instantly brand, label, and scream racism, hate crime, and everything else when a white person does something and when a black person does something that's racial motivated (or any other race for that matter) people are strangely silent? Also this is FAR from the only black on white racially motivated act as of late. Yet, the media ignores those as well and if they don't the term HATE CRIME is never used and the black perpetrator is NEVER referred to as racist. Why? If the crime is racially motivated it's a hate crime. White people aren't the only people who can commit hate crimes.

A white man was assaulted and later died after a black man in New York screamed "I HATE WHITE PEOPLE" and started throwing punches.

A 20 year old white man was shot and killed by some black men looking to rob white people.

White man is severely beaten and killed near Ferguson just for being white.

So these things are recent, and there are more than just these crimes going on, yet people either straight up ignore them and they only make local news OR they aren't reported as racial motivated or described as hate crimes. When they most definitely are hate crimes. Not to mention the fact that police kill more white people than black people yet the media and society in general really only get outraged when a minority was killed. Even if it's justifiable self defense and proven as such in court like with officer Darren Wilson. There was even an incident very shortly after Mike Brown was shot, with an unarmed white man being killed by a black officer that only made local news in Utah. Very little outrage generated over it and I'm willing to bet had it not happened about a week after Mike Brown less people would have heard about it happening. Recently another white teen was shot dead in South Carolina. Nothing about that. No outrage, no protests, nothing. 

So what it boils down to is that racism is alive and well in this country. From all sides. It's not just white people doing it but when white people do it the term racism and hate crime is thrown all over the place. The media can't wait to throw these terms around and shove it in people's faces, which would be fair if they were doing the same to black people committing the same type of crimes for the same racially motivated reasons. Instead, the media and society shy away from ever using the term hate crime (or even charging these black people WITH hate crimes) even if by their own admission they harmed/killed someone for being white. If we are in a fight to gain equality then we should represent equal actions equally. Yet no one at all seems to think this is a hate crime, at least not in the media. Even Gawker had the nerve to post this:

So lets excuse the actions of Vester Lee because Alison Parker and Adam Ward MAY have been racist? Who has the NERVE to say this and if the situation were the exact opposite, would anyone stand for this bullshit? The facts of this entire case is these people were shot for being white. Even though it's clear how mentally ill Vester was (basically all shooters of this type are), he still believed that he was discriminated against and that white people were enough of a problem that he needed to attempt to start a race war. If we don't start treating these things in the same way that we treat crimes of white people shooting black people with racial motivations we are never going to gain equality. It is not okay to excuse this and gloss over the hate crime aspect of it just because Vester Lee was a black man. End of story.