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The Overuse Of The Word "Victim"

Social Justice, Social Media, Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

I complain about a lot of things I believe are unfair either towards me or towards other people. Situations in general. In any case, I was complaining about my recent ban from AO3 which is unfair, COMPLETELY unfair, but whatever. The situation is that I posted fan fiction there (that's it) the Hannibal fandom false flagged it and spammed it with hate comments for my full run on there, a situation which I explained to the mods repeatedly, and they did nothing about. Then some idiot fan says ONE thing about me and I'm banned. This is an unfair situation that's it. A girl on Twitter who previously supported me (or pretended to) tweets "You are such a victim". No I'm not. I just think the situation is unfair. Do I feel VICTIMIZED? No I would have never used that word, ever, to describe how I feel. People really have started to overuse this word.  

Over my time doing everything I have on the internet, I've been called a "victim" or been told I love "playing the victim" which I don't. I have never even thought to use the word to describe how I feel. I don't think I'm victimized by, well, anyone. Even the people who send  me death threats for having an opinion. Do I think it's ridiculous? Yes. Do I think a lot of things are unfair? Yes. When did the two words become synonymous with each other? There's a huge difference between feeling you got an unfair shake in life and feeling victimized. When you feel victimized it's like, I guess I would describe it as a very devastating feeling of complete and utter helpleness that you have no control over a situation and the outcome of that situation was violently unjust. As in, I've been a victim of rape. I've been a victim of assault. Both of these things are true and last a very long and awful impression on me. It's still there. Yet would I say I'm a victim of...unfair things? People acting like jerks? No. Who the hell uses that term to describe minor problems they believe to be unfair? Probably weak people. Feminists.  

You will see that word thrown around SO MUCH these days, usually by young/teenage girls on the internet. They were a victim cause someone reblogged something and they asked people not to. They were a victim because someone looked at them the wrong way. They were a victim because they were subjected to an opinion they didn't like. I suppose they believe when people hear the word "victim" or "victimized" they think it forces people into instantly siding with them because "Oh no you poor thing" so they toss around the term. Seriously I've seen this so much it's become meaningless to me unless it's actually used to describe someone in a criminal situation who was an innocent bystander. Thinking things are unfair, bothersome, or inconvenient isn't the same as feeling victimized by them or playing the victim. People are allowed to complain. People are allowed to find things unfair. I doubt most rational people would think to use the term VICTIM to describe an unfair situation though.  

The overuse of this word and several other words, lets them without the power they once had. It's kind of like how feminists over use  the word "rape" to describe completely harmless behavior (as in comparing catcalling to rape) or "harassement" to describe and opinion they don't like. There is  a very big difference between actually being raped and a verbal statement and there's a very big difference between someone bothering you for 5 minutes online and actual harassment. People these days instaantly jump to the most EXTREME words they can think of to describe a situation in order to trick people into empathizing with them. I would never call myself a victim, nor do I think I am a victim of things I think are unfair. In most cases I can totally even point out how I contributed to a bad situation. Yet, sometimes yes, things are UNFAIR. Am I a victim to those situations? Not even close. We need to stop using the biggest most powerful words we can find to describe the most miniscule of problems. There is power in words but overuse of them takes that power away, and at that point communication means nothing because that's when EVERYTHING is a crisis situation.