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Dear DarkPassenger85

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I know you are reading this and this will hopefully be the last communication we have before they lock you up but I wanted to put this out there. You have been stalking me and harassing me since I dunno I still watched SVU? Which was literal years ago. You have taunted me and threatened me. You have sent me repeated death threats. I started to ignore them because whatever you always threaten you never DO anything. Plus you are in the UK. And I know, I know, you "totally never did anything" but you know who did. Okay. I "believe" you. But with your AWESOME 43 follower count and desperate attention whoring to Laura I'm unbelievably terrified. Seriously.

So here are the main points:

1. You admitted to being my stalker and you also admitted to I guess thinking I attacked you years ago?

Unfortunately this happens all the time. You aren't original or unique. There are a shit ton of people out there pretending they were a "victim" to me because they think it will earn them some kind of award. I mean you tweeted someone you think doesn't know me, trying to give them dirt on me they already have, because you want attention. However, I don't know you. The most I can find is that you were/are in the SVU fandom and you shipped something I thought was stupid. If there was an "attack" more than likely it was me disagreeing with you and you took it WAY too personally. As much as you claim you don't hold a grudge, going on to admit to me that you some how have a copy of my ID, give me creepy details about my life, and threaten to expose my personal information speaks miles about your character.

You came to my twitter, you claimed to hate the Hannibal fandom to get me on your side or at least get me to talk to you. Then at some point you tried to get me to give you 100 dollars to gamble with claiming you could turn it into 5000 in two hours. Then when I flat out told you I wasn't going to give a stranger 100 dollars to gamble for me, you stopped talking to me for a while. This morning I get up and you tweeted at me "You are a such a victim" and apparently I'm a victim OF YOU. If anything you wanted me to be a victim or feel victimized which I never did. Was I disturbed by you? Yes, highly, and with the conversations we did have it became very obvious you are a mental defective, but since you live in the UK there's not much I need to worry about.

2. You tweeted a more popular girl than you offering her my personal information which she already has because me and her used to send letters in the mail. I have her address as well. Lets look at your twitter account which you PROTECTED so no one could see you threatening me:

As hard core as you CLAIM to be, you instantly protected your account (which has 43 followers and you only follow 57 people 99% of which are celebs except for Laura who you seem to want attention from). People aren't paying you any attention, myself included, and after this I'll go back to not paying you any attention. However, you are a very sad person. You claim that you don't hate me, because hate would imply you care. The thing is, you have followed me, harassed me, and threatened me for literal years. Just now on Twitter you threatened to expose my personal information and then tried to offer it to Laura who already HAS that information because we used to mail things to each other. You think she cares? You think anyone cares? The Hannibal fandom already KNOWS all this information. You are like SO SLOW. Tattle-Crime already posted it, Laura already posted it, several other no name idiot blogs already posted it. If you wanted to be the first you are WAY too late on that.

The thing here is this. You are a loser. You are painfully aware of it. I have no idea why you hate me, you seem to think you are important enough to the world and to me that I would know. At best the "attack" you speak of was I dunno a disagreement. You obsessed over it and never moved on with your life. Since you wouldn't tell me what I did to you, only that I allegedly attacked you "a while" ago, I'm going to assume it was nothing.

This is a snapshot of your life. You are obsessed with fictional things to a point where you think it's okay to harass, stalk, and threaten people. No one pays attention to you or cares and after today I won't either. You live in the UK and for you to do anything to me you'd have to get on a plane and come to my house and also face the fact that I have two really big and mean dogs, a roommate that is trained in police procedure and combat, and all the guns at my disposal. So, go ahead pretend like you mean something, pretend like you are actually a threat to me, pretend your life is worth ANYTHING beyond TV shows. Hopefully that keeps you from going completely psychotic but I'm safe, it's over, and we're done. I gave you the attention you seem to so BADLY CRAVE from me here and this is the last you'll get. Sorry your life is so miserable, and I thought I was a loser....