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Response To Feminist Kenzie Smith

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There is a problem I've encountered on youtube, okay to be fair, one of many. However my main pet peeve as of now are feminists who leave walls of text that I cannot respond to. If I can respond there's really no issue because I do respond. However, the feminists who do this and make sure you can't reply. They don't want a discussion. They want to monopolize your comment wall hoping people will read their bullshit AND know that no one CAN call them out on it because there is no way to reply to them. This is the latest one I've gotten and I would like to write a response to it even though I know this chick is never going to see it, I'm going to start putting responses to these types of morons on my website.

This was a feminist essay left on my comment section about a video that I did that pertains to the level of misandry in the TV show Hannibal. At first I thought she was just a nutty fan girl but the more into the essay I read the more I realized she's a feminist. Which becomes very funny when you see how much she doesn't like Bryan Fuller who is a self proclaimed gay male feminist. You know the type that is all about "GRRRRL POWER" to a point where he bent over backwards not to piss feminists off. This didn't work and this girl is living proof of that. So Irony I suppose? Lets get started:

Bryan Fuller is not a misandrist nor has he ever been. He claims he's a feminist but he isn't even that. How can you even be surprised that he swapped out Freddie for Chilton when he swapped out Miriam for Will's book discover of Hannibal? Or Bedelia running away with Hannibal because of Clarice? Or Alana as Margot's romantic love interest instead of Judy?

First of all, I love how she brings up SEVERAL things that this video wasn't even about. I am actually upset about ALL of these things and I have mentioned them numerous times over different articles, essays, and videos. I think ALL of these things are stupid. Alana is not a lesbian/bi (tumblr just wanted that to happen cause YAY GAY PEOPLE) and her being with Margot makes no sense. He can't get the rights to Clarice (thankfully) so yeah Hannibal ran off with Bedelia to be fair I liked this but ONLY because I liked the pairing not cause I think it made sense. I've complained about Miriam as well, not only did that character make no sense, she apparently only existed to be able to frame Chilton in season two and shoot him. Sweetie, don't put words in my mouth, I was talking about ONE specific topic you didn't even ASK about these things you ASSUMED I was just okay with them. But that's what feminists do. Moving on.

...I get it, you're upset your fave character bit the dust and you think it was unjust...

My favorite character as I've stated in SEVERAL videos is Freddie Lounds so I mean did you even watch the video because I even said in the video I love Freddie and I never once said Chilton was MY MOST FAVORITE just that I'm a huge fan of him. Still putting words in my mouth.

...Nor was it out of misandry. Bryan Fuller knew a big majority of the fandom loved Chilton, possibly even more than Freddie. He didn't kill Chilton because he thought it would please anyone...

Gonna stop you right there, who the fuck likes Freddie? Maybe I dunno 5% of the fans still left, myself included? Wow I don't even think you live on the same planet as me, or even watch the same show. Also there are several interviews where Fuller talks about doing something horrible to Chilton every season specifically for shock value. So...yeah you are wrong about that too. Oh and most people REALLY didn't start to like him until he was helping Will. Before that MOST people wanted him dead.

...but I think calling Bryan a misandrist is extremely far fetched (and I don't even like Bryan), when most of the violence on the show gets directed towards women...

Who? Abigail? Beverly? That's about it? I guess you can include Miriam as well but lets see. The majority of Hannibal's victims have been men, the main character Will is abused the ENTIRE run of the show. There have been more main male deaths than female deaths. The main male deaths have been far more graphic and brutal then the female deaths. What the fuck violence towards women are you even talking about? Beverly's death didn't even happen on screen, at all. You saw practically NO VIOLENCE towards her other than her dead body and Will's little reenactment. That's it. Are we even watching the same show? Really?

If Bryan really cared so much about pleasing the fandom feminists, then why kill Beverly? Why would he continue to show Abigail being killed over and over again after such a negative reception after Beverly died? Why involve Alana in the "red dinner" blood bath at the end of season two? Why show Freddie being assaulted by Will?

Okay first of all, Beverly wanted off of the show, the actress I mean. Fuller could have said no and forced her to finish her contract which would have been MORE sexist or whatever but he gave her an out. Also you people ROUTINELY ignore that the actress HERSELF SAID HE'S NOT SEXIST I don't why but you do. He didn't show Abigail being killed NUMEROUS times, Abigail was attacked and there was a reason for showing the flashbacks. See Will was suffering from intense issues and nightmares. There was a point to showing it. However she didn't die repeatedly and they didn't really focus on that. Also, I don't know if you know about TV or anything (clearly you don't) but they kept flashing back to it because people who were new and tuning in, it was easier to show that than sit there and explain it. I also love how you use a game of throne term like I give a shit. Red dinner?

And OH NO Alana was pushed out a window which, they cut away from and the next time you see her it's in the dark and she's hurt and not at all graphic. So yeah I don't think the focus was on brutalizing her in that scene. If there is ONE character I will admit to getting a really bad shake (that's female) it's Abigail cause most of that shit was uncalled for. Fine, I'll give you that. However anything he did to any other females, Alana or Freddie or even Beverly IT FIT INTO THE PLOT and it wasn't OVERLY gratuitous. They cut away from Freddie's assault a few times, they faded to black for Beverly's death, and they barely even showed a SCRATCH on Alana. Are you one of these people who thinks women can't be TOUCHED or else OMG MISOGYNY? Because there was a point to ALL of this and no there wasn't a HUGE focus on their suffering. Really it was ONLY Abigail that got that.

...this show exploits women just as much as the men...

FALSE! How many nude or almost nude scenes are there of any of the main cast? How many scenes are there of women without tops? How many scenes are there of women in bondage gear being held hostage? How many scenes are there of women in only their underwear walking around? Huh? Because I can think of far more than several episodes where a man was without a shirt, nearly nude, or even trumped up in BONDAGE gear because that's what the female fans wanted. Did you forget Hannibal on the cross in a TIGHT FUCKING SPEEDO? Did you forget HANNIBAL NAKED 90% of episode seven in season 3? Did you forget Hannibal NAKED in the season premiere? Did you forget Hannibal walking around without a shirt when he was fucking Alana? Like the ONE thing they did with that was showing Freddie (presumably) naked in her chair when she was introduced. THAT'S IT. Oh and that really blurry lesbian sex scene. Compared to how many times they've shown Hannibal nearly naked or Will in his tight boxers you really don't have a leg to stand on sweetie.

I distinctly recall you not appearing the LEAST bit remorseful or sympathetic when Abigail, a teenage girl who had been abused her entire life was "killed" on screen on numerous occasions. It's blatantly hypocritical to shame other people for enjoying Chilton's death when he isn't even a GOOD PERSON!

Remorseful? You mean empathetic or upset? Why would I feel remorseful? Further more considering the amount of death threats I got for hating Abigail from FEMINISTS LIKE YOU, yeah I was very glad to see the bitch die. Also you can't kill someone numerous times. ATTACKED is the word you are looking for here. She didn't die NUMEROUS TIMES seriously you keep saying that like you think I'll be fooled into thinking that's what happened. Also Abigail was the shittiest character in the fucking Goddamn UNIVERSE of TV shows. She needed to die.

As for Chilton, he was a BAD PERSON? Really? REALLY!? He was the only one who believed Will in season 2. He went out on a limb trying to get Hannibal caught. This only really ever got him framed for murder and shot in the face by some crazy bitch. Then what? He writes a book to make sure Hannibal doesn't get the death penalty HE LIES ON HANNIBAL'S BEHALF to make sure he won't get EXECUTED? What a fucking ASSHOLE! He totally deserves to be SET THE FUCK ON FIRE AND SURVIVE. Do you even know what the hell misandry is or do you think it just doesn't exist.

Sadly, this girl will never see this because she didn't allow me my rebuttal where she should have allowed it. Had she allowed it there, I would have responded there. Instead she blocks me from commenting at all because she doesn't want to hear how damn wrong she is about everything she said.

Now these are only excerpts from her dumb fucking wall of text (Full essay below) where she puts words in my mouth, spouts feminist nonsense, and pretends like she knows me when she doesn't damn well know anything about me if she'd say any of this. I'm REALLY sick and tired of these wall of text essays that I can in no way respond to so from now on I'll be doing it here and I'm going to be doing response videos. Starting with Kenizie's little bimbo ass essay.