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Banned From Archive Of Our Own Because Fannibals Harass ME

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So I'm going about my business as I usually do and suddenly I get an email from saying they are banning me for harassment. I'm confused because I have never harassed anyone on there. Period. I've been on there 4 years. No incidents. Now, have I been harassed? Oh hell yes. Not that they did anything about it. For example. The Hannibal fandom loved to put up posts on tumblr to my account on there telling people to flag my work to get me banned. Even if I didn't break the rules. On several occasions I was sent "Warnings" for writing fics with rape/violence when the fic didn't contain either thing. Even after pointing out to the mods "Read the story, this doesn't even have rape in it" they didn't care. Really. They claimed that they never ban for content BUT I was still getting a warning ANYWAY because people flagged my work. Yes this is something they actually said.

A few months after that I pretty much figured out on who was reporting me. It was that girl I just wrote an article about and her stupid friends. When I figured this out I contacted AO3 and I said "Is there any way to ban specific users from looking at my content because they keep flagging my work". I was told, "No" but I could report harassment if they did that. Apparently falsely flagging work constantly to try to get someone banned isn't harassment according to them even though I could more than prove this was happening. Whatever. So I removed the content I THOUGHT was pissing people off hoping that they'd stop false flagging me. It seemed to work for a while.

Now, I cannot stress to you how much the Hannibal fandom losers came to my account, false flagged me, and even spammed my stories with hate, which I was regularly deleting. They never signed in to do it, nor did they have actual user names on there so there was no way I could get anyone banned or whatever. I complained to AO3 about this quite a few times, they didn't care. They also should have records of me doing this but nope. Lets not listen. As mentioned in the last article, Sara some how managed to suck a mod's dick over there and get me banned for....?

And the "proof" they claim to have they won't show me and boils down to her word against mine. They also claim it wasn't SARA who did it (even though I can totally prove it was Sara who did it). When I offered them my proof (as they claimed I could appeal) they never responded. In fact they banned me from being able to contact them at all. I guess by APPEAL they meant "Hurl baseless accusations at you, ignore you, and not even look at the proof you are offering because we are right and you are wrong. Oh and BTW we have reports of you telling us you were being harassed BY THIS SAME PERSON but we're going to ignore that too". 

In the end. Don't use AO3 because they are fucking shit heads. If this was an actual court of law they'd have no leg to stand on. They don't have proof. AT ALL. They have claims that Sara made and they aren't backing down from them even though I can disprove her in 5 seconds. I have a long history of reporting my OWN harassment to these people and they STILL don't care. Fuck you AO3, next time you do a donation drive I hope you go bankrupt. Freedom of expression my ass.